Naruto: Itachi's Cousin

Author: DrWright
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What is Naruto: Itachi's Cousin

Read ‘Naruto: Itachi's Cousin’ Online for Free, written by the author DrWright, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, ISEKAI Fan Fiction, ANIME Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Eiji, a student with an abnormally good memory, is transported to the Naruto world as Itachi's cousin and a member of th...


Eiji, a student with an abnormally good memory, is transported to the Naruto world as Itachi's cousin and a member of the Uchiha clan. He uses his exceptional memory to his advantage, growing stronger at a faster pace than his peers. Note: The MC won't immediately be OP. He will have to work, to get there. The story's timeline will be accurate. There will be custom jutsu in the story. Do not expect the MC to act like a special agent. Naruto as a story, has a ton of issues, so I'll resolve them in my own way.

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Mao_Yuxuan · LGBT+
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love the concepts behind this and look forward to reading further, also love that there is romance in the book without herem. herem often spoils stories so like that there isn't that tag here :)


I've been following your stuff for a little while and I think this is your best work. The character interactions are the best part of this story. It doesn't feel rushed and I looking forward to what else this story has in store.




This story seems to have a unique mc and brings about unique dynamics with other characters which is very interesting to read he is calculating while also being very emotional I kinda want him to break all Konoha records as he progresses through the story.


Te doy 5 estrellas por qué la historia tiene salvación pero exijo que cambies la actitud estúpida he infantil y despreocupada del MC el no es Naruto hasta Kakashi que es despreocupado solo sobrevivió por guión por qué Zabuza,itachi,pain y Madara tuvieron la oportunidad de borrarlo del mapa hasta Kakuzu ni los fuertes se confían como para que lo haga el MC no tiene sentido sea serio y cree un transfondo bueno con una personalidad sería y enfocada no es difícil


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