Naruto: Night Owl

A person got transmigrated into the world of Ninjas. See how he just live in this world filled with threats left and right. But, he's a lazy guy. Find out how he will be doing by reading this. . Update schedule: 6 Chapter per week.

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Volume III: Bonding Time Chapter 21: One Year


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It's been one year since I got Tsunade Senju as my elder cousin sister. I've been living in the Senju compound since then, and she didn't go around to gamble and drinking sake, all the time. Only once a week, and the rest, she would spent time with me to know about me better, and for me to know about her too.

After a month I asked her if she could teach me Medical Ninjutsu, she didn't agree at firat. Mostly because of her fear of blood, but I was relentless and she finally agreed to teach me after two months of begging. Well, thanks to the control over my chakra thanks to training it using the shadow clones, and in my training time with the kids, I was able to use the Medical Ninjutsu easily. Since I have Yin and Yang chakra nature, I was able to get a glimpse of the combination healing ability of Yin and Yank chakra nature. And my training is still continuing, as the training won't end for a while according to Tsunade.

Well other than training in Medical Ninjutsu, she also allowed me to access the Senju library and armoury. And boy was I surprised? There were thousands of thousands Jutsus in the library Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Jujutsu, Bukijutsu, and even Senjutsu. But the Senjutsu only had some notes from Hashirama, it's contents were all about hiw he was able to feel the nature chakra and how he tried to control it and all. Well, that may come in handy, if I have the safe body like him. If I don't, then I would have to go to the Mount Myōboku or Ryūchi Cave. In the armory I found the Sword of Raijin made by my grandfather, Tobirama Senju. In the anime I believe it was stolen by one of the Konoha Ninja. If he tried it now I'm pretty sure that he will end up dead as I don't want the sword made by my grandfather to be used by a traitor. So I started to train in the Jutsu that I got my hand on, with that I also started to practice in Water release and Earth release. So after one year of intense training, there is minor success in that training because now I can now use both elements without using so much chalra, but still I need to use two times the chakra I use to produce the fire, wind and lightning elements.

Other than training, I've been meeting up with my friends weekly now. Izumi and Hana have graduated from the academy this year, and they were put in the same team, and their Jonin instructor is a Nara.

In the meantime, I asked permission from the Hokage to train Naruto for one year, until he attend the academy. At first he didn't agree with it, but I told him that I know about Naruto's parents and I would like to teach the son of the Fourth for atleast one year, even then he didn't agree with me. So I used my ultimate move, I took out the adult book I wrote, and showed it to him, and told him that this was the only copy in this world, so if he wanted the book, he will agree with me to train Naruto until he attend the academy. Well, after reading two chapters he agreed instantly, but told me to keep it secret. I agreed with him and started to train Naruto, all of the training was done to increase his chakra control, and it's been going smoothly. He furst disagreed with me to train, but after offering Ichiraku Ramen as a bribe, he started to train seriously.

Today, after searching through the library of Senju clan, I got my hands on a summoning contract to the Owls. Well, I have been searching for this for a while now and at last I got it.

Going to the forest right behind the clan compound I opened the scroll, looking through it there were no one who signed contract with the owls, that means I have the rights to over this summoning contract.

Without wasting my time I wrote my name in the first column and imprinted all my fingers at the bottom, of course it's done using blood. But I didn't bite my finger for that, I just nicked my finger with the edge of my sword.

As the contract was signed I took a deep breath and performed the summoning jutsu.

First I did the hand signs :-

* Boar→Dog→Bird→Monkey→Ram *

Then I slammed my hand on the ground, while injecting as much as chakra I could.

Right after I slammed my hand on the ground, a large amount of smoke was produced there. So I waited until it was cleared and saw an Owl, the owl was about the size of a small house. Looking around the owl hooted and looked at me. After observing for some time the owl nodded at me and hooted again. Then it came near me and wrapped me around with it's wings, smiling at that I thought 'So, thes owl summons are similar to the Garuda Sasuke would have gotten in the future.'

Looking at it I asked "Do you have name?"

The owl looked at me and shook it's head, 'So no name. But it can understand me.'

"Can I name you?"

To this it nodded it's head.

Smiling at that I asked one important question "Are you a male?"

It nodded it's head, "That means he's a male owl. Now then, what will be a suitable name for you?" I said out loud looking at my new summoning bird.




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