The world is brutal, life is unfair, how will a ordinary boy living a sheltered life survive. Reincarnation? Transmigration? Whatever it is.... . Shiva will be triumph over every thing and will rise to the supreme. # naruto #sololeveling *MC will be antihero-ish. He will not do unnecessary killing, but will also not hesitate to get his hands dirty if it's to meet his goal. I will be doing character development. So there will be a huge change in his personality, later on. I don't own the original characters of naruto or solo leveling. The cover is also not mine. I found it on google. ++++ 4 chapters a week. NOTICE: THIS STORY DOES NOT CONSENT FOR THE AGE BELOW SEVENTEEN. AND IF YOU ARE, DON'T WHINE IN THE COMMENTS WHEN YOU READ SOMETHING YOU DON'T LIKE.

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The whole time, I didn't say anything. I just sat there, having Kaya in my embrace and letting her vent everything. After crying constantly for more than half an hour, Kaya was extremely exhausted. And fell asleep.

During this time neither of us moved from the spot where Hitomi san's corpse lay. I kept on glancing at my surroundings to notice any attacker. But I guess fortunately, all of those shinobis already left the village. 

I can smell a burning scent and hear some sizzling sounds. It didn't take long for me to guess that the ninjas set many houses on fire. And my instincts were telling me, they have killed all the villagers except us. 

I don't know why those people didn't check out the wooden chest, where we were hiding. So I can just take that as a fortunate blessing. 

Now the question is, what should I do now? I can't just show Kaya the massacre happened. No she absolutely can't see that. I have to carry her and move out before she wakes up. 

Staying in the village is no longer an option. So I have to take Kaya and escape from here. We can go to any other border villages or the small town nearby. But will it be safe? Who knows if the ninjas attacked those places too? The next option is to go to the forest. But what if wild beasts attacked us?

"Argh! Whatever! Nothing will happen if I sit here and think! No one will come to help us. That's the reality of the ninja world. I need to escape now!."

I gritted my teeth and lifted up the exhausted kaya, who was sleeping on my back. She was light as a feather and because I was training lately, her weight didn't inconvenience me at all.

I look at the limp body of Hitomi san. No matter how much I wanted to give her a proper burial, I can't. I have no time at all.

So I just bowed my head towards her for the final time and muttered a small prayer.

"I am so sorry. And thank you for everything you have done for me. You were like my mother in this world. I will never forget about you, Hitomi san. Rest in peace."

After muttering the prayer, I took one last look at her before turning around. With tears in my eyes I started running towards the exit, carrying Kaya in my back. While hoping nobody attacks us out of nowhere. 


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