Naruto: Konoha's Kanpu

Carrying The Collection Technique through the Naruto World and become Gekkō Kanpū. Hero? It is impossible to be a hero in this life, and I can only do logistics and touch the corpse. The feeling of entering the morgue is like coming home. Everyone in it is full of talents. I Love it there... ------------------------------------- Disclaimer: This is just a translated version of the Chinese Web Novel! I am not the author of Naruto: Konoha's Kanpu, I am just translating the story you can read the original work here : https://m.qidian.com/book/1015796745.html --------------------------------------- Support me at https://www.patreon.com/IamPoorGuyToo There are more than 100 advanced chapters there

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Chapter 66 Ito's Grievance

Relying on his wide and fat body, Ito fiercely blocked the door of the sushi restaurant to prevent Kanpū and the others from entering.

"Eh, Fatty-kun? Why are you here? Oh, I see! This Futatsu Sushi Restaurant is opened by Fatty's family."

Kanpū pretended to be surprised, and turned to look at Iruka, Anko and the others, and said, "What a coincidence!"

"Yeah, we just walked around and arrived at Fatty's house. It's really fate."

Iruka said with a weird smile.

Anko, Kotetsu, Izumo all solemnly admire the magic of fate.

"You!!! You!!!"

Ito was so angry with these shameless people that his lips trembled.

'A coincidence?'


'The magic of fate?'

'You shameless bastards!'

'You clearly came here on purpose!!'

Seeing that the Kanpū's group of five were noisy and wanted to go in, Ito hurriedly pushed his stomach and squeezed these bastards out.

"Fatty, you sure are strange." Kanpū put his hands in his pockets, "Your door is always open, waiting for guests with open arms. But now that the guests are coming, you won't let them come in."

"Fatty-san, we are just passing by and are hungry. We will leave immediately after eating sushi."

Anko solemnly vowed.


Ito stared at Kanpū, and said angrily, "Gekkō Kanpū, you bastard, you lied to me again!!"

"Lied to you?"

Kanpū looked at him innocently, "What did I lie to you?"

"I said, I will only bring Inuzuka Tsukasa to Shisui's birthday. You can't come!" Ito lowered his voice and shouted, "But you are all here now!"

"Fatty-kun, you misunderstood us!" Kanpū shook his head and sighed, 'This fatty, why is he so determined?'

"That's right, Fatty-san, the five of us are here to go shopping."

"We came here after walking around."

"Then we got hungry and want to eat some sushi to fill our stomach."

"So, we're not here to celebrate Shisui's birthday, we didn't lie to you."

Iruka, Anko, Kotetsu and Izumo's all said a single sentence, each with a more innocent expression, more naive, and more pure!

The fat of Ito's belly trembled when he heard this.

'You guys think I'm so stupid to believe in you?'

'A few days ago, you promised well, but now, you're not admitting it, shameless!'

"Ito-chan, are there any guests here?"

When Shuichi heard the quarrel outside, he was a little worried that his fat son would cause trouble.

"Tou-san, no!"

Ito hurriedly turned around and shouted.

"Uncle Futatsu, we are all Fatty-kun's classmates!" Kanpū shouted.


Ito's complexion changed.

"Ito-chan, let your classmates come in." Shuichi's hearty laughter came from inside, "This is the first time you have brought so many classmates here. Tou-san will definitely try my best this time!"

Hearing his father's words, Ito knew that he was powerless to change anything, so he looked at Kanpū with anger and resentment: "Gekkō Kanpū, I will never talk to you again!"

Ito's temper is generally quite good, and he just ignores Kanpū. Kanpū smiles and pokes Ito's belly with his fingers, and felt that the elasticity was very good.

Ito snorted and pushed away Kanpū's hand, and let the door open with a stern face.

After entering, Kanpū's group of five first introduced themselves to Ito's father, and then joined Tsukasa, and the six-person celestial group joined forces smoothly.

"It's you!"

When he saw Kanpū, Shisui's eyes lit up.

"Do you remember me? Shisui-kun." Kanpū asked in surprise.

Shisui nodded: "Gekkō Kanpū from Class 8, I was very impressed with you in the last practical training class."

"I'm lucky, I still can't compare with you, you…"

Kanpū smiled and started the usual mutual praise mode, and tried to praise Shisui excessively.

Ito, who was standing behind Shisui, opened his mouth and retched, deliberately trying to disgust Kanpū. As a result, when his father saw this scene, he gave Ito a vicious look.

Ito lowered his head aggrievedly, wishing to cry without tears.

