Naruto: Monthly Refreshing Passive System

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Chapter 127

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The days of training swiftly passed by.

Kyomu's strategy of "invoking his future self" might have overdrawn some of his luck. In the second month after turning ten, the passive skill he refreshed was not particularly favorable.

Passive Skill: All for One, One for All

Skill Description: During the skill's activation period, a sincere heart will always win double the favor in return, and upon reaching a 'die together' level of favor, you will receive a precious gift from the person after their death.

Note: The death gift is not limited by the skill's duration; as long as the favor level reaches 'die together', death will trigger it.

Duration: 30 days

Message: I love the pigs I raise so much that I can't stop crying when I stew them. But as for people... I advise you to be kind.

Kyomu sighed, "If I were a bit more heartless, sacrificing 70 people could push my strength to a terrifying level.

But I can't bring myself to do it..."

Standing up, Kyomu looked up at the moon, "But, like the delicious pigs I sacrificed, I can choose some future enemies to 'raise.'"

His mind briefly flashed with the faces of Hiruzen and Danzo, but Kyomu's expression quickly turned cold.

"Their worth lies in dying by my sword, not worthy of my elaborate planning. What was I thinking?"

Dismissing the thought, Kyomu sighed again, "Humans aren't heartless; how should I use this month's passive skill?"

Kyomu found himself in a dilemma.

He stood still, gazing at the crescent moon, lost in thought.

He wanted to convince himself to be more ruthless, but he couldn't, and deep inside, he resisted such utilitarian methods of cultivating relationships, which wasn't his original intention.

Although he had his desires, he didn't have the heart to harm others, only wishing for mutual support and more opportunities.

But this month's passive skill...

While Kyomu was deep in thought, the Hokage's office was brightly lit, with Konoha's top brass also facing a dilemma.

"Send Kyomu to the front lines," Koharu broke the silence. "The Cloud ninja have started making moves; they will soon approach our borders.

The Sand ninja have also received the news and are spreading negative rumors about Kyomu and us, causing unrest in the Sand ninja battlefield.

If we continue to suppress... If we let Kyomu rest any longer, the consequences are unpredictable."

Koharu outlined the recent developments in the ninja world over the past month.

The news of Kyomu being removed from the Sand ninja battlefield couldn't be concealed; the Sand's intelligence network wasn't that weak.

Moreover, spreading rumors costs nothing, and the impact it causes allows the Sand to revel in schadenfreude.

Konoha's top brass are truly benevolent!

It would be best to also remove Minato, drive away Orochimaru and Tsunade, then what suspense would remain in the war?

Perhaps influenced by such rumors or feeling the time was right, the Cloud ninja made further moves by the end of the month.

The Sand ninja battlefield also reacted accordingly, planning to launch an offensive against Konoha alongside the Cloud. This didn't require communication; a common enemy naturally brought some tacit understanding.

"Let me go to the Cloud ninja battlefield," Danzo spoke up. "I'm confident I can make good use of Kyomu, turning him into a cold blade to protect the village, not a double-edged sword."

Homura glanced at Danzo and, after a moment of thought, also supported him, "Hiruzen, this time I'm with Danzo. He's proficient in Wind Release ninjutsu, which gives him a good chance against the Cloud ninja."

Danzo's face lit up with joy, not expecting Homura to support him this time.

The pressure was on Hiruzen.

In reality, Danzo's volunteering wasn't the real pressure; Kyomu was his concern.

One can't see into another's heart. While Kyomu appeared perfect, Hiruzen couldn't fully trust him.

"Jiraiya is capable," Hiruzen spoke up. "He can, and having taught Minato such an excellent disciple, I believe he can guide Kyomu well too."

Hiruzen made a decision, "With Kyomu and the ninja squad he leads, the forces we send to the Cloud ninja battlefield can be fewer."

"Hiruzen, you trust Jiraiya and Kyomu that much?" Danzo stared incredulously. "The Cloud's strength is not comparable to the Sand's. If a problem arises, we won't have time to fix it."

