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currently being rewritten. check my profile After being thrown tens of meters away by Truck-kun, I found myself in a completely dark area, surrounded by constellations I had never seen before. They said I died when I shouldn't have, disrupting the timeline. They said that to fix the mistake, they had to throw me out of the reincarnation cycle and reactivate a timeline without me. Since I could no longer live in this universe's timeline, I learned that they rewarded me with the chance to be resurrected by preserving my memories in a new universe. There were two big Wheels of Fortune in front of me When I spun the first wheel of fortune, I learned that the universe in which I would be resurrected was the Naruto universe, but that wasn't enough to deter me. According to what he said about the constellations, by spinning the second wheel of fortune, I would get one of the biggest tricks in the world of Naruto. When I spun the two wheels of fortune, I saw that what appeared was a jujutsu template system. While I was about to ask the constellations why I didn't get a gift related to the Naruto universe, my consciousness turned off and I found myself in the body of a baby. -------------- Small note: In the timeline I based on while writing FF, Naruto is born 65 years after Konoha was founded. source(tumbler - belive it ) note 1: the main character is a bit stupid and has mental problems but he doesn't realize it Join my patreon for support me or check my contract work patreon /OLD_storage

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Naruto: the new jinchuriki

When he heard Kushina's words, Minato continued to ask questions as if he was not convinced.

"But look at your face, you look like you've healed. Until recently, your skin was paler."


"Maybe if he uses the technique for a while longer, it will repair his soul."


Minato took a step forward and started shaking me by my shoulders.

"Hey Eren, you told me you had a technique to shape souls."

" And I also said that whenever I use the technique on a person, after a while they turn into one of my monsters. Maybe "

"Maybe, what?"

"Maybe, if I completely turn Kushina into a curse, I can make her strong enough to look human again in a few years at the latest."


Minato and Erin were interrupted by Kushina's scream, coming to their senses. All the while, theory continued to silently loosen the chains to which it was bound.

"I am aware of what I feel, there is no way this technique can keep me alive. My soul has been damaged beyond repair by the kyubi coming out. And also turning into a monster is out of the question. Now shut up and let's seal Kurama. Eren, don't do any sealing you know." Is there any technique?

"There is only one and it requires the consent of both parties to operate"

"Okay, make sure the kyubi stays still. Minato bring our son."

I was really surprised that they made the same decision as in the original. Kurama couldn't destroy the village like in the original because I was stronger

"Why do you want to seal Kurama to your own son?"

"We have no choice"

*Sound piercing air*

*Clash sound*

After catching Kurama's claw piercing attack, which he thought was hidden, with one hand without looking in that direction, I turned around and told Kurama not to move with the curse speech technique and continued to argue with Kushina as if nothing had happened.

"Why don't you seal it to me? I'm ready."

Kushina looked at me holding Kurama's paw in brief surprise.

"It's not possible"

"You haven't even tried yet"

" According to Kyubi, you are not a human "

"Oh wow, you're worried about this, I assure you my heart belongs entirely to a human."

Kushina looked at me with a grimace before continuing to speak.

"The Uzumaki clan's tail-monster sealing techniques were only for humans or items without a soul. I don't have a sealing technique I can use for you."

" oww , so that was the problem . I see "


I turned my head and looked at Minato who summoned a shinigami in shock. Even though Kushina did the same as me, she had an expression on her face as if she had guessed it.

"Wtf bro!, I looked away for two minutes, are you committing suicide immediately?"

When Minato heard my words, he smiled reluctantly and turned to me and said, "This is called sacrifice, just like a real Hokage should do."

A big ghost appeared behind Minato and raised the rosary in his hand and started chanting hymns.

To use this opportunity to test something I've always been curious about, I slowly walked behind the ghost and touched the shinigami with one hand, using my idle transfiguration ability with minimal force.

The Shinigami roared, interrupting his chants and looking at me. I walked away from the shinigami, arrogantly apologizing, with the corners of my lips raised, as if I realized my mistake but was not wiser.

The Shinigami looked at me warily for a moment, then continued chanting as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, the person who was most shocked was Minato.

"Can you see it?"

"See? I can easily kill him whenever I want."

"Don't, I didn't invite him here in vain."

After the Shinigami finished chanting, the Shinigami's right arm was filled with seals and he extended his arm in a paranormal manner and passed it across Minato's chest. After the extended arm passed through Minato's chest, he forcefully grabbed Kyubi's yin chakra and inhaled Kyubi's yin chakra.

When she saw that Shinigami had finished this process, Kushina kissed the baby in her arms one last time and put it in the cradle that Minato had summoned with his summoning technique.

All this time, Kuruma was still trying to break free from the shackles of her cursed speech technique, which cost 10% of my cursed energy.

Shinihami reached out with his free arm and placed the remaining part of Kurama into the baby lying in the crib.

Minato returned to Kushina and told her about his plan to seal some of his chakra into Naruto's body.

Kushina accepted without hesitation and gathered some chakra in her hand. When I saw them like this, a genius plan came to my mind.

"Kushina, do you want me to create a cursed spirit created from your chakra and dedicate its life to protecting Naruto?"

When Kushina looked at me, for some reason her eyes were filled with suspicion.

"What do you want in return?"

"A little chakra"

" Only this "

" Only this "

" Ok then "

While Minato sealed his chakras into Naruto, Kushina gave me some chakra. Thanks to the spiritual energy within the chakra, I was able to hold the chakra with idle transfiguration. I approached the shinigami, who was silently focusing on his work, and put my hand inside the shinigami, taking out some Kurama's yin chakra from there.

While I was walking away from the shinigami, who was probably swearing at me in his own language, I started to combine the two chakras in my hand and put cursed energy into them.

For some reason, as time went by, things happened that made me feel smarter, just like now.

Instinctively, I went to Naruto and took some saliva from him using my index finger and added it to the mixture I made. When the mixture reached an egg shape, I instinctively felt it had to wait and threw it under my shade.

"Aren't you going to say anything?"

I looked at Kushina, who started coughing blood again as she looked at me with curiosity and tiredness, and said, "He needs some time and then your son will have a sweet and loyal pet."

In the next moment, when the shinigami disappeared, Minato's spirited body fell to the ground and we were left alone with the dying Kushina with the baby in her arms in the middle of the large area.

The surrounding barrier disappeared when Kuruma disappeared, and Sarutobi, who had been watching what was happening outside the barrier for a while, came running here.

Kushina handed me the baby in her arms.

When I held baby naruto in my hands, Kushina said a few last words to me and closed her eyes.

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