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Chapter 41: Another Legendary Sannin

Jiraiya carefully observed the young fellow in front of him.

His expression turned serious. "Although Konoha has won this victory, the Third Hokage has perished because of it."

"The position of Hokage cannot remain vacant for long. We must quickly select someone to take on the role of Hokage. Do any of you have any recommendations?"

The upper ninjas of Konoha looked at each other, pondering.

Selecting the Hokage...

To be honest, they hadn't thought about it yet. 

The most basic requirement to become a Hokage is to possess the strength of a shinobi. Without formidable strength, at least there must be prestige.

Having both strength and prestige recognized by the villagers is what makes a qualified Hokage.


"Jiraiya-sama, since you were a disciple of the Third Hokage, perhaps you are the most suitable candidate for the position of Hokage."

One of the council member proposed.

The others' eyes lit up instantly.


Jiraiya-sama is one of the legendary Sanin. He achieved glorious feats during all Great Ninja Wars. 

All the higher ups present believed that if Jiraiya were to take on the role of Hokage, he would undoubtedly be a qualified one.

Even the villagers wouldn't have much objection.

Jiraiya's expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly refused.

"The position of Hokage is not suitable for me. Besides, I still have missions that require me to go out and investigate at any time."

"I cannot take on the position of Hokage."


Jiraiya-sama doesn't want to be Hokage?

The others were surprised, but upon reflection, Jiraiya-sama seemed accustomed to freedom...

Moreover, Jiraiya's pervy tendencies were well known. He frequented the women's bathhouse in Konoha.

 If he were to become Hokage and these things were exposed, the result would be a peeping tom holding the position of Hokage...

Just thinking about it made the higher ups shudder.

But if not Jiraiya-sama, who else could take on the position of Hokage? The ninjas all wore expressions of melancholy.

If it weren't for the Nine-Tails Incident, Konoha wouldn't be in this situation. If the Fourth Hokage were still alive, the Sound and Sand Villages wouldn't have dared to attack Konoha so brazenly.

And in this silence, Danzo, leaning on his cane, entered the room. "Naturally, the position of Hokage will be inherited by me."

Jiraiya looked at Danzo with a grim expression. "Danzo..."

"You can forget about the position of Hokage."

Danzo's cold gaze met Jiraiya's, and he said icily.

"Besides me, no one is more suitable for the position of Hokage. If not for Sarutobi, I would have been the most likely candidate to inherit the position of the Third Hokage."

He had coveted the position of Hokage for many years. Only by becoming the Hokage himself could Konoha possibly regain its former glory as the leading village in the shinobi world.

He would make Konoha great again.

"Your methods are not suitable for the position of Hokage. Konoha will not have a good outcome under your leadership!"

"Jiraiya! You are too insolent!"

Two massive chakra pressures surged around, bringing considerable pressure to the higher ups present.

"I think Jiraiya is right. The position of Hokage is not suitable for you."


Asuma lit a cigarette and stepped forward.

"Asuma..." Danzo glared at Asuma with a fierce look.

Asuma was the son of the Third Hokage. If Asuma objected to this Hokage position, it would be difficult for Danzo to take it. Even the position of the Fifth Hokage might be taken by Asuma.

"Since you won't let me take the position of Hokage, then you should nominate someone suitable for the position."

For a while, neither Asuma nor Jiraiya had anything to say. Jiraiya glanced at Asuma, hesitated for a moment, and said.

"Asuma, if you want take on the position of Hokage, no one in the village would object. After all, you are the son of the old man."

"Me as Hokage?!"

Asuma was almost startled, almost dropping the cigarette from his mouth.

"Forget it, being Hokage is too troublesome."

"Jiraiya-sama, have you forgotten someone? Besides Orochimaru, isn't there another person who is also one of the legendary Sanin, just like you?"

Jiraiya clapped his hands excitedly.

"That's right!"

"How could I forget about Tsunade!"

Danzo's face turned even darker as he firmly rejected, "Are you suggesting Tsunade to take on the position of Fifth Hokage?!"

"That's impossible!"

"Have you forgotten about the aftermath of the war that Tsunade experienced?!"

"A person who fears blood is not qualified to be Hokage."

Tsunade, the last descendant of the Senju clan, and one of the legendary Sanin along with Jiraiya and Orochimaru, gained notoriety during the Third Great Ninja War.

"Who said being Hokage must involve bloodshed? Moreover, Tsunade has the blood of the Senju clan. It is only natural for her to take on the position of Hokage."

Jiraiya confronted Danzo forcefully.

Ryujiro, feeling somewhat fatigued, yawned. The argument between Danzo and Jiraiya was truly boring. If it weren't for his status, Ryujiro would have somewhat wanted to leave.

After several disputes, Jiraiya and Danzo finally parted ways without resolution. Jiraiya proposed to bring Tsunade back to the village and nominate her for the position of Hokage.

But with Tsunade's personality...

Jiraiya could already feel a headache coming on just thinking about it. Even if Tsunade were willing to return to Konoha, she might not necessarily take on the position of Hokage.

For now, the priority was to bring Tsunade back.

At this moment, only Ryujiro and Jiraiya remained in the room.

Jiraiya looked at Ryujiro and asked, "Ryujiro, did you teach Naruto the Rasengan?"


Jiraiya had recently returned to the village and was surprised when he found out that Naruto could perform the Rasengan.

After all, the Rasengan was created by Minato. It was quite astonishing to him that someone besides himself and Minato could perform it.

"The Rasengan was developed by the Fourth Hokage. How did you learn it?"

"I developed it myself. Jiraiya-sama. Are you saying that the Rasengan was originally developed by the Fourth Hokage?"

Ryujiro naturally pretended to know nothing. Jiraiya was now probing him.

Although Jiraiya was different from Hiruzen and had his own morals, he wouldn't hesitate to take action if anyone threatened Konoha's interests.

Moreover, Ryujiro had the strength to prevent this tragedy from happening. He needed to continue hiding his true strength for now.

"You developed it yourself."

Jiraiya was somewhat surprised.

Indeed, a genius. In both ninjutsu and kenjutsu, Ryujiro was more versatile than any genius he had ever seen.

The principle of the Rasengan wasn't that difficult. As long as one understood its principles, learning the Rasengan wasn't difficult. So Jiraiya didn't doubt Ryujiro too much.

This time, Konoha's victory was largely due to Ryujiro.

But Jiraiya could see the rebellious and sharp eyes of Ryujiro. He knew that the young man in front of him was definitely not that simple.

"I see."

"Ryujiro, are you interested in meeting someone with me?"


"Another Sanin."


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