"I trust Jiraiya," Hiruzen stood firm. "He's my student, and I understand him. As the heir of Mount Myoboku, Jiraiya has his trump cards, capable of overcoming the Third Raikage.

Even if he can't win, he won't be at a disadvantage.

The rest can be left to Kyomu, Kakashi, Obito, and the others.

Don't forget, under Kyomu's influence, their combined strength isn't as simple as one plus one equals two."

Hiruzen had set the tone, and Danzo knew no amount of talking would change it.

Is it great to be Hokage?

Sorry, being Hokage is indeed great!

Danzo stormed out, slamming the door behind him. Koharu spoke up for fairness.

"Hiruzen, Danzo really wants to do something for the village, you didn't have to..."

"It's not his time to act yet," Hiruzen closed his eyes. "When the Stone ninja move, that will be Danzo's time to shine."

"What do you mean..."

"The Stone and Cloud have always had conflicts, and the Rain village is also worth winning over. If necessary, we can pay a price to make them our ally."

This had always been on Hiruzen's mind.

Danzo's strength wasn't in leading troops head-on but in manipulating people in the shadows. After all these years, Hiruzen knew exactly what kind of person Danzo was.

If he wanted to be the root of Konoha, he had to proceed in the darkness. If the root is exposed to sunlight, the tree will die, without exception.

Hiruzen's tolerance for Danzo had its price, not without reason. Past camaraderie was just a bond, accounting for only half of the foundation.

"Call Jiraiya over," Hiruzen waved his hand. "Tell him to prepare and head to the Cloud ninja battlefield tomorrow, lightly equipped."

"Yes, Hokage-sama!" An ANBU member left.

Turning to Koharu, Hiruzen inquired, "Any problems with logistics?"

"No issues," Koharu immediately assured. "Under my supervision, our logistics can support operations on four fronts simultaneously."

Nodding, Hiruzen then looked at Homura, "Can the Ninja Academy keep up with the pace of training ninjas?"

"In three months, by June, a large batch of Genin will graduate from the Ninja Academy."

"How many?"

"About 1000."

Hiruzen took a puff, "Not enough, add another 1000!"

"But that would mean their average graduation age would be only 7 years old," Homura hesitated. "That's undermining our foundation, I think..."

"If we're fighting on four fronts, we're not just undermining our foundation, we're facing extinction!" Hiruzen's voice was firm. "We must prepare for the worst-case scenario, we must. Otherwise, it'll be too late."

"I understand, Hiruzen," Homura nodded.

"Alright, it's getting late, let's adjourn," Hiruzen waved his hand. "There's a lot to do tomorrow."


The next day before dawn.

Kyomu, who hadn't slept well, opened his eyes and reached for the Yoei by his side.

"Lord Kyomu." The title used by the ANBU ninja had changed, "Please prepare immediately and gather at the assembly field. Lord Jiraiya is waiting for you there."

The change in title from "Captain Kyomu" to "Lord Kyomu" indicated many things.

After being sidelined for a month, due to the pressure from the front lines and the village's shortage of combat power, Kyomu was reactivated.

Moreover, the reputation he had been suppressed before was now fully restored, and Kyomu's deeds began to be celebrated within the village.

Similarly, Kyomu's team members also received the honors they deserved. Former Genin were promoted to Chunin, Chunin to Special Jonin, and Special Jonin to Jonin, with everyone moving up a rank.

Although titles don't represent true strength, without the backing of real power, those titles wouldn't be awarded.

"Lord Kyomu."

Walking on the street, passing ninjas and civilians who recognized him.

They stopped, bowed in greeting, and looked up with admiration in their eyes.

However, Kyomu didn't feel triumphant. Controlled public opinion held no value for him.

Today he might be praised and admired, but if public opinion turns, he could become a pariah, just like Sakumo once was.

But soon, Kyomu smiled.

His team members had arrived.

"Captain!" Everyone wore smiles, showing no fear of war.

