Naruto Law of the Devil

I'm called Yakushi Yu, and I've crossed over to the world of Naruto. Without any bloodline limits or protagonist's plot armor, what can I do? I'm feeling quite desperate! Unexpectedly, I awakened a devil within me. Not only did I gain the power of Doflamingo's String String Fruit, but the puppets I created also possess the abilities of Devil Fruits. Well, things are starting to get interesting ------------ This work is a translation. ------------ Support me on patreon for More advanced chapters patreon.com/DemonWriter

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Chapter 224: Land of Earth

"Danzo! Hasn't the situation with the Uchiha Clan been resolved quite well now?"

"Besides, no matter how you look at it, the Uchiha were once our comrades-in-arms. How can we easily turn our blades against them unless absolutely necessary?"

Hearing Danzo's words, Third's brow furrowed deeply. "Have you forgotten how Uchiha Kagami helped you on the battlefield?"

Uchiha Kagami...

Hearing Third suddenly mention this name, Danzo was momentarily at a loss for words, and a faint ache seemed to pulse beneath the bandages covering his right eye.

"I certainly haven't forgotten..."

Seeing Third bring up their former teammate from their youth, Danzo, who had been about to argue, realized he was in the wrong and reluctantly relented. "Uchiha Kagami used his Dojutsu to rescue me more than once..."

What an ungrateful fellow...

Watching Danzo's crestfallen expression, Yu felt a wave of disdain silently wash over him.

Uchiha Kagami—One of the six disciples of the Second Hokage, Senju Tobirama. He was once a teammate of Third and Danzo when they were young, and like Shisui, he surpassed narrow clan loyalty from a young age, inheriting the will of fire as a genius ninja.

According to Danzo, Uchiha Kagami saved his life on the battlefield more than once, but later, Danzo attacked Shisui, a descendant of Kagami, and planned to wipe out the entire Uchiha Clan for the sake of the Sharingan.

Individuals like Danzo, who wear the skin of humans but harbor malicious intentions, no matter how loudly they proclaim noble slogans, are always viewed by others as the lowest of scum.

"Sarutobi-sensei, can you hear me?"

"Starting from tomorrow, I'll be heading to the Land of Earth."

Ignoring Danzo's displeased expression and the other two Elders beside him, Yu used his second-stage Observation Haki's ability of telepathic speech to directly convey his message to Third's mind.

What is this?!

Originally intending to continue arguing with Danzo, Third couldn't help but shudder when he suddenly heard a voice in his mind, looking at Yu in disbelief as he remained calm and composed in front of him.

Facing Third's astonished gaze, Yu briefly explained to him about the telepathic speech aspect of Observation Haki and also mentioned his plan to depart for Iwagakure tomorrow to retrieve Nono.

"Alright, I understand..."

"Yu, if everything's fine, you can head back now!"

After a moment, Third regained his composure from the shock and nodded in agreement to Yu's request.

What are these master and disciple up to?!

Observing the silent communication between Yu and Third, Danzo, Mitokado Homura, and the others were completely baffled.

As outsiders, they naturally couldn't perceive the telepathic speech Yu conveyed to Third using Observation Haki. They could only watch in astonishment as Yu left the Hokage's office.

"Cough, let's continue our meeting."

Seeing Danzo and the others looking bewildered, Third cleared his throat to bring their attention back.

However, inside, he was in turmoil. Transmitting one's voice and information into someone else's mind was a secret jutsu unique to the Yamanaka Clan of Konoha. He wondered how Yu had mastered this ability.

However, since taking Yu on as his student, Third had become numb to the constant display of abilities exhibited by the young man. It had become routine for him to see such remarkable talents.

Following this incident, Yu's use of force quashed the Uchiha Clan's plot to launch a rebellion and seize power, stifling it in its infancy.

Although this event caused quite a stir in Konoha, and even many ordinary villagers became aware of it, the vast majority chose to remain silent about what had transpired that day.

However, after this event, the Uchiha Clan, situated in the corner of Konoha's periphery, became more isolated and closed off. Conflicts and estrangements between them and other ninjas in Konoha only intensified.

But none of this concerned Yu. The next morning, after bidding Yugao farewell, he hurriedly set off for the Land of Earth.

Of course, this time, Yu didn't choose the leisurely way of travel. Instead, he had Tyrant use the power of the Paw Fruit to slap him swiftly through the air. He needed to find Nono in the Land of Earth as quickly as possible to avoid any further complications.

Meanwhile, in the dark depths of the Root.

"Are you sure he has left Konoha?"

Danzo, with a sinister gaze fixed on the ninja reporting to him, leaned on his cane, his left eye sending shivers down one's spine.

"Yes, Danzo-sama!"

"I saw Scarlet Yu leaving the Third Hokage's office and heading towards the Land of Earth!"

Upon hearing Danzo's question, the ninja from the Root organization quickly lowered his head and replied.

"The Land of Earth... It seems that brat has finally taken the bait. Immediately dispatch someone to the Hidden Sound Village in the Land of Rice Fields to inform Orochimaru. He has been silent lately, and I wonder if he's still alive."

After confirming the information brought by the subordinate, Danzo narrowed his eyes and then issued orders, "Also... Find a way to leak this information to those folks in Iwagakure. It would be best if Onoki of Both Scales knew about this as well."


"Since Scarlet Yu cannot be used by me..."

"Instead of letting him stand with Sarutobi, watching the master and disciple completely control Konoha, denying me any chance of advancement... it's better to destroy him"

Watching the Genin leave, Danzo's face twisted with a dark and sinister expression, enough to haunt one's dreams for a lifetime.

The position of Hokage has always been his coveted goal, but now the power in Konoha is firmly in Third's hands, and his relationship with Yu has soured completely. If he cannot find a way to eliminate this thorn in his side, he will never have a chance to rise in Konoha.

"Perhaps it's time to employ some extreme measures. This time... I will make sure that brat meets a gruesome end!"


Three days later, in the Land of Earth.

As one of the five great nations of the ninja world, much of this country's territory is barren rocky cliffs. The rocks within the country seem to follow along the borders, blocking off the Land of Earth from traffic with other nations.

Additionally, the winds blowing from the north cross over the mountains, carrying small rocks from the country into other nations. The natural phenomenon known as "Rock Rain" is very famous here.

The Hidden Rock Village in the Land of Earth has the largest number of ninjas among the five great ninja villages. Yu, who has previously visited the Land of Wind and the Land of Water, is visiting this completely unfamiliar country for the first time.

"Who... who exactly are you?!"

"How dare you attack people from the Hidden Rock Village within our Land of Earth! Have you grown tired of living?!"

Inside a seemingly bustling town, several ninjas with the emblem of the Hidden Rock Village on their headbands are engaged in a deadly battle within a large hotel. The surrounding area is filled with screaming and fleeing crowds.

Feeling completely unable to control his own body, repeatedly attacking his own comrades, all the earth ninjas look at the white-haired youth sitting on the sofa next to them with terrified and twisted expressions.


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