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Hokage's Office.

Amidst his busy schedule, Sarutobi Hiruzen held two applications for early graduation from the Ninja Academy, his face breaking into a smile resembling a chrysanthemum.

It had been a long time since he felt this happy.

"Sakumo has successors, and so does Konoha!" Hiruzen spoke highly of Kyomu and Kakashi, but apart from Kakashi, his impression of Kyomu wasn't very deep.

After some thought, "This Aragami Kyomu... I remember he was the kid who spaced out on the first day of school, and... it seems he was taken in as Sakumo's disciple."

Hiruzen chuckled, his eyes lighting up with a smile as he lit his pipe, taking a deep breath before exhaling slowly.

"Although Sakumo's actions are somewhat irregular, considering Kyomu's performance, there shouldn't be any major problems. He reminds me of Minato back in the day."

With pen in hand, Hiruzen promptly signed the early graduation applications. "Shikaku, arrange it. I'll personally attend the early graduation assessments for these two kids tomorrow."

"Yes, Hokage-sama." Shikaku left the Hokage's office to handle the small tasks assigned by Hiruzen.

To be honest, for someone of Hiruzen's stature, Kyomu and Kakashi's early graduation was really a minor matter.

If not for the sake of Sakumo, Hiruzen wouldn't bother with this, let alone attend the early graduation assessments amidst his busy schedule.

Who wasn't a genius when they were young?

The performance of ninjas who eventually reached the level of Jonin or higher in Konoha during their school days was no worse than Kyomu and Kakashi's. And every year, there were always two or three such individuals. Hiruzen had long become accustomed to it.

"But Kyomu and Kakashi, these two kids, still have outstanding performances." Hiruzen muttered to himself. "Graduating from the ninja academy at the age of five is unprecedented. Who knows, maybe in the future..."

He shook his head shortly after, no longer dwelling on such thoughts, and focused on dealing with the various documents scattered on his desk.

Today's work wasn't easy!


Root Headquarters.

The names Kyomu and Kakashi finally officially caught the attention of Shimura Danzō today.

"Graduating from the ninja academy at the age of five?" Holding the information in his hand, Danzō muttered to himself, "Although the future is uncertain, seeing them grow up, their achievements are promising."

His mind moved, but Danzō quickly furrowed his brows. "Sakumo... you move fast."

Then he thought of something else, and Danzō's expression turned grim. He felt a threat, stronger than ever before.

In Konoha, Hatake's reputation overshadowed that of Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Jiraiya, even if the three combined, they could barely match up to Sakumo's reputation.

But frankly, the title of the Legendary Sannin of Konoha was bestowed by Hanzo The Salamander, while Hatake Sakumo earned the title "White Fang of Konoha" through his own actions. The comparison was clear.

Danzō had always wanted to become the Hokage of Konoha, so he naturally paid close attention to those most likely to become the Fourth Hokage of Konoha.

After analyzing each candidate, Danzō still focused on Hatake from beginning to end.

If Tsunade wanted to, no one in Konoha could surpass her. But she didn't want to, or perhaps she didn't care about such things.

"Ha, women." Danzō shook his head. "One dead brother and lover is enough to dampen her spirits; such a person is unworthy of becoming the village's Hokage."

As for Jiraiya, he never had the desire to become Hokage, and his gaze had always been on Tsunade. He was also not a reliable candidate.

And Orochimaru...

"Heh, Hiruzen, perhaps you still don't know what your good disciple Orochimaru is up to now, do you?" Danzō smirked self-assuredly. "What I can provide him, I can certainly take back, and even destroy him with my own hands."

His gaze suddenly turned sinister. "But it's Sakumo!

I used to think you harbored ambitions for the position of Hokage, and now, your intentions are clear.

Using the gimmick of your son's early graduation to stir up public opinion in the village, hoping to raise your reputation even higher?

And feeling that having a son praised by everyone isn't enough to highlight your excellence, you've taken in a disciple who is almost as talented as Kakashi..."

Regardless of whom Danzō looked at, he carried a scent of conspiracy, because he was such a person himself.

"Sakumo, you've crossed the line. The position of Hokage can only belong to me, Shimura Danzō!"

A flash of cold, ruthless light flickered in his eyes, and Danzō swiftly completed a logical loop in his mind of 'Sakumo desire to become Hokage', and had already harbored murderous intent.

