180 Chapter 179 Stealing Your Catchphrase

"Ability test?" All of the Jōnin were faintly excited.

There's naturally no need to say more about Danzō. As the disciple of the Nidaime Hokage and the "best friend" of Sandaime Hokage, he is powerful without a doubt!

And Sōseki, as another hero who has risen to fame on the battlefield, and even removed the well-known Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist from the Shinobi World, his strength is definitely not to be underestimated!

It must be very interesting to see these two people fight!

They are not worried about the two being injured. After all, one has rich experience and the other has Flying Thunder God Technique. So, no matter how the fight go, there shouldn't be any trouble.


The crowd then came to a remote and empty canyon.

"After so many years, you are the first one that dare to take the initiative to attack this old man!" Standing on the opposite side, Danzō said cynically.

"For Konoha, I can only do so!" Sōseki apologized.

Hearing Sōseki repeating the words "For Konoha" over and over again, Danzō felt gloomy in his heart.

'That is my catchphrase!'

Thinking of this, Danzō's heart was full of anger. He stopped talking, and directly spit out the Vacuum Wave.

Sōseki did not dare to be distracted, and hurriedly dodge to the side.

Danzō's Wind Release can even destroy Susanoo's armor. Although it was done with the help of his Summoned Beast, it was already amazing enough.

The wind blade slashed across the ground, cutting a whole piece of rock like tofu. The ground where Sōseki was located was also hit by it, and the split boulder fell down the canyon.

Sōseki stomped hard on the falling rock and jumped to the other side of the canyon with the recoil.

However, Danzō is faster this time.

With blue chakra wrapped around him, he came to the side of the canyon ahead of time to stab with a kunai.

But Sōseki's reaction was not slow either, as the moment he landed, he raised a kunai to block it.


Although Danzō's strength is not as strong as Sōseki's, he is on a par with Sōseki thanks to the speed bonus.

During the stalemate between the two sides, Sōseki suddenly found black marks appeared on his body.

Self-Cursing Seal!

"Got you..." Danzō's muddy pupils flashed with joy, as he didn't expect Sōseki to be so careless.

But when he was about to launch a ruthless attack, he found that his body was also unable to move.

Cursed seal: All Living Things are Equal!

Because part of Fūinjutsu being concealed, Sōseki placed a seal on himself in advance in order to prevent being attacked.

The seal effect is to connect the caster's chakra to himself to achieve the same sealing effect.

This is the technique he created after he got some inspirations from the techniques of the Jashinists.

'Damn it! Why is this brat's Fūinjutsu so weird?'

Muddy eyes stared at the bright eyes, and then, Danzō had no choice but to remove the seal.

Then he quickly distanced himself from Sōseki.

Since Fūinjutsu couldn't work, he naturally wouldn't choose to continue fighting Sōseki in close combat.

'His speed is so fast!' Sōseki didn't care about Danzō's Fūinjutsu, but was surprised by his speed instead, 'Is this really the dull and stupid Danzō in my memory?'

'It seems that the arm in the original work really caused heavy burden on his body!' Sōseki secretly thought as he figured out that Danzō in Wind Release Chakra Mode is as fast as he is in Sage Mode.

Of course, Sage Mode increases more than just speed.

Facing Danzō at his prime, Sōseki also put aside his inherent impression and directly entered the one-time Sage Mode.

"How did you enter Sage Mode so soon?" Danzō was quite confused.

It wasn't long before Sōseki learned this technique, and with the difficulty of transmitting information from a long distance, it is destined to be impossible to describe all the details of the battle, so he really didn't know why this happened.

Although he was a little confused, Danzō was not too tangled about it. His hands quickly formed hand seals, and a strong wind sphere spit out from his mouth.

Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere!

The Vacuum Sphere pierced through the air, and shot towards Sōseki.

Wind Release: Thousand-faced Wind!

Sōseki directly used Wind Release to counter Danzō's attack, and a gust of wind composed of thousands of small wind blades faced the opponent.

The two winds collided, and even the weather started to change. The dark clouds that originally hung in the sky were blown away, and a burst of terrifying force erupted and then swept away in all directions.

Amid this blindingly gusty wind, Sōseki dashed forward, and with his powerful punch, the air in front of him was compressed into an air cannon and blasted out.

Like a moving turret, every punch is compossed of heavy firepower. When it landed on a hard rock, a small crater was formed in an instant.

However, Danzō's shriveled body displayed a flexible speed that is completely inconsistent with his image. While dodging easily, he does not forget to spit out gust of winds to counterattack.

One is compressed force, the other is fast cut, so the aftermath of the collision between the two sides destroyed on the surrounding ground. In just a few minutes, the hard ground was full of long and narrow gullies.

"Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Fūinjutsu... Are these two monsters? It's hard enough for me to specialize in one, but they almost don't even have any shortcomings!"

"I didn't know about the Fūinjutsu's fight, but Elder Danzō is stronger in Ninjutsu and Sōseki is stronger in Taijutsu!"

"It's not surprising that Elder Danzō such strength, but Sōseki only has two years of experience. To grow to this level in such a short amount of time, it is really terrifying!"

Everyone, whose impression of Sōseki's strength is still just from the rumors, can't believe it. In their opinion, this battle should be Sōseki fighting with Danzō by using Flying Thunder God Technique as his main attack method, and in the end, they would barely tie.

But until now, Sōseki was able to fight back and forth with Danzō without even using the Flying Thunder God Technique, which makes them unable to believe their eyes.

On the field, the battle continues.

After getting a rough idea of Danzō's strength, Sōseki started to get serious, he took out a handful of shuriken from his ninja bag and threw it towards Danzō.

"This old man has been waiting for you to do that! Summoning Technique: Baku!" Danzō summoned the huge Summoned Beast, Baku at his fastest speed, and then gave the order.

"Blow those shuriken with maximum power, and don't let any shuriken get close to this old man!"

At the next moment, the wind suddenly blew up.

An extremely large-scale gust of wind raged between the canyons, and the shuriken was blown out of sight before it can get closer.

"Hehe, the Flying Thunder God Technique is a technique developed by the Nidaime Hokage. This old man knows that technique better than you..."

But before he could finish speaking, Danzō was blown away by Sōseki who suddenly appeared in front of him.

'How is it possible, I clearly...' Danzō, who flew upside down in the sky, was in disbelief, but before he could figure out what was going on, Sōseki once again appeared above him like a shadow, and then, he raised his right leg and slammed it down like a sharp axe.

Danzō could crossed his hands in front of him, and a huge force struck him, and then blown him into the ground like a cannonball.


The earth trembled violently and the dust spread everywhere.

Sōseki teleported into the dust again, but this time, he was blocked by Danzō, and then was forced back by a strong gust of wind.

At the same time he was forced back, the surrounding dust was also blown away by the strong gust of wind, allowing everyone to see the situation on the field clearly.

A huge hole appeared on the ground, and Danzō was coughing up weakly in that hole.

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