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Chapter 128

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The Cloud Village's frontline forces are luxuriously configured.

If the Leaf Village ranks as the foremost among the Five Great Hidden Villages, then the Cloud Village securely holds the second position. This superiority isn't only in terms of top combat power; the Cloud's rising stars are nearly on par with those of the Leaf.

The Third Raikage, unsurpassed as the strongest shield and spear in the ninja world, is formidable in one-on-one battles, with few capable of overcoming him.

Following him are Dodai and Killer B—one being the Third Raikage's partner, the other the Jinchuriki of the Eight-Tails. Both are renowned ninjas with long-standing reputations.

In the younger generation, there's the Third Raikage's son, A, and his partner, Killer Bee. The future duo of A and B is undeniably strong.

Beyond these luminaries, the Cloud's youth include talents like Darui, C, Samui, Atsui, Toroi, and Mabui, whose reserves of talent rival those of the Leaf.

Simply put, the Cloud Village alone could cause significant concern for the Leaf Village, marking them as a formidable foe.

"A, the Leaf forces have arrived," Dodai announced upon entering the tent, "Led by Jiraiya, and with Aragami Kyomu, who distinguished himself on the Sand battlefield, now reactivated by the Leaf."

The Third Raikage raised his head, a proud smile crossing his rugged features, "Is there cause for concern? We both know what sort of stock the Sand ninjas come from; they signify nothing."

"Exactly," Dodai also dismissed the Sand, "Had the Sand faced us, they would have been utterly defeated within half a year."

"Let's not dwell on the Sand; it's meaningless," the Third Raikage waved off, "Dodai, what are your thoughts on our first engagement?"

Dodai had already formulated a plan, "Based on intelligence, Jiraiya's Leaf ninjas number less than four thousand. Excluding logistics, medical, and other support ninjas, the combat-ready force is about three thousand.

We've brought seven thousand ninjas, not all elites, but certainly enough to confront the Leaf.

Moreover, we have Killer B.

Thus, my proposal is to deploy full force in the initial engagement. We need not push deep but must leverage our advantages to inflict heavy casualties on the Leaf."

Dodai's assessment is sound.

With numerical superiority, top combat power, and a comparably strong high- and mid-tier force structure, what's there to fear?

As for the Sand's plight?

The Sand ninjas are considered mere fodder to the Cloud, who refuse to even compare themselves, such is their confidence.

"Advance across the board, a direct confrontation?" the Third Raikage murmured, "That would be best, potentially overwhelming Jiraiya's forces in one fell swoop.

But there's one concern we must address—if they refuse to engage, what then?"

Dodai smiled confidently, "A, they won't avoid battle. And even if they do, it's of no consequence."

"You have a strategy?"

"Morale," Dodai explained, "If they avoid conflict, we can spread rumors, harass them with skirmishes, and challenge them. If they continue to bunker down, Leaf morale will inevitably suffer while ours soars.

With this advantage, the longer they avoid confrontation, the more difficult their position becomes.

Many ninjas value honor above life. I believe that even if Jiraiya insists on avoiding engagement, the majority of Leaf ninjas would not agree."

The Third Raikage laughed heartily, "Ha ha ha, well said, Dodai! Your analysis is thorough!

Proceed with your plan. I'll await the good news from the rear."

"Rest assured, A, I will deliver a victorious start."

"Go forth boldly. With me anchoring the rear, the Leaf's elite forces will find no opportunity to exploit."

The Third Raikage and Dodai allocated their tasks, mobilizing the Cloud's frontline forces. Timing their advance with Jiraiya's arrival at the Fire Country's border, they stepped into Fire Country territory.

"Set up camp and rest."

Ten kilometers from the border, Jiraiya ordered a rest. The forced march had significantly drained the troops.

Positioning directly at the border would risk a surprise attack from the Cloud.

"Ren," Jiraiya assigned a reconnaissance mission, "Take your ninja squad to scout the Cloud movements.

If they penetrate deeper, there's no need to intercept; just report back."

"Yes, Lord Jiraiya!"

Ren departed on his mission, and Jiraiya then sought out Kyomu.

"Kyomu," Jiraiya spoke softly, "I'd like to hear your thoughts."

"Lord Jiraiya, the Cloud's strength isn't something the Sand can compare to. Our forces are already stretched thin on two fronts; a head-on confrontation would likely be disadvantageous."

Jiraiya nodded but quickly shook his head, "I still plan to engage the Cloud head-on."

He then outlined his rationale, "The Cloud specializes in Lightning Release, with strong individual combat capabilities. However, in terms of large-scale battlefield jutsu, Lightning Release falls short.

While it's likely there are Cloud ninjas who practice other forms of jutsu, those are secondary skills. Their expertise lies in Lightning Release.

Our situation is different; among us, Lightning Release practitioners are few. Our forces primarily utilize Wind, Fire, and Earth Releases. Even the lowest-ranking ninjas, with a bit of experience, can execute a basic Fire or Wind Release.

Thus, on the battlefield, our combined jutsu, utilized by the majority, can significantly challenge the Cloud.

The reason this wasn't the case on the Sand battlefield is because the Sand lacks a signature jutsu, with Puppetry being their unique skill.

Their jutsu variety and superiority in numbers meant a direct confrontation with the Leaf wasn't unwarranted.

Different circumstances call for different strategies, and Jiraiya's plan is sound.

But to face the Cloud directly, one more issue must be addressed.

"Kyomu, can you handle Killer B, the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki, alone?" Jiraiya posed a difficult question, "If you're not up to it, I can switch with you. I'll take on Killer B, and you manage the frontline. How about that?"