Iruka, Kotetsu, and Izumo are not very interested in Shisui, and they just followed Kanpū to eat some sushi from Ito's restaurant, so they are sitting in the front of the bar to watch Shuichi's craftsmanship.

Anko was whispering to Tsukasa, and Tsukasa blushed as Anko spoke, looking shy.

After Kanpū and Shisui ended the usual mutual praise mode, they had already gotten to know each other quite a bit. Then, Kanpū took out the birthday gift he had prepared, a string of hand beads, which he bought on the way, fifty ryō for two, which is very cheap. The other one in his pocket is a gift to comfort Hayate. After all, leaving him alone at home to eat onigiri is actually not good.

Shisui smiled and took the beads. The gift is not precious, but he is still very happy.

When Ito, who is in the back, saw this scene, the resentment on his body became more and more intense: 'You said that you're not here to celebrate Shisui's birthday, but you have even prepared a gift, damn it!'

Then Tsukasa, Anko and the others also handed over their gifts, all of which were worthless gadgets. But Shisui did not refuse, and accepted it with a smile.

Ito forced a smile, and his mood is getting worse and worse. He feels that the friend he has finally made with great difficulty is about to be snatched away by Kanpū!

Fortunately, Shuichi had already finished preparing several kinds of sushi and called everyone to come over and taste it.

Ito knows that his opportunity is here, so he hurriedly pulled Shisui away from Kanpū, sat down at the bar, and then introduced the sushi to Shisui loudly: "Shisui, this is salmon sushi, it's made from the freshest salmon…"

Kanpū shrugged. Just as he wanted to sit next to Shisui, he was pulled from behind.

When he looked back, he saw Tsukasa grabbing the corner of his clothes, looking at him with a sullen expression, and said nothing.

Kanpū's heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly gave up his seat to Tsukasa. Only then did Tsukasa smiled and sat shyly beside Shisui.

"Kanpū, here." Iruka sat on the edge and waved to Kanpū with a smile.

Kanpū shrugged, walked over and sat down. There were several plates of sushi on the bar, and Kanpū couldn't recognize what kind of sushi it was, so he just grabbed one and stuffed it in his mouth. And he felt that the taste was not bad.

"Kanpū, why do I feel that you are more motivated than Tsukasa?" Iruka said with a smile, "You took Shisui and chatted with him for a long time. You must know that Tsukasa's face was very dark before."

"Nonsense! I am adjusting the atmosphere. Look at you guys, you hide to the side as soon as you arrive. Tsukasa blushes when she talks to Shisui. If Anko is talking to Shisui, maybe Tsukasa will get even more angry, so it still has to depend on me."

Kanpū shook his head and successfully cleaned himself.

"Is that so?" Iruka scratched his head.

"Iruka, Kanpū must be talking nonsense. You can see that even without Kanpū over there, didn't Fatty-kun also adjust the atmosphere very well?" Kotetsu said with a smile.

"Keep bragging, you only know to talk now." Kanpū rolled his eyes unhappily.

"But then again, Ito's father's sushi is really delicious!" Izumo said.

"Indeed, but I still prefer Teuchi-san's ramen." Iruka said.

"Iruka, my thought is the same as yours!"

Kanpū stuffed a salmon sushi into his mouth, while firmly expressing his attitude.

"Kanpū, shall we go eat ramen tonight?" Iruka suggested.

"I don't have any money, I think we'd better wait for the Teuchi-san's ramen shop to open, before coming to eat there." Kanpū said with a smile, "So Iruka, you definitely have to watch for Teuchi-san."

"Understood." Iruka felt that it is a bit weird, 'Although Teuchi-san's ramen is really delicious, why does Kanpū keep reminding me about it every now and then?'

While chatting here, Anko, who is on the other side, sent an invitation to Shisui: "Shisui-kun, it is my birthday in six days, can I invite you to our party?"

Shisui was startled. It seems that he didn't expect Anko would invite him, but in his birthday this time, Anko is also here, so he had no choice but to go. Therefore, he smiled and nodded: "Okay."

Tsukasa, who was sitting next to him, was so excited: "Really Shisui? Will you really come?"

Shisui was a little confused about Tsukasa's reaction.

'Anko is the one who invited me to her birthday party, but why does it seem that you are more excited than Anko about it?'

Anko pulled Tsukasa's hand to signal her to calm down, and then thanked Shisui.

Ito, who also sits on the side, showed aggrieved expression on his face, 'How could things develop into this way?'

'Shisui is really going to be snatched away by them. These pervasive bastards, I want to completely cut off the friendship with them!!'

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