Naruto Law of the Devil

I'm called Yakushi Yu, and I've crossed over to the world of Naruto. Without any bloodline limits or protagonist's plot armor, what can I do? I'm feeling quite desperate! Unexpectedly, I awakened a devil within me. Not only did I gain the power of Doflamingo's String String Fruit, but the puppets I created also possess the abilities of Devil Fruits. Well, things are starting to get interesting ------------ This work is a translation. ------------ Support me on patreon for More advanced chapters patreon.com/DemonWriter

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Chapter 38: The ANBU? Root!

"So... let's end it here for today!"

"Later, I still need to visit Lord Hokage's office."

The two of them walked to the intersection of Konoha Street, and suddenly, Yu stopped in his tracks. He looked at the purple-haired girl, Yugao, who stood before him and smiled.

"TheDango you gave me were delicious. See you next time!"

"Well, okay..." Although there was some reluctance in her heart, Yu said that he still had important matters to attend to, so Yugao reluctantly waved goodbye with a smile and even gave him some encouragement.

"Keep up the good work, Yu. You're the best ninja!"

"Don't worry, I won't lose to anyone."

It wasn't until he watched the graceful figure of Yugao with her purple long hair disappear at the end of the street that Yu finally withdrew his gaze. He turned and walked into a nearby deserted forest path.

Although the date with the 2D girl was wonderful, Yu wouldn't forget that improving his strength was currently his top priority.

On the road to the Hokage's office, the wind rustled the trees on both sides of the road, and Yu suddenly stopped.

"You've been following me all this time since a while ago."

"Isn't it time to show yourselves?"

Yu, who had stopped, suddenly spoke abruptly to the empty forest path in front of him.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

As soon as he finished speaking, two shinobi appeared instantly.

They both wore cat-faced masks, with one in front and one behind, blocking Yu's path.

"Are you Yakushi Yu?"

"Lord Danzo requests your presence."

The cat-faced mask ninja in front directly blocked Yu's way.

"Lord Danzo?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know him. Please step aside."

Hearing this name, Yu's heart trembled slightly, but he remained calm on the surface. He bypassed the ninja in front and continued walking.

Shimura Danzo...

In his heart, Yu couldn't help but feel a wave of emotions. He knew this character well from the original work.

Danzo, the leader of Konoha's underground organization, "Root," was the disciple of the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju, and a rival to the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

He was ruthless and used any means necessary to achieve his goals, with a deep and cunning mind. He was undoubtedly a sly old fox. Without a special reason, Yu didn't want to get involved with such a troublesome character.

However, it seemed that the two Root shinobi in front of him weren't going to let Yu leave so easily. They blocked his path again.

"Well, it seems we have no choice but to knock you out and take you with us."

The ninja in front pulled a sharp kunai from his sleeve, and the one behind drew a tanto from his back, surrounding Yu.

Looking at the two Root shinobi blocking his way, Yu knew that his performance in yesterday's graduation exam had attracted Danzo's attention. They wanted to recruit him into the Root organization.

"I didn't expect you guys from 'Root' to be so bold, openly attacking a fellow villager in Konoha."

Shinobi selected to join the Anbu Black Ops and 'Root' were, at the very least, Chunin level ninja.

Judging from the aura emanating from these two, Yu could roughly sense that their strength was at the Chunin level.

"Hmph, no one will know..."

"Because soon... we'll knock you out and take you with us!"

As they spoke, the Root shinobi in front thrust the kunai towards Yu's heart.

This was actually a feint, with the real purpose being to force Yu to reveal a weakness, allowing them to seize the opportunity.

"Hmph, two Chunin, huh..."

"But it's a pity. I think you've underestimated my strength!"

Faced with the kunai aimed at his heart, Yu's eyes turned cold.

Raiton: Chidori Senbon!

Yu's reaction was faster than the Root shinobi's. He suddenly waved his right hand, the sleeve of his kimono flaring up.

A blue-white lightning radiance burst forth, and dozens of extremely thin Chidori Senbon shot out into the air!

Chidori Senbon—similar to Chidori, it was a form developed by Yu based on Chidori. While its power wasn't as strong as Chidori and Chidori Stream, it excelled in long-range attacks and had a rapid casting speed, with a high quantity.

"What is this?!"

The Root shinobi in front hadn't expected Yu to be so fast with his attack. Caught off guard, he desperately tried to defend, but his hands were still numbed by Yu's powerful Raiton chakra.

"My body... can't move!"

With several Chidori Senbon piercing his body, the intense Raiton chakra had directly paralyzed the muscles and nerves of the Root shinobi.

At the same time, the other Root shinobi with a tanto had closed in on Yu. The cold blade was almost touching Yu's skin.

"Konoha Whirlwind!"

Without turning around, Yu swiftly swung his right leg backward like a deadly viper lunging at its target, kicking the tanto-wielding Root shinobi away.

Chakra Scalpel!

Taking advantage of the moment when he kicked the tanto away, Yu quickly formed hand seals with both hands, and his body instantly disappeared from where he stood.

The next second, when he reappeared, Yu was behind the Root shinobi. A special blue chakra blade had already bloomed in his hands.


The blue chakra blade in Yu's hand quickly sliced across the back of the Root shinobi's neck.

The Root shinobi gave a muffled groan and fell to the ground, losing all fighting capacity without even the chance to scream.

Chakra Scalpel—by striking the target with chakra-infused hands, this A-rank advanced medical jutsu could cut through the target's body without causing any external injuries.

With his current strength, Yu could only maintain the Chakra Scalpel at a length of thirty centimeters. However, it could cut through a human body without leaving any external wounds, making it a terrifying medical jutsu in terms of lethality.

"Chakra Scalpel?!"

Seeing their comrade fall to the ground without a scratch, the other Root shinobi, who had been paralyzed by Chidori Senbon, was shocked.

Originally, because of Yu's youthful appearance, they had underestimated his strength. However, they hadn't expected Yu to easily perform such advanced lightning and medical ninjutsu.


But at this moment, a blue light flashed across his neck.

The Root shinobi's eyes turned crimson as he collapsed to the ground, no longer breathing.

Faced with these two Root shinobi who had attacked him with lethal intent, Yu didn't have the slightest intention of showing mercy.

"This is troublesome..."

Looking at the two Root shinobi who had fallen to the ground without any wounds, Yu slowly dispelled the blue chakra blade in his hand. He furrowed his brows slightly.

This was the first time he had truly killed someone.

Fortunately, the Chakra Scalpel could damage the target without causing any surface injuries, avoiding the gruesome scene of copious bloodshed, which spared Yu the discomfort of killing someone for the first time.


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