Naruto: My Relationship Book

An accident involving a truck brought about the end of humanity. This unexpected event provided Aizen with the opportunity to start a new life in another world. Interestingly, his destiny led him to the world of Naruto, where he was reborn while retaining all his previous memories. Until the age of seven, Aizen felt fortunate, although he still did not fully understand the benefits that the mysterious golden roulette would provide him, other than preserving his memories. However, his life was about to take a surprising turn. A book appeared before him, and upon touching it, a connection was formed. From that moment on, the book became known as [Aizen Kurama's Relationship Book]! ━━━━ discord.gg/ABpMcMAzGC My Patreon: patreon.com/WizardKiki

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Chapter 14: A New Discovery

Holding the talisman, I followed the instructions from the book, channeling some of my chakra into it. Soon after, a kind of information appeared in my mind, where I could choose the number of wind clones to create. Acting on instinct, I decided to create only one wind clone.

Gradually, I felt some of my chakra being drawn into the talisman, but it was only a little, less than a tenth of my chakra.



With the sound of the wind, the Dojo's door was forcefully opened, and the street's wind was pulled inside. From a whirlwind, a clone of myself emerged.

The quality was impeccable, from my slightly unruly brown hair to my green eyes. Even the clothes I wore were an exact copy, down to the smallest details.

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"I believe it's as you're imagining," said my clone.

"Meaning, something similar to the shadow clone?" I asked rhetorically, and the clone nodded.

My main reference was what I saw in the anime, although there were also wood clones, water clones, etc. But what was most shown was the shadow clone.

"Now, what we need to find out is if, when I dispel myself, my knowledge will return to the main body." As if reading my thoughts, my clone said.

Well, although it wasn't mind reading, it was very close, since it seemed like an exact copy of myself...

"You don't need to say it, I know what to do." My clone said suddenly, then began to run and do exercises that I normally practiced, however, I noticed something different from when I did it, my clone was much more proficient in changing direction, and I could feel a bit of Wind Style manifestation as he ran.

In the process, my clone closed the door as he passed by it.

I realized that even though it was a wind clone, even the hidden weights I wore were having the same effect on him.

Moreover, since very little of my chakra was used, unlike the shadow clone, it seemed even more advantageous. Of course, I understood that this limited me in various ways, but my clone seemed to maintain the same strength as me; one could say it's even better than the shadow clone.

Of course, I was still limited to using 25 wind clones; now that I've used 1, I can only use 24 more.

Putting those thoughts aside for now, I joined my clone to train.

With almost 3 minutes left before my wind clone disappeared, without needing to say, I could feel my clone's intent, and we soon fought against each other.

When I struck with my elbow, as expected, my clone anticipated, just as I anticipated when he tried to kick me vertically, defending myself with my forearm.

Our sparring continued until the eight minutes were up.

"See you later~" My clone said with a calm smile.

When this happened, he dispersed like a gust of wind, and I could feel information being implemented in my mind.

Sitting on the floor with my legs crossed, I felt the need to meditate while circulating my chakra.

The information flooded my mind, and I felt as if I had received a gift from myself, because after murmuring "Book" and going to my page, I saw the following information:

[Wind Style: 24% -> 26%].

[Clone: 64% -> 69%]

It was such a substantial increase that I felt lucky.

'So, not only will memories be inherited, but also your own understanding of the clone and wind style used in the fusion...'

It was even better than I had expected.

I know the shadow clone had a similar effect, but this is on another level, as it seems the clone created through the talisman possessed a more advanced knowledge than mine about what was used in the fusion.

'And if I use the high-rank fusion?' I pondered.

Things were finally starting to get more interesting for me.

Even if my next 24 wind clones created through the talisman don't bring me as big a surprise as now, each increase is an advantage for me. I might as well use this to help me improve even more.

'So, trying to create a lightning clone is also an option.' I thought.

Despite the temptation to use my points immediately, I managed to restrain myself.

'I'll wait until I have enough coins to buy a medium-grade talisman.'

With that in mind, I got up and left the Dojo.


"Aizen, there you are."

Sitting in the chair facing the table, I saw my father as I entered the living room.

"Father," I said as I approached, "Good evening."

"Mm, Aizen," he said, "I got what you asked me for earlier."

"You mean about..." My eyes sparkled a bit, "The lightning and wind jutsus?"

"Yes, those." My father said calmly, then placed two scrolls on the table.

I didn't rush, though curious, I glanced at the scrolls for a moment before looking back at my father.

Pretending to cough and clearing his throat, he said, "This scroll with green edges contains the jutsu called Wind Blade, ranked as C-Rank. By learning it, you'll be able to create a blade of wind with your hands or on a weapon."

I nodded as I heard this. It was simple, and the learning difficulty was high, but not too much.

"And the one with yellow edges is called Lightning Ball, ranked as C-Rank, but almost reaching B-Rank. When executed, it will create a lightning sphere that can be thrown at your opponent." My father explained simply and added, "You can read and try to understand as much as you can on your own. If needed, I can ask some of my friends to teach you."

Seeing my father speak so much and show so much support, I smiled as I said, "I'll do as you suggested, father. I'll try to learn as much on my own, and if necessary, I'll come to you."

"That's the spirit," my father smiled a bit as he pushed the two scrolls towards me.

"Finished?" My mother came in with Kumo.

"Yes," my father replied.

"Big Brother, play with me!" My little sister ran up to me.

"Of course," I replied, then added, "Wait a moment, I just need to put these away in my room."

Seeing me wave the two scrolls in front of her, Kumo asked, "Big Brother, is that..."

"Something cool that dad got for me." I ruffled her head with my free hand. "When I manage to learn, I'll show you, okay?"

"Mm." She nodded cutely.


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