46 Flying raijin

It was nothing new.

Bringing others together, wasn't a first for Hiruzen, in his mind he was simply bringing love together as well as making sure high level is safe from spies.

' Just like Kushina became one of Hokage's line from Minato, her and Minato's meeting was also set by Hiruzen, who in their right mind would believe few low powered ninjas could just come and take the nine tails container away. It was obviously a scam to get the two closer. And so was Anko and my meeting, the old man likely moved his hands to make Anko depressed throughout the month so my presence rams through her already crumbling mind, and she develops a dependency on me.. heh, Ninja's.. '

Mizuki's case was in fact quite similar to Minato, only difference being, he was an unnatural existence, everyone felt closer to him, much less a person currently in the midst of emotional trauma like Anko, any little spark can light a fire.

Perfected Sage mode has a way of making someone, perfect, the best specimen of your species. Be it strength, looks or empathy, Mizuki was getting further and further away from normal, and was very much on the road to unnaturally natural.

Mizuki shook his head, he knew what was happening.

' This is Ninshu, an emotional resonance. '

* Swipe swipe *

He was currently going through the Justus on the scroll, they only had an introduction with a name, one has to pump chakra into the name to unlock it, that's how Naruto did it, but he can't just unlock everything, only one can be done unless it's the currently registered Hokage's chakra..

' This is very much the work of Tobirama, only he can think of such out of the box functions. '

" Mizuki, you can choose anything, but I would suggest you go for flying raijin, the fourth Hokage had infact chosen that jutsu at this very point in his life, his notes are still with me, I would gladly pass them on to you if you choose so, of course you can go for anything, I will help you with it in my full capacity. "

Mizuki nodded as he thanked the Hokage, he was the ninjutsu professor, he actually could back that promise up, unlike his other names, god of shinobi or the strongest Hokage.

He could back none of those up, those were pure propaganda, might not even be his idea as far as I can see.

" Hai Hokage sama, I have decided, I would like to go for flying raijin, it suits my fighting style. "

What Mizuki actually wanted was the edo tensei, but this one wasn't perfected, he will get that from Kabuto later. Right now Minato's notes were what drove him to choose it.

" Splendid! It indeed does, alright, I will take out the notes now, just wait a moment, an anbu is on it's way currently. You go through the Justu now, if any doubt ask me. Do not hesitate. "

Not minding this balant favouritism being shown, Mizuki simply nodded, he has long understood he was currently being groomed for Hokage, opening the book of seals, trying to connect him with the legitimate line of Hokage candidates through Anko, this was all a dead giveaway.

' In fact it's pretty obvious, if I don't work out with her, he will use some other way to add me to the legitimate Hokage line anyway, like making me the student of any Sanin or even himself. '

* Swish *

An Anbu appeared before Hokage, holding up a scroll as he kneeled down.

* Swish *

Just as he came, he vanished as soon as Hokage took the scroll.

' They really are try hards. '

Mizuki didn't say it out loud, but it was obvious this whole exchange was made as a show of power in general.

" Here you do Jonin Mizuki, this concludes your justu exchange. Remember if any problems come to me, you will get going within a month, that will be all, dismissed. "

Mizuki bowed as he took his leave.

He needed to understand the flying raijin, he wouldn't just forcefully use it like the four guards of Minato did.

' I will understand, modify and perfect this justu, this has far too much potential to simply learn as is. '

Mizuki had much on his mind right now, he will have to meet with Naruto and see if Kakashi gave him a hard time, research the new Jutsu and do one more thing.

" Itarama Senju. "

That old man, wooden toy seller had contacted him. How?

' That doctor who healed me.. he was a senju.. heh. '

Mizuki had found something in his njnja pouch, something he didn't put there, a note, in code word of wartime Senju.

The only one who was close to Mizuki's pouch was that doctor, he was the sole doctor there for a reason, to pass me this key information.

' Let's see what's the deal with him. They can't even protect themselves, and I have the Hokage at my back now, I should be relatively safe. '

Mizuki was walking through the village as many villagers gave their greetings to him.

" Hai, I will definitely visit later. "

Mizuki nodded to a middle aged man manning a clothes shop with his wife, he was one of the many who had offered him some sort of discount or free stuff in general, simply for the sake of kindness...

Obviously it wasn't that normal, the same emotional resonance from before was at play, this was what the sage had intended to give to humanity. Ninshu, so everyone understood each other, empathy at it's highest form.

' Understanding each other isn't random nonsense, it's an actual power of perfect sage mode, can also be used via sage's Nishu.. '

This was what Ashura liked to preach, having sage body he gets it. Charisma or a way with words, Hashirama had it so did Naruto..

Fans also call it one more thing..

' The talk no jutsu! '

' He likely understood it from accessing the sage mode like I did, he didn't need toad oil for his either it was all on his own. Had similar effects to what I am having right now, and decided to distribute it so everyone has it. '

" No, it's alright, you are working hard for a living, please don't do this. "

Mizuki shook his head as he smiled at a flower seller lady, who was giving him a flower for free, but he simply didn't want to take it as it was very red and had a lot of meaning attached to it.

Was the lady simply giving it because she couldn't say her words out loud? Probably, but she could also be planning something and try to guilt trip him if he took it now!? So Mizuki didn't touch it, not only for his sake, but for her too, Anko doesn't care what you are, she is quite unstable internally, might even kill the poor lady, not worth the risk.

" Hai, I will certainly come later, and while I am at it, please give me that flower and let me know much. "

On second thought he decided to buy something from the poor woman, he will use it to make a point with it infront of Itarama Senju!

' That man tried to test me with wartime Senju code. Let's see him crack flower language. Heh. '

And Mizuki was back to being petty again, stark contrast to his outward sunny apperance.

' It's said for a reason, looks can be deceiving. '

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