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Chapter 149

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The Sand Ninja faced a devastating defeat.

Before the battle, they had rallied a force of thousands of ninjas. After nearly a year, only about two thousand managed to flee back to the Land of Wind.

Rasa did not look back, just kept running and running.

Behind him was a nightmare he would never want to remember, that one slash was utterly bewildering, sending chills deep into one's soul.

Kyomu was no human; he was a dragon god, a god of war, an immortal, truly a miracle.


Chasing them to the borders of the Land of Wind, Kakashi halted his troops, his expression icy as he raised his right arm.

In the next second, the icy look melted into a smile under his masked face.

"We won, a great victory!" Kakashi couldn't hide his excitement, "For the next ten years... no, twenty years, the Sand Ninja won't dare harbor any other intentions!"

More than just daring not to, whether the Sand Ninja could even maintain their homeland was questionable.

However, the Land of Wind was barren, twice the size of Konoha but mostly sand and desert. It was a poor land that no one wanted.

The cost and benefit were not proportional, and no one wanted to engage in a losing trade.

Even so, the future held certain predictions.

It was very likely that the Sand Ninja could be kicked out of the Five Great Hidden Villages.

But joy and sorrow do not align the same for everyone; Konoha was jubilant, with cheers echoing through the skies.

Yet, it was one name that resounded between heaven and earth.

"Lord Kyomu, victorious!"

"Lord Kyomu, victorious!"

"Lord Kyomu, victorious!"

Kakashi, leading at the front, felt no jealousy, only pride. The person whose name was being chanted was his brother.

That was enough.

"All troops, withdraw." Kakashi waved his hand back, leading the grinning Leaf Ninja as they slowly retreated.

Gone was the tension of the chase, and the usual solemnity of warfare, as they walked leisurely across the land like free spirits.

If not for the strict orders, the demoralized Sand Ninja might have been entirely annihilated by Konoha.

But faced with desperation, some would fight to the death, and the Leaf Ninja would have suffered greater losses.

These people were Kyomu's staunch supporters, his foundation and reliance. Kyomu wouldn't waste them in such a situation unless he were mad.

Victory was assured; there was no need to pursue total annihilation.

"Kakashi, victory returns with us." Kyomu stepped forward to embrace Kakashi, with Obito, Might Guy, Genma, and Ebisu also not far behind.

"Captain, that dragon... is your mount?" Genma's eyes sparkled with excitement, "That's too cool, indescribable! If it were me... wow, I can't even imagine how I would act, definitely not as composed as Captain."

Ebisu immediately chimed in, "There's nothing to imagine. If it were you, you'd just be ashes, having to be cool in the Pure Land."

"Haha, I agree with Ebisu this time," Obito laughed.

Before the conversation could drift further, Kyomu stepped aside, "How do you guys know about my hundred-meter statue?"


Kakashi glanced at Kyomu, then followed his gaze to the imposing statue in the distance.

"Ichikishimahime's true form is indeed majestic," Kakashi commented lightly.

Obito nodded seriously, "Everyone put a lot of effort into it, Lady Ichikishimahime's bells on the dragon horns are exquisitely crafted."

"Lady Ichikishimahime is indeed cool."

"That's true, but using Lady Ichikishimahime's loli form might have been better."

Kyomu felt a bit annoyed inside, couldn't his buddies compliment him instead?

"Kyomu's statue is also very majestic, haven't you noticed?" Guy scratched his head, "It's very lifelike, though it makes him look a bit older."

Good brother!

Kyomu hugged Guy, "Your taste is exactly to my liking, youth should be just like you."

Kakashi, Obito, and the others rolled their eyes, only Guy's sincerity saved Kyomu from trying too hard to impress today.

"Let's disperse, I need to go to the field hospital to help Rin with the wounded," Obito made an excuse to leave.

"I have a promise with a few medical ninja sisters, I can't break my word," Ebisu also departed.

Genma scratched his head, "Captain is really cool, but... I have something else to do."

Kakashi didn't make excuses, just patted Kyomu on the shoulder, pulling Guy away from his embrace and dragging him away.

