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Chapter 126

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Half a month later.

Kyomu's strength skyrocketed, and so did the strength of the team he led.

Obito still hadn't shown up, suggesting the Uchiha clan's special training for him hadn't ended.

Ren also hadn't appeared, likely receiving certain resource prioritization from the Hyuga clan. The specifics were unknown, but it definitely couldn't compare to Obito.

As for Kakashi, he had mastered the Hidden Blade Technique. The spiritual energy he naturally expended could now be infused into the blade of his sword, resulting in terrifying attack power when drawn for the first time.

However, the drawback of this technique was also undeniably evident.

While the burst of power was indeed strong, if faced with a prolonged battle or scenarios unsuitable for the Hidden Blade Technique, Kakashi's combat effectiveness would revert to its original state.

Thus, without waiting for Kyomu to bring it up, Kakashi proactively sought him out.

Kyomu was currently practicing his sword swinging, the weights wrapped around his Yoei making the scene quite formidable.

Kakashi didn't bother to guess how much weight Kyomu was currently training with, thinking it would only serve to discourage him.

Conceding in terms of physical prowess, Kakashi had always focused more on the Hatake Sword Technique and Lightning Release ninjutsu.

"Kyomu," Kakashi said softly, "You're aware of the drawbacks of the Hidden Blade Technique. So, how do you plan to compensate?"

"We can conceal the blade before battle, the longer, the better. But if one strike doesn't solve the problem, we'll need a second, a third..."

Kyomu shared his thoughts, "But the subsequent attacks rely entirely on our own strength, so the solution is naturally..."

"I know that," Kakashi rolled his eyes, "I want to focus on Lightning Release ninjutsu. It's the only area where I excel compared to the rest of you."

"Have you mastered the shape transformation and nature transformation of Lightning Release chakra?"

"I have mastered it. There's still a distance to proficiency, but I can apply it well in actual combat."

Kyomu nodded, understanding Kakashi's progress.

So, Chidori could be introduced into the discussion.

But this Chidori was not the same as the original; Kyomu had a better solution in mind.

"So, you can use Lightning Release chakra to stimulate your body cells without harming yourself, right?"

Kakashi nodded, confirming Kyomu's assessment.

Using Lightning Release chakra to stimulate body cells for increased speed and strength is not something everyone can do.

If one cannot control the nature transformation of Lightning Release chakra, the wild chakra could harm one's body.

Only by mastering the nature transformation of Lightning Release chakra, keeping its stimulating properties while altering its nature to be more benign, can one achieve this effect.

This is why the Cloud village's Lightning Release Chakra Mode is only used by top-tier ninjas.

Similarly, the activation technique for Hatake Sword Technique, combined with Lightning Release chakra, must reach proficiency in chakra nature transformation to unleash its true power.

This is why the original Kakashi developed Chidori at such a young age. His foundation was exceptionally solid; he just took a misguided path.

But now, with Kyomu's guidance, Kakashi's path forward would only be brighter.

"I have an idea, and a shadow clone is already experimenting with it," Kyomu gestured towards a distant shadow clone. "If you're interested, I can tell you."

Kakashi immediately nodded, "Tell me, I'm all ears."

"This inspiration comes from Guy's Eight Gates," Kyomu began explaining the theory behind the Eight Gates. "Guy and Lee, lacking in ninjutsu talent, release the body's chakra points with non-attributed chakra.

If we replace it with attributed Lightning Release chakra and apply nature transformation, we can reduce the damage caused by releasing the chakra points with the powerful force.

Though the power will significantly decrease compared to the original Eight Gates, the trade-off for stability is worth it, in my opinion.

And don't forget, the properties of Lightning Release chakra can further compensate for the loss in power.

If this idea succeeds, it might not be much weaker than the Cloud's Lightning Release Chakra Mode.

The only difference might be that we can't use the thick Lightning Release Armor. But Lightning Release chakra's main advantage is speed. As long as we retain that, whether combined with swordsmanship or other instant ninjutsu, the combat effectiveness would be terrifying."

