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Chapter 125

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In the Hokage's office, the sound of pages turning ceased.

Hiruzen looked up in shock at the ANBU ninja reporting to him, the pipe in his mouth nearly falling.

"Are you certain?"

"Absolutely, this is Kyomu's training regimen."

"Is his body holding up?"

"Like a dragon in the field." The voice of the ANBU ninja was somewhat bitter, "And it lasted from the early hours until sunrise, after roasting and eating a wild boar, he continued."

"I see." Sarutobi didn't know what else to say, "Cease surveillance on Kyomu, and instead, focus on his team members."

"Yes, Hokage-sama."

After the ANBU ninja left, Sarutobi finally remembered the pipe in his mouth, took a couple of strong puffs, then exhaled a long breath.

"Kyomu, you've truly surprised me. Can you really withstand such training? If you can indeed endure it, your future achievements..."

Sarutobi stopped speaking, his heart filled with both worry and excitement, an indescribable feeling.

At the same time, Danzo also received this news and became somewhat restless.

He summoned Yamato and doubled the training tasks, but the outcome was not as expected.

"Such physical fitness, isn't it almost equivalent to Lord Hashirama?" Watching Yamato, who had collapsed from exhaustion, Danzo felt disenchanted, "Get out!"

After Yamato left, Danzo sat in his chair, lost in thought.

The years of research on Hashirama's cells that he and Orochimaru conducted, expending so much manpower and resources, led to this?

Not even half as good as Kyomu!

"While his mind is still immature, I must act quickly."

Danzo thought, "I need to speed up. Once I've gathered enough dirt on Hiruzen, I'll approach Kyomu.

If he finds out what Hiruzen did when Sakumo died, Kyomu will definitely side with me, and by then..."

Danzo's plan was well-thought-out. In the aftermath of the Kyuubi's attack, he almost turned Kakashi using the dark secrets of Hiruzen and his own ability to instigate.

But Kyomu wouldn't be fooled; his ten-year-old body housed a soul over thirty years old.

This sugar-coated cannonball was exactly what Kyomu wanted. He hoped Danzo and Hiruzen would turn against each other, and he would consume the sugar-coating, using the cannonball Danzo provided for a fatal blow.

Sometimes, opportunities are provided by enemies, and all Kyomu needs to do is quietly wait for the war to end, with both public opinion and force alongside.

The menace wouldn't last much longer.


At the Hokage Rock Mountains.

As the day waned, Kakashi, Obito, Guy, Rin , Genma , Ebisu, and others finally arrived.

But the scene before them made their souls tremble.

Is this even human?

"Kyomu, have you lost your mind!" Kakashi exclaimed, his voice a bit high, "How many shadow clones have you created?"

"Seventy-three an hour ago, now it's up to seventy-five."

"Can your body handle it?" Obito, too, was extremely worried, "When you dispel the shadow clones, your mind might well collapse!"

"I am aware of my limits; there won't be any problems."

Hearing Kyomu say so, though still worried, Kakashi and Obito refrained from further persuasion.

Kyomu had his reasons, and both were curious about what those were.

"Kyomu, how do you manage it?" Kakashi also wanted to train in this manner, "If it's not too much trouble..."

"I borrowed something from my future self," Kyomu said earnestly, but Kakashi and Obito were skeptical.

Borrowing from your future self?

That's ridiculous!

"Be serious," Kakashi said with a deadpan expression, "Out with it, or else... I'll blow up all the shadow clones you're using for training."

Glancing at Kakashi, Kyomu didn't expect him to resort to such drastic measures, a tactic only he could conceive.

"I learned some techniques from Tsunade-san." Kyomu attributed his significant change to Tsunade.

Before Kakashi could respond, Ebisu deduced another theory.

"Captain Kyomu and Tsunade-sama spent over a week in a tent together, and his physique has improved this much." Ebisu's eyes gleamed, "Indeed, a strong body is favored by elder sisters or aunts.

If possible, Captain, please share the secret with me; I also wish to improve."

"Ebisu, what are you thinking?" Kyomu was irritated, "What does my physique have to do with Tsunade-san?"

"Weren't you saying Tsunade-sama helped you?" Ebisu looked serious, "Is it because your physique was weak before, and Tsunade-sama..."

"Get out!"

One of Kyomu's shadow clones stepped forward and punched him, silencing Ebisu, though he remained sneakily inquisitive at heart.

"Tsunade-san taught me her Superhuman Strength and Medical Ninjutsu." Kyomu explained, "The essence of her Superhuman Strength is yang chakra, while the Medical Ninjutsu inherited from Tsunade-san can continuously repair the body. Coupled with the dragon vein's blessing from the Land of Roran, this is indeed a buildup leading to a powerful burst!"

