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Chapter 37: One-Tail Shukaku

The First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, was born during the Warring States period, and his formidable Wood Style ninjutsu helped bring peace to those turbulent times.

He was not only the first Hokage but also the founder of Konoha. His immense power earned him the title of the God of Shinobi.

Thanks to Hashirama's presence, during his time, none of the other Four Great Villages dared to even think about challenging Konoha.

After Hashirama's passing, the other Four Great Villages united to wage war against Konoha.

However, despite their efforts, the war ended in Konoha's victory.

But why would the two deceased Hokages appear now?

Could it be...!

Kakashi suddenly remembered a forbidden jutsu developed by the Second Hokage, a jutsu capable of summoning the dead back to the world of the living.

The Impure World Reincarnation...

A forbidden jutsu that brings the deceased back to life.

If it's the First and Second Hokage, then the Third Hokage is in danger.

The Third Hokage, who was no longer in his prime, struggled even against Orochimaru alone.

"Orochimaru, how dare you toy with the dead!"

"Playing with it will lead to dire consequences."

Hiruzen's face turned pale with anger as he glared at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru coldly smirked, "Sensei, you should worry about yourself first."


Sand Bullet!

Gaara waved his hand, and a barrage of sand bullets shot towards Ryujiro, dense enough to shred even rocks like sieves.

"Ding ding ding—"

Ryujiro remained unperturbed, effortlessly deflecting the sand bullets with his sword.

"The two former Hokages have been summoned."

"The Third Hokage is in danger."

Swish swish swish!

The remaining sand ninja threw shurikens from different angles, sealing off Ryujiro's blind spots.

A hint of impatience flashed across Ryujiro's face.

A group of pests.

"Boom!" A terrifying pressure erupted from Ryujiro's body, pressing down on the sand and sound ninja like a mountain.

Even Gaara trembled under the influence of Conqueror's Haki, looking at Ryujiro with fear.

The sand and Sound ninja, overwhelmed by the Conqueror's Haki, fell unconscious. Some of Konoha's ninja also succumbed to the pressure and passed out.

Ryujiro's mastery of Conqueror's Haki was not yet perfect.

The Anbu members watched with horror as this scene unfolded.

"What was that aura just now!"

"Ryujiro, a Special Jonin... that aura emanated from him."

The Anbu barely withstood the power of Conqueror's Haki, but they were still significantly affected.

"With such an aura, you truly are the best."

"That brat Sasuke can't compare to you, nor can the Uchiha clan of Konoha."

At this moment, Sasuke had already been taken to another location by Kakashi.

If he heard Gaara's words here, he would likely lose his composure and join the fight, which would be suicidal given his current strength.

Ryujiro paid no attention to Gaara's words. Instead, he focused on the three-headed snake, which was still advancing.

It's still not dealt with.

Explosive Tags had no effect on the three-headed snake. It was precisely because of this snake that Konoha's ninja appeared weak.

Damn it, they're ignoring me!

Half of Gaara's body had already transformed into a Tailed Beast. The instability of Shukaku's chakra indicated that Gaara would soon fully transform into a Tailed Beast.

Ryujiro glanced at the struggling Third Hokage.

It's time.


A completely different aura erupted from Ryujiro's body. The sharpness in his eyes alone immobilized his enemies.

A piercing sword cry reverberated in everyone's ears, making them feel as if their eardrums would burst.

Armament Haki! Black Blade!

A dazzling reddish black sword aura soared into the sky, devouring everything in its path like a tidal wave.

That suffocating and desperate feeling enveloped even Gaara's heart with fear.

"How could something like this defeat me!"

"Block it!"

Once again, Gaara was enveloped in his Armor of Sand, resembling a turtle retreating into its shell.

The Sound and Sand ninja, as well as Konoha's ninja, looked on with fear at the colossal sword aura, frozen stiff.

"It can't be."

"Such a sword aura, is it really created by swordsmanship?"

"Even the former White Fang didn't possess such power."

"Ryujiro, he's truly terrifying."

"Yes, the ultimate victory in this invasion will belong to us, Konoha!"

Konoha's ninja were ignited with fighting spirit because of Ryujiro's sword aura. Those who had lost their morale regained their sharpness once again.


A scream of despair sent chills down everyone's spines. Gaara, once proud and arrogant, had his Sand Armor split in half by Ryujiro's sword aura.

"Blood! So much blood!"

"No no no! This can't be real!"

"Damn it! Damn it! All of you! Come back to me! I don't want to be alone anymore!"

Gaara roared ferociously, his body covered in bumps. His body rapidly changed, emitting a terrifying chakra pressure that swept through the surroundings.

With a loud "bang," a huge cloud of smoke enveloped the sky above Konoha, and the appearance of a massive figure caused the entire village to shake, as if in an earthquake.

The ninja entangled in the battle looked at the enormous monster before them, their faces filled with horror.


"Finally, I'm free!"

The gigantic creature, resembling a tanuki, let out a sharp laugh, its terrifying pressure suffocating.

Ryujiro sighed heavily. "Finally, you have come out."



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