2 Amegakure

(this is an au by the way)

2 yellow eyes with slit pupils open in the dark it was raining he looked in the mirror he blinked once twice three times 'I'm Orochimaru...fuck' this wasn't the worst character he could've been there is Danzo after all but still, lucky for him Orochimaru wasn't a scrub "I can work with this". Suddenly the world became blurry before a series of memories appeared at such a rate he passed out.

~a while later~ POV change

he got up rubbed his head blinking a few times adjusted to what he just experienced " Orochimaru are you alright" he looked to his left to see Jiraiya "just fine it seems the fight with Hanzo tired me out more than I expected, but I'm fine now where's Tsunade" Jiraiya pointed to the door "right outside keeping watch" Orochimaru got up "well then let's go" he said stepping outside he saw Tsunade waiting for them "let's move already" she said in an annoyed tone walking ahead.

after a while, we came across the three orphans who approached us "can you please train us" Yahiko asked Jiraiya agreed to stay and train them "I'd like to have a hand in their development as well" Tsunade just scoffed "I'll report back" she said leaving the 2 "so first things first we have to get some shelter" Jiraiya said looking around there was a decent-sized shack as they made their way.

~timeskip~ POV CHANGE

5 years passed Jiraiya left at the same time and I was heading back to the leaf a lot has changed the three are far different in power than in the cannon Nagato had used his rennigan which happened during a training session.

~flash back~

"I want you all to come at me at once," I told them they rushed at me from 3 sides I caught Nagato's hand and flipped picking him up with me slamming him with one hand pulling a kunai knocking away Konan's paper one doing a sweep kick knocking her down I spun around blocking a punch from Yahiko but he gripped my arm the ground cracked open with Nagato going for an uppercut but I released a burst of chakra blowing them away I rushed towards Yahiko aiming to knock him out but suddenly I was pulled by a force too strong for me to maneuver knowing exactly what was happening I substituted "well Nagato that was surprising so tell me since when did you discover your abilities?"

~end of flashback~

So yeah Hanzo is fucked once the event happens and I'll probably have to get them out of dodge when it comes to Obito but I think I should learn sage mode and find a way to have the Ideal body without it decaying so getting ahold of Zetsu is a must "I'll make sure that trash villain of an outsutsuki doesn't get resurrected Madara, Pain, and Obito made sense so I can't allow that hoe to desecrate this reality"

(ok the chapter isn't the best but hey it'll turn gears so be ready also should he stop the massacre or straight up raise some uchiha's your choice anyways I'm out

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