1 01 - Have I become a God?

"Damn… why does my head hurt so much?" Apollo wondered as he held his head in both hands and forced his eyes closed.

After a few seconds the pain started to subside and he was finally able to look around.

But that just made him even more confused. He remembered that he was enjoying the Naruto Shinobi Striker promotion and was playing the game for the first time, but who knew that when he finally started playing it, everything would go black and he would find himself in an unfamiliar place?

Around him were books with completely different covers than he had ever seen, the design of the furniture was a style he had never seen before, looking something like a science fiction movie, but at the same time he felt that everything around of him was completely alien, a sense of familiarity was returning.

"It's like I've lived here for years…" Apollo said confused as he looked around.

The longer his headache subsided, the more that familiar feeling returned, until the headache finally stopped and memories began to flood his mind.

Apollo found that he had transmigrated into the body of a boy also named Apollo, but while in Apollo's previous life he was a student of Science and Theology, the Apollo of this world was actually a God in the making.

The appearance of his body from the previous world to his body in this world wasn't much different, he just found that due to the divine power he had, his appearance had become much more refined.

His blond hair gave off a greater impression of godliness, as if even without the wind, it still moved slightly, while his golden eyes almost sparkled.

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Currently being a student at the University of the Gods, Apollo was in his final year, already about to graduate and finally become a true God.

For 4 years he learned from the God teachers alongside other students about how to become a mighty God, how to cultivate believers, how best to receive faith, and how to develop a powerful world.

Now he was doing his last job in order to graduate.

The University provided each student with a World Seed, this seed could connect with a random world, or a world similar to what the God had envisioned.

The greater the knowledge of the God about that world, the greater the chance that seed will open a portal to that world successfully, or if the God did not know a specific world, he could just think of the characteristics of that world and the seed would search for the world with the characteristics closer to those imagined by the student, but the other characteristics of the world would be random.

If a student thought of a world where there are powerful mages, the seed could open the portal to a world with powerful mages, but there would also be powerful demons that would destroy the mages extremely easily, thus making that world practically useless for a beginner God.

But there were also easier alternatives, such as very large worlds where several Gods competed for the beliefs of the people there, although these worlds gave less beliefs to each God, this was safer, and with the lifespan of the gods being at least in the thousands of years , even with few believers, the less talented Gods could still become stronger.

This world's Apollo also intended to enter one of these shared worlds and try to get a small portion of the believers there, but the current Apollo doesn't know if he was successful.

Using the knowledge he received about the World Seed, Apollo used his energy and opened a small portal in his mind.

"He was successful…" Apollo said pleasantly surprised as he entered this portal to try to understand the situation.

This kind of thing could be very strange for the Apollo of the previous life, but with the knowledge of the Apollo of this world, who studied to become a God for 4 years, it became more common than he imagined.

The curiosity to know how the world that the Apollo of this world imagined would be greater than the fear of the unknown of the Apollo of the previous life.

Stepping through the portal, Apollo felt his consciousness traveling through millions of planets and stars in a second until he saw one planet getting bigger and bigger.

At that distance he could already see the great continent of this world.

"The shape of this continent is a little familiar…" Apollo said as he looked at this world curiously.

As he was in a state of consciousness, Apollo could control where he went, thus flying across the world with a simple thought.

Looking across the night sky, Apollo understood that this was not a technologically advanced world, as most of the world was dark, with just a few small dots of light.

Seeing a small island with some faint lights next to where he was, Apollo curiously decided to get closer to see the people of this world.

Coming close to the island, the first thing that attracted Apollo's attention was that all the people on this island had the same hair color.

The youngest had bright red hair, while the oldest had the faintest red hair, only the truly elderly had white hair.

Apollo was curious about these people. Despite it being night, the children were still playing in the street, carrying large pieces of wood larger than their small bodies, which greatly surprised Apollo due to the strength of these people.

When any misunderstanding happened, both people would start to shout and fight, getting stressed very easily, but after the fight, both sides helped each other up and said goodbye with a smile.

Apollo spent at least 30 minutes watching these people, until he saw something that shocked him.

Over a house there were three people running.

These three people also had bright red hair, but unlike the smiles of the people walking on the street, these people running on top of the houses were wearing furious expressions.

But it wasn't these people's expressions that shocked Apollo, it was their headband!

"Isn't that a ninja forehead protector?!" Apollo wondered scared!

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