In a moment, Kyomu was left alone.

"I know you're jealous, I'm not that mad," Kyomu muttered to himself, storming into Tsunade's tent.

"Our hero returns," Tsunade clapped her hands.

"Lord Kyomu!"

The Leaf Ninja inside the tent made way for Kyomu to stride to the front.

Don't get carried away.

Kyomu reminded himself, but the youthfulness in his stride made him appear all the more imposing, truly majestic.

"Gentlemen, this war, victory will surely be ours!"

"Lord Kyomu, victorious!"

"Alright, alright, from yesterday to today, my ears are about to develop calluses," Tsunade joked as she pulled Kyomu into her embrace in front of everyone, "My little hero, choose one of these titles for me to engrave on the statue."

Tsunade pulled out a paper from the table, filled with potential titles. Some were coined by their own people, and others were phrases passed around by the Sand Ninja.

Enemy-given titles naturally carried more weight.

But Kyomu wasn't exactly fond of the Sand Ninja's naming skills.

Glancing down, he felt like slapping himself for the cringeworthy titles.

Leaf Thunder, Leaf God of War, Leaf Immortal Warrior, Leaf Miracle, Dragon Rider God of War, Dragon Rider Thunder...

"Cough, so many?" Kyomu was overwhelmed, and none appealed to him.

"It is a lot, but that's on you," Tsunade said helplessly, "You have too many traits; a word or two can't summarize them all."

Indeed, when someone is too outstanding, such situations are all too common.

"Let's wait then," Kyomu stood tall, "Aren't there three more battlefields to clear? We can discuss the title afterward."

"Confident, little brother?"

"Of course," Kyomu was spirited, "Just one Sand Ninja isn't enough!"

"Lord Kyomu, victorious!"

The Leaf Ninja inside the tent once again chanted in unison, led by such a person, how could their future not be bright?

Achievements are not only seen today but also in the future.

"Enough, stop flattering him," Tsunade gestured for silence, "You can praise him during tonight's celebration. Do as I said, and today, drink... without limit!"


With a cheer, the ninja in the tent instantly disappeared.

They hadn't had a drink in almost a year.

After a great victory on the Sand Ninja battlefield, it was naturally time to reward themselves.


Under the hundred-meter statue, people gathered, lighting bonfires, setting up barbecue stands, and raising their cups.

Connecting is necessary, boasting about Kyomu even more so, and after getting tired, sharing one's excellent performances was a usual affair.

However, Kyomu, the center of discussion, didn't join in but stood at the barbecue grill, showcasing his culinary skills.

Yet what he cooked more of wasn't various meats but frog legs.

Ichikishimahime also came over, her appetite astonishing.

The loli glanced at the mature woman beside her, eyes falling on the gorge, and couldn't help but devour the frog leg in her hand with a glowing look.

"Little Kyomu, another hundred skewers."

As her words fell, Ichikishimahime looked up at Tsunade, "A contractor of the Shikkotsu Forest?"


"Are you unhappy?"

"No," Tsunade shook her head with a cold face, but her heart was nearly exploding with rage.

Her little brother hadn't dared to treat her this way, but this Ichikishimahime arrived and started ordering Kyomu around like a laborer.

Ichikishimahime's lips curled up, moving closer to Tsunade with an inexplicable expression, "I see something different in your face, something unacceptable to the world.

Little Kyomu is only eleven in a few months, Tsunade-hime, your thoughts are very dangerous."

"Lady Ichikishimahime is joking, we are just siblings."


Ichikishimahime smiled even more joyously; she loved manipulating people's hearts, whether by exposing secrets, torturing, or seducing, it was quite malicious.

"Age-wise, yes, but your body doesn't lie. Which woman in her thirties manages to always appear in her early twenties?" She pinched Tsunade's shoulder, "Oh, the body of a young person, and you've kept your most 'precious' thing intact, impressive."

Tsunade clenched her fists, her smile forced, "Lady Ichikishimahime appears even younger, not at all like someone who has lived for a thousand years."