Kakashi's eyes lit up after hearing the theory.

"Kyomu, although we have different thoughts, this is an excellent solution."

"Of course," Kyomu nodded, "I've always known I'm a theoretical master. No one can deny that."

Kakashi didn't verbally agree but shared his thoughts, "I want to enhance the Hatake Sword Technique to increase its power."

"Do you have enough chakra?" Kyomu raised an eyebrow.

Why the Hatake Sword Technique focuses on unexpected and unguarded attacks, Kyomu understood clearly.

Chakra quantity.

Although Sakumo and Kakashi's chakra levels were above average among their peers, they were still within normal ranges.

Thus, the Hatake Sword Technique, which requires minimal consumption, cunning, and possesses powerful single-target killing power, was sufficient.

Ninjas are fragile, and a single strike can be lethal.

Kakashi's desire to refine the Hatake Sword Technique, Kyomu surmised, stemmed from two reasons. One was the dragon veins' effect on Kakashi's chakra, significantly increasing it. The other was Kyomu's broad and powerful sword techniques, which greatly influenced Kakashi.

After all, which man doesn't dream of being able to split a mountain with a single slash one day?

From the beginning, destruction and creation have been men's ultimate desires. Just as no man can refuse an excavator, Kakashi couldn't resist the allure of powerful techniques.

"Not like you, but enough," Kakashi looked up, "I have a feeling that one day I'll be able to execute that slash you made on the Sand ninja battlefield."

"With just Lightning Release?"

"Is that not possible?" Kakashi caressed the handle of his sword, "My chakra is sufficient to support a dozen slashes."

"How much chakra do you have now?!" Kyomu asked again, suspecting Kakashi was downplaying his capabilities.

Unable to resist a smirk, Kakashi whispered, "It's about ten times what I had before. By adulthood, it should be several dozen times more."

"That much!"

"Jealous?" Kakashi was in high spirits, pleased with his foundation and enjoying Kyomu's surprised expression.

Indeed, Kyomu was surprised.

The era of measuring by Kakashi as a unit was gone, leaving a void in his heart.

"I am ten of you," Kyomu stubbornly used Kakashi as a unit of chakra measurement, "Ten Kakashis."

"Get lost!" Kakashi wasn't fazed, "Seriously, do you think it's feasible?"

"As a trump card, yes. But I don't recommend it for regular use."

"I don't have as much chakra as you to use normal techniques as trump cards," Kakashi finally rolled his eyes, "I don't know how you grew up; you were not as good as me when we were kids, and now..."

"Stop there, do you want to hear my idea or not?"

"Spit it out!"

Kyomu slowly began, "When I was using Purple Fireflies, I noticed a phenomenon. Wherever Purple Fireflies passed, steam rose and formed cumulonimbus clouds, which would soon give birth to lightning.

If you could draw down that lightning and condense it into a blade of light to strike the enemy, I think... it would be quite a spectacular scene, right?"

The next second, Kakashi was captivated, "A combination ninjutsu unique to us?"

"Exactly, a combination ninjutsu unique to us," Kyomu smiled slightly, "On the battlefield, brothers-in-arms, I strike and you strike, leaving nothing but ash in our wake. How exhilarating!"

Kakashi was elated for a moment, but quickly identified a problem, "How can I draw down the lightning from the sky as my own power?"

Before Kyomu could respond, Kakashi muttered to himself, "It would have to be initiated with Lightning Release chakra, but that would involve both the nature transformation and shape transformation of Lightning Release chakra. As for the Hatake Sword Technique...

The nature transformation is sufficient, but the shape transformation is somewhat lacking. However, if both transformations coexist, relying solely on the Hatake Sword Technique wouldn't be enough to manage both.

Should I develop a technique that incorporates both the nature transformation and shape transformation of Lightning Release chakra? After its development, it also needs to be compatible with my Hatake Sword Technique, otherwise, it's putting the cart before the horse."

