Naruto Law of the Devil

I'm called Yakushi Yu, and I've crossed over to the world of Naruto. Without any bloodline limits or protagonist's plot armor, what can I do? I'm feeling quite desperate! Unexpectedly, I awakened a devil within me. Not only did I gain the power of Doflamingo's String String Fruit, but the puppets I created also possess the abilities of Devil Fruits. Well, things are starting to get interesting ------------ This work is a translation. ------------ Support me on patreon for More advanced chapters patreon.com/DemonWriter

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Chapter 156: Rewriting the Plot

"Damn kid..."

"It seems that relying on your talent and achievements on the battlefield has made you arrogantly forget yourself!"

Seeing that Yu completely ignored the questioning of the two Konoha Elders and directly confronted Third, Utatane Koharu standing nearby had an extremely unpleasant expression.

"Am I not right?"

Ignoring the faces of the two Konoha Elders, uglier than pig livers, at this moment, Yu's gaze fell on the Elder of the Hyuga main family standing beside, "And you... the Elder of the Hyuga main family, right?"

"Hyuga Hiashi is your son, but is Hyuga Hizashi not your son? How could you easily let him die like that?"

Upon hearing Yu's words, the Hyuga Elder, who had inexplicably become a target, showed anger on his rigid face, "Yakushi Yu, even though you are Hokage-sama's disciple..."

"But this is the decision of the Konoha Elders. Moreover, Hyuga Hizashi, as a branch member, his mission is to protect the main family's bloodline. Where does an outsider like you get the right to interfere with my decision to have him replace Hiashi?!"

"The mission of the branch family? Hahaha..."

In the meeting room, Yu let out a deep laugh, "What kind of nonsense system is this? Ridiculously dividing the clan's relatives into the main family and branch family..."

"If you say this is to protect the Hyuga's Kekkei Genkai, then let me ask you, what about that Byakugan that ended up in the hands of the Mist Village?"

The attitude and words expressed by Yu instantly left everyone present stunned!

The Hyuga Clan is Konoha's oldest prestigious clan. To ensure that the inherited Kekkei Genkai Byakugan is not lost to outsiders, the Hyuga Clan is divided into main family and branch family. Ninjas from the branch family are marked with the 'Caged Bird Seal' from a young age, and their lives are completely controlled by the main family, dedicating their entire lives to protecting the main family.

For example, Hyuga Hiashi and Hyuga Hizashi, clearly two identical twin brothers with equal abilities, but just because Hiashi, the elder brother, was born a few seconds earlier, he became the head of the Hyuga main family.

On the other hand, Hizashi, born a few seconds later, had to be marked with the 'Caged Bird Seal' curse mark. He, along with his descendants, was obligated to serve the Hyuga main family with dedication for generations, embarking on a completely different destiny.

Because of this, the harsh system of the Hyuga Clan has led to various conflicts and discord between the main family and the branch family. Now, Yu has openly addressed this issue in this situation, causing turmoil among those present.

Yes... since the Byakugan may still end up outside the clan...

Then, what is the meaning of the long-standing division between the main family and the branch family in the Hyuga Clan?!

Hearing Yu's words, all the ninjas of the Hyuga Clan present couldn't help but fall into contemplation.

"You little brat... shut up already!!"

Seeing that the traditions and rules that had been passed down in the Hyuga Clan for thousands of years were being shaken by Yu's words, the Hyuga Elder suddenly realized the danger.


However, at this moment, amid the astonished gazes of everyone, a round door suddenly opened in the air beside Yu.

Under the control of Parasitic Threads, Kaio, who was in the alternate space, suddenly threw the body of the Hidden Cloud Jonin Mokai out from it.

That's right, with the ability of the Kaio Door Door Fruit, Yu no longer needed the Summoning Jutsu. He could now use the alternate space of the Door Door Fruit as a storage space.

