Naruto: My Relationship Book

An accident involving a truck brought about the end of humanity. This unexpected event provided Aizen with the opportunity to start a new life in another world. Interestingly, his destiny led him to the world of Naruto, where he was reborn while retaining all his previous memories. Until the age of seven, Aizen felt fortunate, although he still did not fully understand the benefits that the mysterious golden roulette would provide him, other than preserving his memories. However, his life was about to take a surprising turn. A book appeared before him, and upon touching it, a connection was formed. From that moment on, the book became known as [Aizen Kurama's Relationship Book]! ━━━━ discord.gg/ABpMcMAzGC My Patreon: patreon.com/WizardKiki

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Chapter 31: Productive Morning

On Friday morning, I woke up earlier than usual. It was 4:20 a.m.

As soon as I left my room after taking care of my daily needs and refreshing myself with a quick shower in warm water, I went downstairs.

Going to the fridge, I opened it and took out the glass dome-shaped bowl with several eggs inside, with small holes made with a fork to allow steam to escape when I put them in the microwave.

Adding some tap water, I put the bowl in the microwave. At short intervals of 15 seconds, I opened and closed it to make sure it wasn't overheating.

When I realized it was ready, I took out the glass bowl. It was a little hot, but nothing too much for me.

The smell of eggs lingered in the air, mainly because of the holes I made with the fork, the smell was stronger. Removing the water I had put earlier in the sink, I went back to the fridge and took the 2-liter PET bottle of water, then heading towards the Dojo.

The air today was fresh, and the temperature was around 16 degrees, an ideal temperature for me.

In front of the Dojo's door, I passed the water bottle to my other hand. Now with my hand free, I opened the door.


The strange, sharp sound of the door opening echoed.

"This door needs maintenance," I thought aloud.

After entering, I closed the door.

Going to a chair that was in the corner just in front of the door, I put the bottle and the bowl with the eggs on top.

Taking some eggs, I started eating slowly while planning my next few hours of exercises.

Finishing eating, I drank half a liter of water and went to equip myself with the hidden weights. Right after, I started training.


I stopped when I heard the strange and familiar sound.

[70 Weekly Coins Credited]

Seeing this, I rejoiced. Doing a quick calculation, I found out that I now have 262 coins. Until then, I intended to wait until Sunday before starting to spend these points, but I didn't see the point in waiting so long and decided to spend them now.

"Book," I murmured before going to the sales page.

Spending the first 100 coins, a high-grade talisman appeared in my hand.

A guaranteed fusion, I first chose my chakra nature, Yin Style and Yang Style for fusion.


The talisman floated from my hand and started to glow as it spun. Soon, it disappeared and reappeared with a change with the Yin-Yang symbol in the center.

'All right, let's go to the next one.'

Spending another 100 coins, another talisman appeared in my hand.

Going to the fusion option, I chose to fuse the Lightning Style with the Clone Jutsu.


Just like before, the talisman floated from my hand and started to glow as it spun.

When the talisman disappeared and reappeared, it underwent a change in appearance.

Picking it up, holding one in each hand, I took a deep breath.

It was 200 weekly coins at once...

"Meld!" I exclaimed loudly without the real need for such action.


In the next instant, the two talismans floated from my hands, soon intertwining as they spun around each other, starting to spin even faster, generating a splendor of lights and lightning sparks, and then simply disappeared, making me hold my breath.

'It has to work...!' I crossed my fingers as I waited.

Second after seconds, as I was starting to lose hope... Sparks were produced and, from these sparks, something at the speed of lightning went towards me, penetrating between my eyebrows.

I felt like a computer receiving files transfer at high speed and being installed a program with all the settings of the files at the same time. Things that I was confused about before became clear; my understanding of the Lightning Style increased, the same can be said with the Yin and Yang Styles and the Clone Jutsu.

In the book, I opened my page and saw the new special feature: [Lightning Yin-Yang Clone: 10%].

When I clicked, the information expanded with an introduction: The clones created by you have the ability to alternate between a more defensive form, focusing on Yin energy, and a more offensive form, focusing on Yang energy, providing a strategic advantage in combat.

A simple but profound introduction.

It became even clearer when I created a clone.

After making the hand seals, next to me, crackling sounds echoed, soon forming a clone exactly like me.

Then, this clone of mine made attacks in the air, creating deep impacts that caused thunderous sounds when focusing on Yang energy.

Later, I attacked with a punch with all my strength when I saw my clone cross its arms in an X shape.


The impact of my blow was strong, however, my clone barely moved, just being dragged a few centimeters back, while a simple mark on its arm appeared and, even with all my strength, the clone did not disappear.

'I understand... So, depending on how my clone is able to adapt, it will be able to attack and defend effectively.'

My thoughts began to wander as plans began to form in my mind about the best way to use this type of clone.

Thinking for a moment, I took a golden nutrition pill, then created 10 Yin-Yang Lightning clones, then took another golden pill to replenish my chakra and strength, then created 10 more Yin-Yang Wind clones.

Leaving these clones in the Dojo, I grabbed the bowl and the water bottle and left, locking the Dojo's door, leaving my clones to train while I went to the ninja school.

Of course, as chakra could be lacking at some point, I left a total of 20 green nutrition pills for their use.

The more they train and improve, the better my development will be and unlike talismans, the clones created by me do not have exactly an expiration date. Only wear and tear and very strong attacks will be able to make them disappear.

Just to be sure, I told my parents that I would leave my clones training in the Dojo.


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