Kakashi already had a rough framework in his mind but was still missing that spark of inspiration.

"This is a system; it needs a foundation and derivatives, so..." Kyomu gave Kakashi a bit of inspiration, "You need to first have a broad foundation, preferably covering both the nature and shape transformations of Lightning Release chakra, the more extreme, the better."

Kakashi suddenly looked up at Kyomu, "I get it, I get it!

Covering both the shape and nature transformations of Lightning Release chakra, and capable of activating body cells, then integrating it into the Hatake Sword Technique."

"Yes, exactly," Kyomu nodded, "Let me lead the way and give you a demonstration."

Stopping his sword-swinging motion, Kyomu's hands moved through seals.


Lightning Release: Chidori!

The piercing sound of electric current echoed far and wide, drawing salutes from the team members training with Kyomu's shadow clones.

"What is Captain holding?"

"I'm not sure, but it's clear that only the ultimate nature transformation and shape transformation of Lightning Release chakra could achieve such an effect."

"Is this another of Kyomu's unique techniques?"

"Not really a unique technique," Genma shook his head, having broadened his horizons after following Kyomu, "In my view, it's a starter, because it's not perfect, Captain wouldn't use this technique as a unique move."

The imperfections of Chidori were too numerous, especially its noise.

"This is..." Kakashi's eyes widened.

"Chidori, your Chidori."

"Mine?" Kakashi pointed at himself, "You used it, how could it be mine...?"

"It is yours, consider it the second gift from me," Kyomu smiled slightly, "It's been a long time since I heard the voice of my 'godson', hasn't it, Kakashi?"

"Get lost!" Kakashi was adamant, "Explain the chakra flow to me, so when I develop the follow-up, I can also give it to you."

"By then, I might not need it."

"Are you annoying, just tell me!" Kakashi was getting impatient, "You're becoming more and more irritating."

"Alright, alright, I'll tell," Kyomu explained the chakra flow of Chidori to Kakashi.

"Try it."

Kakashi nodded and slowly performed the hand seals.


Lightning Release: Chidori!

Kakashi succeeded on his first try. He wasn't lacking in fundamentals; he was just missing the method and that bit of inspiration. And as Kyomu initially said, Chidori was indeed Kakashi's; he had no intention of taking credit for it.

Beyond that, Kyomu didn't need Chidori, Raikiri, or Chidori Stream. He only needed the speed boost from Lightning Release chakra.

At this moment, Kakashi's lips curled under his mask, though it was well-concealed.

"Kyomu, this isn't difficult."

"Just keep smirking," Kyomu glanced sideways, "Don't bother me anymore, go perfect it yourself. Anyway, I've already given you the direction."

"No need to rush me," Kakashi turned and asked, "Have you thought of names for those two techniques?"

"The technique for activating body cells naturally should be called 'Lightning Release: Eight Gates', and the one for drawing down lightning from the sky, 'Lightning Release: Purple Lightning Kirin'. What do you think?"

"Ha, perfect," Kakashi was satisfied, "Your naming has finally improved a bit."

Dropping a comment, Kakashi left to research Chidori on his own, not forgetting to create several shadow clones to help with other training tasks.

Peace returned, and Kyomu gathered his scattered thoughts, focusing on his training.

Aside from guiding Kakashi, Kyomu himself had made significant progress.

Mastering and proficiently using three new forbidden techniques in half a month was a pace that could shock many.

Forbidden techniques were never common.

Moreover, Kyomu's physique and spirit were of utmost importance.

Achieving the goal of making normal moves as powerful as ultimate techniques, Kyomu was on the verge of becoming an online sensation.

With his spiritual power and physique complementing each other, the power of all his chakra-based attacks had relatively increased.

For Kyomu, even C-rank ninjutsu could now cause astonishing destruction.

"Jōnin level, maybe I'll reach it by next year," Kyomu mused, "Not counting passive skill boosts, I'm invincible below the Jōnin level!"

(End of Chapter)