A sharp look flashed in Ichikishimahime's eyes but she didn't immediately turn hostile, instead smiling even more broadly.

"Are you thinking, when little Kyomu grows up, you'll still look this way, waiting like this?"

"Lady Ichikishimahime, you are mistaken," Tsunade stared into Ichikishimahime's eyes, "Perhaps you are the one with such thoughts?"

"No, no, no, summoning me is just the price little Kyomu pays. I'm an elder of Ryūchi Cave, don't I have any dignity?"

"Boring dignity." Tsunade shook her head, "Like the Slug Great Lord, and..."

Tsunade didn't continue, seeing the fierce light in Ichikishimahime's eyes.

"Hehe, loving little Kyomu doesn't need to be so secretive," Ichikishimahime sneered, "But I like seeing you try to hide it and then exposing you. Doesn't it feel very forbidden and shameful?

Little Tsunade, don't give me that look, you're not qualified!"

Ignoring Tsunade further, Ichikishimahime intensified her commands to Kyomu.

Little Kyomu is offering tributes to me, and you're worried, and even showing it on your face?

Do you think I'm like the Toads of Mount Myōboku, or the Slugs of the Shikkotsu Forest?


Ichikishimahime lightly chastised Tsunade, her mood somewhat improved after a full meal and drink, promising Kyomu some benefits before patting her butt and leaving.

However, as she left, Ichikishimahime still cast a malicious glance at Tsunade, secretly using a technique.

Fairy Technique: Bewitching Mist.

Accompanied by the white smoke produced at the end of the summoning technique, a bit of mist was inhaled by Tsunade.

No one noticed, as the scene was too chaotic.

"Lord Kyomu, I toast to you."

After Ichikishimahime left, the Leaf Ninja who had been waiting came forward, all wanting to share a drink with Kyomu.

But due to the crowd, Kyomu, wanting to accommodate everyone, could only gather everyone together for a communal drink.

The atmosphere was lively, and Kyomu was immersed in it, the laughter continuing until the early morning hours before everyone gradually dispersed.

But Tsunade was unusually quiet, whether from drinking too much or something else, her cheeks were significantly flushed.

"Little brother, stay and talk with your sister."

Pulling Kyomu, who was about to leave, into the tent, Tsunade's eyes were hazy as she rambled, her words jumbled.

"Sis, you're drunk."

"Maybe I am." Tsunade shook her head, "Do you think so too?"

Kyomu dared not look into Tsunade's eyes, feeling it too dangerous, "Sis, I should go now…"

But Tsunade didn't want to let go of Kyomu, holding onto him and continuing to ramble, leaving Kyomu no choice but to stay and quietly listen.

Once Tsunade fell asleep on the table, Kyomu moved her to the bed, thinking he could finally leave.

But it didn't happen; he ended up being used as a pillow by Tsunade.

In her dream, Tsunade had a dream indescribable in words.

She was back in her childhood, meeting Kyomu of the same age, the two were classmates, growing up together, going on missions together, and more...

But when she woke up, Kyomu was nowhere to be seen.

Tsunade's face was flushed as she glanced at her clothes, relieved that she hadn't lost her composure.

And soon, Tsunade realized her behavior the previous night was abnormal, not typical of having drunk too much.

"Ichikishimahime!" Gritting her teeth, Tsunade knew she had been played by Ichikishimahime.

But after a moment of anger, Tsunade grew worried, "Little brother didn't notice, did he? How will I face others after this?"

With worry in her heart, Tsunade adjusted her demeanor and expression before walking out of the tent.

Kyomu was busy as usual, taking care of things around the camp.

Tsunade breathed a sigh of relief, but also felt vaguely disappointed. Ichikishimahime's instigation had indeed affected her greatly.

"Kyomu, what are you and Kakashi up to?"

"Sis, you're awake?" Kyomu greeted, then explained, "There are some good things in Thunder Blade Gorge, I'm planning to get some out."

The Raiton Chakra Crystals were, of course, excellent items that needed to be utilized.

(End of Chapter)