Naruto: Night Owl

A person got transmigrated into the world of Ninjas. See how he just live in this world filled with threats left and right. But, he's a lazy guy. Find out how he will be doing by reading this. . Update schedule: 6 Chapter per week.

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Volume II: Konoha's Night Owl Chapter 13: Team Ro

I'm ten years old now and a year has passed since the start of my training.

As Zo have told me he started with Ninjutsu training for the first two months, Genjutsu training for the third and fourth month, Kenjutsu training for the fifth and sixth month, in the seventh and eighth month was for using Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu and Taijutsu in sparring. In those eight months for three to four hours, I studied Fuinjutsu and I had a little bit of talent in that area.

For Ninjutsu, first, he asked me about my elemental affinity and after knowing that he gave me Justus in the Anbu library and told me to train it to master level. So for the two months, I divided my time equally to practice three types of elemental release. And after training for two months I was able to replicate Godspeed of Killua.

Genjutsu training had allowed me to make a Jonin ranked Ninja to be trapped in it for half a minute, which is enough for me so that I could finish off the enemy with Kenjutsu.

As for Kenjutsu, I incorporated elements into the sword style I already had and was able to come up with the lightning wind style, which is swift and sharp. My sword style was focused on speed and sharpness than strength.

The sparring section of the seventh and eighth month was insane because thirty per cent of the time Zo defeat me and the rest seventy per cent was a draw. But I could only make most of the sparring section into a draw at the end of the training.

Then it was time for the assassination training with real enemies. What we did was simple, we two would go after the Missing Nin from all the villages and assassinate them as silently as possible. As Zo was with me for most of the time, I didn't get a chance to create more shadow soldiers.

As for the thirty shadow soldiers I sent as mercenaries, I made them retreat and made them go on for information gathering from all the villages I knew. I even sent six of them to be in the shadows of Akatsuki members, and I've got a lock on Zetsu. The only problem is that whenever he goes through the underground my shadows are left behind. Same with Obito, whenever he gets into his Kamui dimension, I lose track. So I just left them and made sure to keep an eye on the rest of the group.

As I was thinking all that the Commander came to the place where we first met and said "Your training has ended. Zo has a high opinion of you, so your training period is over, and you will be assigned to Team Ro led by Inu." When he said that an Anbu with a dog mask and silver hair appeared near him.

'So, Kakashi will be my captain huh. That means that Yamato will be also in the team and next year, Itachi will also join his team.'

Looking at me Kakashi spoke, "Come with me."

The Commander looked at me and said "He's you, captain, you have to obey his orders."

Nodding at him I followed Kakashi as he went towards the locker room of Team Ro. As we reached the locker room Kakashi spoke to me "Team Ro is an Elite Anbu Unit of Konohagakure That serves directly under The Hokage. So, make sure you don't do anything that may tarnish the team's reputation."

"Yes, Captain."

Nodding at me he opened the door and told us to introduce ourselves to each other.

In there I met Ko, Yamato, Yugao, and Kenji, and after that Kakashi told me that this was a five-man cell with him as the captain.

After that, it was training for solid teamwork as I was the rookie in them. And while we did that the six of us bonded a little as comrades.

After two months we have done some missions together, and from that, I got what their personality was.

Ko is good at Ninjutsu, but he had a great amount of prejudice against the Uchiha as he thinks that they have unleashed the kyubi and attacked the village. The reason for this is, that his little sister was killed in that attack. I did try to lower his hate a bit, but he didn't bat an ear to what I said about that.

Kenji is a good Genjutsu user and also a tanto wielder. He is always silent, and only spoke when someone asked him something or he wanted to say something to us.

Yamato the sole user of wood release in this era after Hashirama is a very discreet, cautious, careful, and well-prepared person. He projects a calm, stoic demeanour in stressful situations. That's the feeling I got from him for the first few weeks while we trained.

Then there is Yugao Uzuki, who's a kenjutsu user who also knows about sealing arts pretty well and is also a part-time nurse in the team. She is protective of her partners and is not afraid of putting her life on the line for the succession of a mission. She is also a good sensor ninja as she has spotted enemies that are quite far away from us. This was showcased in our first mission together. And we have been sparring with each other privately with our swords to improve our swordsmanship of each other. And thanks to that she's been trying to make a sword style as I did, and her affinity is fire so she has started to make a sword style that uses fire. I did think about some from the anime and I just gave her some tips in that regard.

Naturally, because of the sparring, we did privately, and the little tips I gave to her when creating her sword style we became friends quickly.




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