Kyomu didn't answer immediately. After pondering, he nodded firmly, "Lord Jiraiya, I can take on the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki, Killer B!"

"Good!" Jiraiya's face brightened, "Request whatever you need, as long as it's within my power."

"I only need my direct command, the First Ninja Squad."

"You don't need the other three squads?"

Kyomu shook his head, "Even though the Cloud takes an elite single combatant approach, their composite jutsu for the battlefield aren't strong. But if they break through our defenses, the frontline remains perilously unpredictable. The remaining three squads offer a slight advantage at best.

And against the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki, Killer B, more isn't necessarily better. I need elites, not numbers."

Hearing Kyomu's plan, Jiraiya added no further comment, "Alright, proceed as you've outlined. Get ready quickly."

Kyomu turned to assemble his team.

Ren, tasked with reconnaissance, was temporarily absent. Since the engagement was to be a direct confrontation, her role was less prominent this time, and Kyomu didn't specifically request her presence.

"Gentlemen, in the upcoming battle against the Cloud, we're to engage directly. The greatest threat on the battlefield will naturally be the Cloud's Eight-Tails Jinchuriki.

As elites, it's our duty to face the Cloud's best, including taking on the task of confronting the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki."

Surveying his team's expressions, Kyomu was reassured by their lack of fear or concern.

"However, facing the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki, more numbers might complicate matters. So, besides the First Ninja Squad following me, the remaining two squads will join the main battlefield."

This directive left the recently integrated ninja squads somewhat disappointed, a sentiment Kyomu noted.

"Don't underestimate yourselves. Before the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki appears, I'll fight alongside you. There will be opportunities for you to shine, and I look forward to executing composite jutsu together."

Kyomu adeptly managed the morale of the remaining ninja squads. With the passive skill enhancements, their affection for him inadvertently grew.

Seeing smiles on everyone's faces, Kyomu began arranging composite jutsu tactics.

"Those proficient in C-rank or higher Fire Release, move to the left. Those with C-rank or higher Wind Release, to the right."

Following his command, over two hundred ninjas divided into two groups. The Leaf had a substantial number proficient in Fire and Wind Releases, with no one remaining in the middle.

Kyomu nodded, then continued detailing assignments, "Those who can use Earth Style: Mud Wall, form another group."

This time, a middle group of about thirty people formed.

"On the battlefield, you'll handle Earth Release for defense, while the rest will support me and Kakashi, Obito with Wind Release."

Kyomu finalized the arrangements, "If the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki emerges, Ren will command you. His Byakugan provides excellent battlefield oversight, ensuring optimal decisions."

With a wave, "First Squad, stay. The rest, rest up and prepare for the battle ahead."

Once the First Squad remained, Kyomu detailed tactical plans centered not on the battlefield but on confronting the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki, Killer B.

"Those are the plans. Kakashi, Obito, get some rest."

Soon, only Kyomu, Kakashi, and Obito were left.

"Kakashi, Obito, you both know the Great Fire Annihilation, right?"

"That's a signature Uchiha jutsu. Of course, I'm proficient!" Obito boasted.

"I can, but prefer not to," Kakashi was reluctant.

"Concerned about your mask?" Tobi teased, "No worries, you can get a new one afterward."

Kakashi remained silent, understanding the situation's gravity, implicitly agreeing.

Kyomu, focusing on strategy, turned to Obito, "Your Sharingan could be more useful... If it were three tomoe or even the Mangekyo, dealing with the Eight-Tails would be easier."

"I wish," Obito scratched his head, "Awakening isn't that simple; it takes time."

Kakashi, with a bit of sarcasm, implied the risk of being Uchiha's friend, "Being friends with an Uchiha is truly perilous."

Obito was briefly taken aback, "My Sharingan's awakening was all my own doing, without the tragedies you mentioned.

Even if you died, Kyomu wouldn't, and if you did, I wouldn't shed a tear!"

"Let's not talk of death," Kyomu interjected, "Focus on the plan."

The Cloud didn't exploit the Leaf's rest period for a surprise attack.

Although not exactly honorable, this approach was notable.

"Crush the Leaf ninjas!" Dodai, muscular and spirited, rallied his troops, "Past humiliations will be washed away today. Charge, charge, charge!"

Leading the charge, Dodai was followed by robust Cloud ninjas, resembling a group of bodybuilders.

In contrast, the Leaf ninjas, with ordinary physiques, seemed slightly less imposing.

But determination compensated for what they lacked in physical presence, as Jiraiya also rallied his forces.

"In the past two wars, we've dominated the Cloud. This time will be no different.

Gentlemen, let's teach the Cloud a third harsh lesson.

Prepare the composite jutsu," Jiraiya deemed the timing right, gesturing decisively, "Release!"

Kyomu's First Ninja Squad took the lead.

Exchanging glances with Kakashi and Obito, they formed seals, then took a deep breath.

As they executed the seal and brought their hands to their lips, chakra surged within them.

Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!

Exhaling deeply, Kyomu, at the center, unleashed a fan-shaped flame covering 500 meters at its forefront.

Kakashi and Obito, flanking him, covered 300 meters each. Together, their coverage reached one kilometer.

The flames, intensified by Kakashi's mask being burnt away, revealed his handsome face under the firelight's glow.

The team, momentarily stunned, quickly resumed their jutsu.

Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!

A hurricane, fueled by over a hundred ninjas' collective effort and combined with the large-scale Fire Release, turned the horizon red.

The coverage expanded to two kilometers!

"Ha ha ha, this is the spirit of battle!" Dodai's exuberant voice echoed across the battlefield.

Lightning Release: Lightning Armor!

Encased in a lightning cloak, Dodai charged into the flames head-on.

(End of Chapter)