They had Captain Kyomu; what was there to fear?

Even in death, it would be by Kyomu's side. He would avenge them, and it wouldn't be in vain.

"Did everyone receive the notice?"

"From now on, you can use my official title," Ebisu said with a smile. "I am Konoha's Special Jonin Ebisu!"

"I am Konoha's Special Jonin Genma."

"Chunin Uchiha Obito..." When everyone else was a Special Jonin, Obito's voice showed dissatisfaction, "Why?! Why?!"

"As a Jonin of Konoha, and you being a Chunin, you must use honorifics when addressing me," Kakashi approached, "Isn't that right, Chunin Obito?"

Obito's face turned the color of liver, "I was just a bit late, you just wait..."

"Being late is being late."

"Ha ha..."

The cohesive laughter carried far, and Kyomu waved forward, leading everyone on.


The team members quickly followed; what started as a dozen people grew to twenty, then forty, eventually forming a neat group of 71.

Kyomu led the way, followed by his team members in uniform, each carrying a ninja sword, expressionless.

Their morale slowly rose.

Named unity, they could also be called invincible!

From the Hokage's office window, Hiruzen watched Kyomu's growing force, his eyes flickering with indecision.

His apprehension grew.

Kyomu and his three students were different; during the Second Shinobi World War, they also had followers, but more so than Kyomu.

But a student remains a student, positioned as such. If not for the incident with Sakumo, Kyomu would have been a sight Hiruzen was happy to see, but...

Sensing something.

Kyomu stopped, and his team members did the same, following his gaze toward the Hokage's office.

Returning his gaze, Kyomu continued forward.

But his lips curled up in defiance.

"When I return, what will you give me, Hiruzen? If you can't offer anything else, then we'll have to settle your debts."


As Kyomu and his procession reached the assembly field, all ninjas spontaneously cleared a path.

The reputation of Konoha's First Ninja Squad, earned through sheer determination, warranted respect.

Moving forward, Kyomu held his head high, followed by his team members. This privilege, earned through blood and fire, was exercised without guilt.

If you can, try enduring what they have.

"Lord Jiraiya." Kyomu didn't salute, just acknowledged respectfully.

Similarly, Kyomu's team members did the same.

"The First Ninja Squad is present."

"Good!" Jiraiya roared with enthusiasm. "With the First Ninja Squad here, we have no chance of losing this battle!"

Jiraiya didn't indulge in factionalism; such things were inconsequential to him, "Kyomu, by order of the Hokage, you are now appointed as the commander of Konoha's First Ninja Total Squad.

Kakashi, by order of the Hokage, you are appointed as the captain of Konoha's First Ninja Squad, under the command of Commander Kyomu.

Ren, by order of the Hokage, you are appointed as the captain of Konoha's Ninth Ninja Squad, also under Commander Kyomu's command.

Additionally, the Forty-seventh and Ninety-fifth Ninja Squads are under Commander Kyomu's command."

After announcing the appointments, Kyomu received a long list of names, all his soldiers.

Jiraiya's appointments continued, but Kyomu was no longer listening.

From leading a 16-man ninja squad to commanding a 69-member ninja squad, and now commanding a 279-member total squad, Kyomu had risen in just half a year.

A true man holds great power!

Though far from commanding an entire army and possibly not reaching that point even after the war, for Kyomu, it was enough.

The commander's position already placed him nearly at Konoha's high echelons, making his future much easier.

After all, the once underground Kyomu was now at the edge of the platform; he could initiate purges!

"Wait and see."

Kyomu clenched the list of team members, the flames in his heart surging once more.

Approximately two hours later, Jiraiya finally finished reading the appointments.

"Target our country's northeastern border, confront the Cloud ninja, move out!"

With a grand gesture, the force of less than 4000 departed, facing enemies more than twice their number ahead.

"I love tough battles," Kyomu's eyes sparkled, "Cloud ninja, thank you in advance for becoming the backdrop of my renown!"

To battle!

(End of Chapter)