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Chapter 40: The War Ends

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"Ryujiro-kun, you're back."

Hinata hurried over, her steps resembling those of a porcelain doll. At this stage, Hinata seemed like a doll, evoking an instinctive desire to protect.

Ryujiro, at the age of fourteen, stood at a height of 1.8 meters, while Hinata, a year younger, was barely 1.6 meters tall.

Yet, the height difference between them could still be considered adorable.


"How's the situation outside?"

Neji asked hesitantly. From the rooftop of the Hyuga residence, Neji had a clear view of how Ryujiro defeated the three-headed serpent.

That terrifying swordsmanship was the most frightening he had ever seen.

"The war should be ending soon."

"Without the Jinchuriki and their Tailed Beasts, the Sand ninja will soon be defeated. The Anbu have already begun handling the aftermath."

Ryujiro said calmly.

His body was stained with crimson blood, making him appear as though he were a figure drenched in blood. What's more, there were remnants of organs scattered across him.

The soft tissues, when touched, induced a particularly nauseating feeling.

Upon hearing Ryujiro's words, Neji breathed a sigh of relief. As long as the village was safe.

However, the audacity of the Sand and Sound village to unite and plan an attack on Konoha was astounding. 

With just the Sand and Sound villages, they wouldn't have had such confidence.

There might be a mastermind behind this.

Neji's deductions were not wrong. The Sound Village had only gained some notoriety in recent years, being a relatively ordinary ninja village.

Compared to the ninja villages of the Five Great Nations, the Sound Village seemed minuscule. 

Additionally, the Land of Wind, though part of the Five Great Nations, had harsh environments and scarce resources. 

After the Third Great Ninja War, the Land of Wind had long been impoverished.

Without sufficient confidence, the Land of Wind would never dare to wage war against Konoha.

Currently, even as Ryujiro cleaned the filth from his body, his name had become an indelible nightmare for the Sand and Sound ninja.

His terrifying strength, far beyond his age, and his devastating sword strikes comparable to S-rank ninjutsu were simply despair-inducing.

Moreover, the one orchestrating everything for the Sand Village, Baki, was dead. 

After Gaara transformed into a human, with the help of Shukaku's chakra, Kankuro and Temari, along with Gaara, managed to escape Konoha.

Of course, during this process, the Sand ninja escorting them also lost their lives.

If the Jinchuriki of the Sand Village were to fall into Konoha's hands, it would be an irreparable loss for the entire Sand Village.

As the war gradually came to a close, the outside clamor diminished significantly. Konoha appeared devastated, with collapsed buildings everywhere.

The city walls had a massive hole from the three-headed serpent's attack. The once renowned Village Hidden in the Leaves now seemed like a fading hero.

Not long after the war, shocking news spread throughout Konoha that left everyone in disbelief.

The Third Hokage!

Had fallen.

And at that moment, Jiraiya who had rushed back to the village, had an extremely dark face, his terrifying expression and eyes revealing incomparable rage.

Anbu ninja, stained with blood, suddenly appeared before Jiraiya, kneeling to report the latest casualties in Konoha.

Upon hearing of the Third Hokage's demise, Jiraiya staggered back, his mind reeling.

This heartbreaking news was something Jiraiya couldn't fathom.

The old man...

Had died.

Jiraiya clenched his fists, his nails digging into his flesh, yet he felt no pain.

His agony now transcended physical sensation.


You bastard!

You really killed sensei!

Three days later, all ninjas attended the Third Hokage's memorial service. The tragic news left everyone in disbelief.

The Third Hokage had always been portrayed as a kind old man, embracing all the ninja and villagers of Konoha.

However, only Ryujiro knew that behind this facade of kindness, the Third Hokage had done many unspeakable things, without which, the Uchiha Clan might not have had the idea of a coup d'état. 

Konoha had always distrusted the Uchiha, yet the Uchiha still belonged to Konoha.

But the higher-ups of Konoha feared the terrifying power hidden within the Uchiha Clan.

If Fugaku Uchiha had decided to launch a coup, he was fully capable of starting another Nine-Tails incident. 

However, in the end, Fugaku chose another path, to die by the hand of his own son, Itachi Uchiha.

Third Hokage...

As Ryujiro looked at the Third Hokage lying in the coffin, his eyes remained unaffected.

He had the power to stop this tragedy entirely, but he chose not to. It was time for a more assertive leader to take the position of Hokage.

Konoha, invaded, no longer bore its former prosperity. 

Many parts of Konoha needed reconstruction, and countless people had lost their husbands and children in this war.

Many Konoha ninjas wished to avenge their loved ones with their own hands.

But Konoha couldn't afford another upheaval. Though Konoha emerged victorious from this war, losing the Third Hokage was an outcome no one could accept.

After the memorial service, all the Jonin were summoned, including Ryujiro, who was recently appointed as a special Jonin.

Only someone like Jiraiya, who had returned not long ago, could summon all the Jonin.

Ryujiro looked with interest at the man before him, hailed as a hero.

The legendary Sannin, Jiraiya, was also a character loved by many in the original Naruto series.

Though Jiraiya was pervy, it was part of his nature. For so many years, Jiraiya only had Tsunade in his heart.

He was a faithful man.

"You must be Ryujiro."

"Just as they described; your sharpness is apparent at first glance."

"Lord Jiraiya, you're too kind. I've just put in a little more effort than others; it's not as exaggerated as you say."

Ryujiro said with a faint smile.

Such modesty, coupled with extraordinary strength, was admirable...

This kid resembles you, Sakumo-san.

Jiraiya looked at Ryujiro with relief. He was extremely shocked when he learned that the Sunagakure Jinchuriki was defeated by a child.

He thought that the news was so ridiculous, but when he saw the impact of Ryujiro's slash, Jiraiya was so shocked by the scene in front of him that he couldn't speak.

The abyss-like crack seemed to have formed a cliff canyon with a single blow. The impact of this slash undoubtedly reached the power of S-level ninjutsu, not even more.

Being able to defeat the One-Tails Jinchuriki, showed Ryujiro power.

Such a person belonged to Konoha village; this was really fortunate according to him.


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