Naruto Law of the Devil

I'm called Yakushi Yu, and I've crossed over to the world of Naruto. Without any bloodline limits or protagonist's plot armor, what can I do? I'm feeling quite desperate! Unexpectedly, I awakened a devil within me. Not only did I gain the power of Doflamingo's String String Fruit, but the puppets I created also possess the abilities of Devil Fruits. Well, things are starting to get interesting ------------ This work is a translation. ------------ Support me on patreon for More advanced chapters patreon.com/DemonWriter

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Chapter 154: Saving Hinata

'Oh no!!'

Sensing the sharpness in Yu's eyes, Mokai was startled. A sharp Kunai in his hand was about to be thrown towards the sleeping girl Hinata in his arms.

Air Door!!

However, someone's movements were faster than him. Under the control of Yu's Parasitic Threads, a circular door suddenly opened in the empty air behind Mokai.


Then, a lightning bolt passed by at an extreme speed. Mokai felt his hands empty, realizing that the sleeping girl Hinata had been taken away by someone!

"What is this?!"

Seeing Yu inexplicably snatch away the hostage from his hands in such an unbelievable manner, Mokai instinctively widened his eyes.

Especially the lightning figure that appeared just a moment ago and took away Hinata, for some reason, gave him a vaguely familiar feeling.

"Do you still have the mood to look elsewhere now?"

However, at the same time, Yu's calm voice had already sounded in front of Mokai.

How could this be... so fast!!

Upon hearing Yu's voice, Mokai's heart raced. Yu, who had just been in the air not far away, had ghostly appeared in front of him!

Dragon Fang!!

The roar of a ferocious dragon echoed through the silent night forest.

Before Mokai could react, Yu's dragon-shaped gust of wind, kicked out in mid-air, slammed into him like the fangs of a giant dragon, sending him flying like a projectile!

"Ugh... damn it!!"

"What power is this?!"

As his body soared through the air, a spray of blood burst out. Mokai could no longer distinguish how many bones in his body were broken, feeling intense pain in every cell of his body.

Although Yu hadn't unleashed the abnormal amplification brought by Shunko, he had already entered the realm of Kage, and his super-strong Taijutsu attack instantly destroyed Mokai's body.

"Vanishing Rasengan!!"

However, Yu had no intention of letting him go so easily. Accompanied by a shout, a Chakra sphere emitting a blue light flew out from Yu's hand.

'What the heck is this?!'

Watching the blue Chakra sphere disappear in a flash after being thrown by Yu, Mokai, enduring the intense pain in his body, activated the Lightning Release Chakra Mode, and suddenly a radiance of lightning illuminated.


Sure enough, Mokai knew that the Yu in front of him couldn't be the type to easily fail in techniques.

After the Chakra sphere with a radiant blue light disappeared, it miraculously reappeared and fiercely struck him directly.


Already heavily injured, Mokai couldn't help but let out a miserable scream again from the impact of Yu's Vanishing Rasengan.


But soon, the next second, the wail abruptly stopped.

With a violent and fierce flash of lightning through the air, Mokai's body was blasted with a massive hole from behind.

"This... What is this?!"

Bowing his head and looking at the lightning spear piercing through his chest, Mokai widened his eyes in disbelief.

"Th... Third Raikage-sama?!"

"You damn guy... You actually turned Third Raikage-sama into a puppet?!"

Turning his head with some difficulty, seeing the robust figure shining with lightning behind him, Mokai realized that it was none other than the Third Raikage, whom he had once admired the most. The expression on Mokai's face almost seemed like he wanted to devour Yu before him alive!

"How does it feel..."

"To die at the hands of the Raikage you once admired, as a Ninja of the Hidden Cloud? Doesn't it evoke a unique emotion?"

Controlling Kaio to use Hell Stab, instantly piercing through the enemy's body, feeling the intense anger and unwillingness in Mokai's eyes, Yu, holding the sleeping Hinata in his arms, calmly stood in front of him.


"I curse you to have an awful death!!"

Knowing that his mission had failed and he was undoubtedly doomed today, Mokai tightly opened his eyes, cursing Yu with the most malicious language in the world.


At this moment, the sleeping Hinata in Yu's arms trembled slightly. Apparently awakened by the intense commotion just now, she opened her eyes with a bit of confusion.

"You... Who are you?"

A pair of pure white eyes, just waking up from a daze, saw a handsome and ethereal face. Being held by this unfamiliar white-haired youth, the young Hinata was a bit unsure if she was still dreaming.

"Ah... I'm sorry..."

"It seems like we've woken up our little princess..."

Seeing Hinata, who had just awakened in his arms, Yu lowered his head and showed a slightly apologetic smile.

However, his actions were merciless. Using Parasitic Threads Manipulation, Kaio erupted with a violent Lightning Release Chakra, directly ending the incessant curses of Mokai.

"Go back to sleep, darling. The day will be bright when you wake up."

Gently patting Hinata's back, soothing the adorable little princess back to sleep, Yu looked at the lifeless body of Mokai and the distant lights of Konoha. His amber eyes shimmered with an inexplicable radiance in the darkness.

"With Hidden Cloud causing such a commotion, Sarutobi-sensei and the others are probably busy and stressed right now, aren't they?"

Air Door!!

Next to him, Kaio's large hand grabbed the corpse of Mokai, creating an air door directly in front of Yu.

Muttering to himself, holding the drowsy little girl Hinata in his arms, Yu's figure disappeared into it.

"What a handsome big brother... Hinata must be dreaming, right?"

The young Hinata, still half-asleep, glanced at the youth holding her, deeply imprinting Yu's appearance into her mind. Then, unable to resist the drowsiness, she fell back into sleep.


In the early hours of the morning, the meeting room of the Hyuga Clan's main family was filled with people.

"Before I came here, I had already discussed with the representatives from the Land of Lightning."

Sitting in the meeting room of the Hyuga main family, Third continuously exhaled smoke from his mouth. "Apparently, their actions this time were to explore the secrets of the Byakugan."

"But just now, they insisted that this time, a Hidden Cloud ninja was unjustly killed in Konoha..." Putting down his pipe on the meeting table, Third gazed at the members of the Hyuga clan with a heavy expression on his face.

"Hokage-sama has already talked to me before coming here."

At this moment, an elderly man with Byakugan beside Third spoke up. With a weathered and stern face, his white eyes fixed on Hyuga Hiashi, the head of the Hyuga Clan. "The conditions proposed by the Land of Lightning are for Konoha to hand over the culprit who killed the Land of Lightning envoy, and, possessing the Byakugan Kekkei Genkai, the Hyuga main family, which means you, Hiashi."

"Furthermore, they also demand that Scarlet Yu surrender the body of the Third Raikage of Hidden Cloud."

This white-eyed elder is none other than the Grand Elder of the Hyuga Clan's main family, the father of Hyuga Hiashi and Hyuga Hizashi, and the previous head of the Hyuga Clan.


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