9 Akatsuki and the town of konoha Part 1

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In a dark room a person was while his purple eyes shone brightly, this person would only smile at his most recent achievement since after all he had managed to get the upper moon 1 to join them and thanks to that now they had one of the strongest members of the entire organization.

However, his celebration with his partner would be interrupted when a tornado appeared in front of them that would only get bigger until a masked person would come out of that tornado looking at the two members of Akatsuki in front of them.

They made it? -said the masked man in a serious tone as he looked at the two akatsuki members.

The two akatsuki members would look at that masked subject so that they would become serious and speak in a cold tone.

Yes, if we succeed -said the guy with the ringed eyes looking at the masked guy seriously.

I see, that's perfect, extremely perfect -said the masked man before he began to laugh madly, so that some time later he calmed down and looked at the two akatsuki members.

Well with that inconvenience solved you know exactly what you have to do from now on, don't disappoint me "pain" -he said seriously looking at konan and the subject with ringed eyes who only responded with silence before he disappeared in a tornado.

Konan! you know what to do -said the man with ringed eyes looking seriously at his companion who would only nod for her to turn into paper and leave the place.

Change of scene

hokage tower

In the tower of the hokage Minato namikase he was reading reports from his ambus about a particular person who had been on the trail for quite some time and that person was, kokushiboo as the upper moon 1 was mostly known.

The reason for this was that that guy had become very popular lately and that fame was mostly due to the fact that last week he had killed one of the high command of konoha and that high command was none other than danzo shimura which It was impressive on its own as it not only entered Konoha undetected but entered and killed the entire root as well as Danzo in just one night.

Minato would only receive another report from his ambus in which and like the previous kokushibo he was the protagonist according to the report there was a fight of kage magnitude or higher in which some subjects with black capes and red clouds fought against a subject with 6 eyes and after a hard battle the subjects of black cloaks and red clouds took control of that 6-eyed subject.

Minato would sigh at what he read after all maybe and just maybe he would have gotten rid of that 6-eyed guy who just kept appearing in his nightmares since that day he saw how the whole root fell at the hands of that murderer ruthless.

Minato would close his eyes breathing more calmly so that at that moment he would remember, he would remember how in front of him was kokushibo who was just staring at him while that guy's sword

She pointed at him with anger in her eyes.

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