Moreover, he could place Tyrant, Michael, Toshogun, and Kaio, these Devil Puppets, all inside the alternate space of the Door Door Fruit. When necessary, he could use Parasitic Threads Manipulation to bring them out and directly attack the opponents.

This is... Space-Time Ninjutsu?!

Witnessing the door opening in the air before their eyes and the fleeting emerald alternate space, Third, standing nearby, suddenly widened his eyes, his heart pounding wildly.

This kid... could it be?!

Since Yu's powerful return to Konoha on the battlefield, Third had found himself unable to fathom the strength of this young man.

Three years have passed, and now, witnessing the mysterious Space-Time abilities displayed by Yu, though Third doesn't know the specific function, he still can't help but feel a sense of trepidation.

"This is a Cloud Ninja with the intention of abducting the heiress of your Hyuga Clan main family..."

"Unfortunately for them, they ran into me when escaping Konoha, and now, I've already taken care of them."

Feeling the peculiar gazes of everyone, Yu looked at the body of the Hidden Cloud Jonin Mokai on the ground and then swept his gaze over all the ninjas present.

"I want you to understand the situation..."

"Now, the victorious side is us, Konoha, not Hidden Cloud. The ones who should be laying out conditions are us!"

With a sharp gaze fixed on all the ninjas present, Yu sternly rebuked, "So what if they are Cloud Ninjas? Their strongest Raikage ended up dead at my hands."

"Our frontline ninjas risked their lives on the battlefield to secure the victory in this war, and here you are, hiding, willingly sacrificing fellow village ninjas out of fear of war..."

While speaking with a deep tone, Yu looked at the gazes of the Konoha crowd with increasing disdain, "Whether it's the body of the Third Raikage or the body of the Hyuga clan head, not a single one will be handed over to them!"

"If they want to use this as an excuse to start a war, then we will give them a war!!"

"At that time, I won't mind stepping into the Land of Lightning and flattening their entire Hidden Cloud Ninja village!!"

Speaking to the end, Yu's voice almost roared, and the formidable aura emanating from him, befitting a Kage, involuntarily filled the room.

Silence, a deathly quiet.

After Yu finished his intense words, the entire meeting room fell into silence.

Feeling the overwhelming presence emanating from Yu, the expressions on the faces of all the ninjas present varied. Some showed a kind of shame, as if they had lost their country, while others were shocked by the immense power emanating from Yu.

"Cough, cough..."

"I believe that what Yu said is not without reason..."

Finally, after a long while, Third's low voice broke the silence in the room.

After taking a deep breath, Third's face showed signs of internal struggle, but ultimately transformed into a determined expression, "Merely giving in is not the best strategy for protecting the country and Konoha..."

"As the victor of the Third Great Ninja War, with the Cloud Ninja attempting to lay their hands on the Kekkei Genkai of the Hyuga main family in Konoha, we have no reason to bow down and compromise!"

"So, in the name of the Third Hokage, I assure everyone that this time we will negotiate with the Cloud Ninja to the end, and we will absolutely not sacrifice the innocent ninjas in the village in vain!"

'It seems you haven't completely gone senile yet...


Seeing that Third in front of him finally acknowledged his viewpoint and made a clear decision, Yu couldn't help but show a satisfied smile.

Unlike the indecisive Hokage depicted in anime, the current Third before him vaguely reminded him of the former formidable ninja who once shook the ninja world.


"Hail Hokage-sama!!"

"Scarlet Yu! Thanks to Yu-sama!!"

Seeing that Yu had successfully persuaded the Third Hokage and caused him to ultimately change his decision, a wave of cheers erupted from all the ninjas in the entire meeting room.

Especially the Hyuga Clan ninjas, they certainly didn't want to see their Clan head treated as a bargaining chip to avoid war, as it would cast a shameful stain on both the entire family and the village.


However, the two Konoha Elders standing beside them were astonished. They had not expected that Third would be successfully persuaded by Yu to make what they perceived as such an unwise decision.


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