"Bring someone here."

"Lord Danzō."

"Find all the information you can about Sakumo, organize it, and bring it to me when you're done."

"Yes, Lord Danzō."

Danzō nodded, propping his chin with one hand, and with the other hand made a simple gesture before closing his eyes, sinking into contemplation.

It wasn't easy to take action against Sakumo; it required careful planning and waiting for the right opportunity.

As for dealing with Kyomu and Kakashi, Danzō wasn't ready yet; he didn't want to reveal his intentions so soon.

Lurking, watching, waiting for the right moment to deliver a fatal blow to the opponent!

"But it's good to make a contingency plan early." Danzō opened his eyes again. "If Sakumo never shows any weaknesses, then I'll have to target those around him."

After pondering for a while, Danzō had a plan in mind. "Hiruzen isn't at retirement age yet, so I'll wait a little longer. Even if I have to wait another five years, it's no big deal.

After all, teacher has been dead for more than twenty years, and I've waited for more than twenty years, a little longer won't hurt."

Closing his eyes again, Danzō sat upright on the chair like an old monk in meditation, and no one knew what he was thinking at the moment.


In the early hours of today, Kyomu timely refreshed his passive skill.

However, this passive skill seemed somewhat insignificant compared to the previous ones. Since it was random, good luck couldn't always be on his side.

[Passive Skill: Living Forge]

[Skill Description: During the skill activation period, consuming a certain amount of mental energy can create excellent, rare, legendary, or mythical-grade weapons or armor.

During the skill activation period, consuming a certain amount of mental energy can also refine the weapons or armor in hand, upgrading them to excellent, rare, legendary, or mythical grade based on the amount of mental energy consumed.

During the skill activation period, consuming a certain amount of mental energy can also enhance the weapons or armor in hand, granting corresponding attributes based on the amount of mental energy consumed and the grade of the weapon or armor.

Note: Depending on the grade of the forged weapon, the amount of mental energy expended by the user varies (consumption of mental energy can slowly recover, but excessive consumption may lead to the user's death).]

[Skill Duration: 30 days]

[Note: Feeding the sword with one's own body, forging myths; even if one dies, the artifact remain eternal]

Kyomu shrugged, not wanting to dwell on it.

The passive skills covered a wide range of abilities, so it wasn't surprising to suddenly have a passive skill with a 'artisan' inclination. 

Although the note of the passive skill sounded bleak, upon second thought, as long as he managed to create a divine artifact by risking his life, it would still be helpful for enhancing his strength.

Even if he didn't create, refining or enhancing were also good choices.

Moreover, according to Kyomu's speculation, creation consumed the most mental energy, followed by refining, and then enhancement.

"But the aspect of mental energy consumption is still too vague..." Kyomu mused. "Known mythical-grade weapons or armor would require me to risk my life, burning all my mental energy.

So, it can be inferred that forging, refining, and enhancing divine-grade weapons or armor won't cost me my life.

But the only issue is, how long does it take for the consumed mental energy to recover?

Based on my constitution, do I follow a fixed recovery mechanism?

If it's the latter, and if the interval for mental energy recovery is long..."


Feeling a tap on his shoulder, Kyomu snapped out of his thoughts. "Kakashi, are you itching?"

"I think it's you who's itching." Kakashi pouted. "Seeing that father is not around, are you trying to slack off?"

"It's not that, I was just thinking about what kind of graduation gift to give you."

"You're being this kind?" A glimmer flickered in Kakashi's eyes, but he maintained a hard exterior and harbored some suspicion. "You're definitely up to something wicked!"

"You're saying we're not friends anymore."

"Are you really planning to give me a graduation gift?"

"When a buddy speaks seriously, it's always trustworthy." Kyomu spread his hands. "Come on, what does Kakashi want?"

"Hmph, as soon as I hear that, I know you're insincere. Where's the person who asks what the other wants for a gift?" Kakashi turned away, looking indifferent. "And you're so poor, what good thing can you give me? I don't want it!"

Watching Kakashi walk away to continue training, Kyomu couldn't help but shake his head with a smile. "This guy... acting all proud?"

Just wait, when the time comes and you want something, I'll make you call me godfather.

(End of Chapter)

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