Kakashi and Obito nodded, seeming to believe the lie.

After absorbing part of the dragon vein's power, Kakashi and Obito felt their own physiques strengthening. However, without time to actualize it into power, their growth, other than in chakra capacity, was minimal.

"What fortune!" Kakashi grumbled, "You're just good at charming people. How many have poured their hearts out to you?"

"There's nothing I can do; being born lovable is also a burden."

"I'm thinking about blowing up a few of Kyomu's shadow clones. What do you think?" Obito suggested, half-jokingly, "He needs a lesson in humility."

After some light-hearted threats, Kakashi and the others waited for Kyomu to sincerely apologize before finally letting him off the hook.

However, after the teasing was over, Kakashi and the others got serious and prepared to train alongside Kyomu.

Kyomu's main body was focusing on physical conditioning and couldn't be disturbed, as a misstep could potentially harm his physique due to the weights.

However, Kyomu's other shadow clones had no such constraints, providing Kakashi and the others with ample opportunity to care for the remaining team members.

Moreover, while individual progress is crucial, the advancement of a team is equally important.

Kyomu has always believed in lifting everyone together as part of his philosophy.


The next morning, except for Obito and Ren, members of the First Ninja Squad led by Kyomu arrived, all bringing something with them.

A large number of simple weight blocks were brought over by them. They knew Kyomu's needs without needing to ask.

"Thank you all for your assistance," Kyomu expressed his gratitude, "My shadow clones practicing ninjutsu are available for everyone. Feel free to choose any one of them to train with. If you have any questions, just ask."

"Thank you, Captain!"

The team members thanked him, their synchronized voices and actions pleasing to the eye.

I haven't played the role of the big brother for many years~

Kyomu's lips curled into a smile as he continued with his own training.

From the early hours of the day before until this morning, Kyomu had been training non-stop. Yet, his physical condition remained excellent, with steady increases in muscle strength and explosive power.

Even his mental state was exceptionally robust. Although it's unclear exactly how much it had improved, when over seventy shadow clones dispersed simultaneously, he only felt a momentary disorientation.

While he's still far from Naruto's thousand shadow clones, with Naruto's somewhat lacking comprehension skills and innate talent, Kyomu wasn't worried about his own rate of progress.

However, as he trained, Kyomu's thoughts began to wander.

"If possible, in the latter half of the month, I should be able to split some shadow clones to study new ninjutsu," Kyomu thought optimistically. "There's no need to worry about Obito for now; Guy has his path, and I can only offer minor assistance.

Kakashi is different. Although he's shown a knack for the Hidden Blade Technique, there's room for improvement in other areas. (Change it to Hidden, sounds better)

A Kakashi without Chidori or Raikiri seems to lack something."

With plans in mind, Kyomu quietly noted to prepare a feasible 'PPT' for Kakashi in the latter half of the month.

The day's training quickly came to an end, and Kyomu finally dispelled the seventy-plus shadow clones.

A splitting headache!

Yet, his mental strength had significantly increased. If he had the Sharingan, he'd probably be at the level of awakening a one-tomoe Sharingan.

Reviewing the day's achievements, the shadow clones had made remarkable progress.

B-rank ninjutsu of all five elements, Kyomu could now perform single-handed seals without compromising power, though he wasn't at the point of doing techniques with a mere clap.

Despite his immense talent, realization still required time.

Kyomu didn't continue to focus on this area.

While a ninjutsu arsenal was valuable, Kyomu hadn't forgotten his foundation. Swordsmanship, the pinnacle of his combat skills, remained his top priority for improvement.

"Tomorrow, I can reduce the number of shadow clones practicing ninjutsu, focusing more on swordsmanship, Superhuman Strength, and Medical Ninjutsu.

Additionally, the main body's focus on physical conditioning can shift somewhat towards speed. Having strength and explosive power without speed to back it up is insufficient."

With the next day's training focus decided, Kyomu returned home and immediately went to sleep.

However, after just three hours, Kyomu's exceptional physical and spiritual talents allowed him to wake up fully refreshed.

Draped in the starlight, Kyomu went to the courtyard and gradually added weight blocks to his body.

Feeling adequately weighted, Kyomu began conditioning his body again, this time with a focus on speed.

Some shadow clones were specifically tasked with advancing the application of Lightning Release Chakra, not aiming to replicate the Cloud ninja's Lightning Release Chakra Mode exactly, but to ensure their body activation techniques were no less effective.

Kyomu had a feeling that the next battlefield they would open would likely be with the Cloud ninjas.

Defeating Lightning with Lightning, the mere thought was thrilling.

(End of Chapter)