228 General Mifune

In the Ninja World, for the real experts, it was not a big deal for one person to destroy a country, but a real story!

Not to mention, even the old woman Chiyo, who had been tricked by Haru before, had done such a feat.

For example, in the original work, Deidara and Sasori had done similar things, or the members of the entire Akatsuki basically had the strength to destroy a country by themselves, and Nagato controlled Pain Rikudou Sennin to destroy Konoha with one move!

Like the original in the Third Ninja War, Third Raikage alone fought tens of thousands of Iwagakure Ninjas, the battle lasted three days and three nights before he died of exhaustion!


That's right!

After all, the system of ninjas could not be explained with common sense.

Don't believe it?

If you don't believe me, look up at the moon. There is an old woman staring at you!

Ninjutsu can create stars and travel through time and space, what is impossible!

Since there are not enough people at the basic level, then Haru can only take the elite route of Akatsuki.

With the strength of him and Kakuzu, wouldn't it be easy to destroy Land of Iron?

Of course, he was not so cruel and bloodthirsty. If he could convince people with virtue, it would naturally be the best result.

Thus, Kakuzu, who knew that he could finally see the return money, and carefully acknowledged that he had really made a deal, decisively agreed to this deal!

Moreover, when he set off, he warned someone with a hostile look. If he stood him up again this time and let him, a worker, work for free, then he would quit!

Five hearts and two waists, you can stab them at will!

Fuck, if I frown, I'll lose!

To be able to force Kakuzu, who was not afraid of death and regarded wealth as his life, to this extent, it could be seen how much of a bastard someone was!

Haru had to immediately pat his chest and promise, "This time, if I lie to you again, I, Yone, will be struck by lightning. I will not die a good death. After I die, I will be spurned by the world forever!"

After making such a vicious oath, Kakuzu's face looked better and he believed this guy again.

However, what he didn't know was that someone was thinking, "Yone will be struck by lightning. He will die a horrible death. What does it have to do with me, Senju Haru?"


Within the borders of the Land of Iron, due to its geographical location (not sandwiched between the two great countries) and the local customs (there were no ninjas or warriors), it had always maintained a neutral attitude, so it was almost unaffected by the war.

It wasn't until the second great battle of Ninja World began that he was targeted by a certain 'demigod', and then ruthlessly ravaged.

This was also the first time the Land of Iron had hung a neutral sign, but it was still nearly destroyed.

Fortunately, the two big brothers of the Land of Wind and the Land of Fire were powerful. Taking advantage of the fact that Hanzo wasn't around and almost beat Amegakure to a pulp, Hanzo had no choice but to give up on attacking the Land of Iron and turn around to fight them to the death.

Therefore, the Land of Iron was barely preserved, but at the same time, it also made many people realize the strength of ninjas and the weakness of warriors.

Whether to continue to maintain the tradition or carry out reforms, it became a dead question that the Land of Iron could not come up with no results no matter what.

And at this time, the strongest warrior of the Land of Iron, as well as the leader of the Land of Iron warriors, Mifune, once again encountered a huge crisis in his life!

On this day, after the endless debate, Mifune came alone to the bamboo forest where he often went to practice his knife skills.

Since he had been defeated by Hanzo and barely survived by relying on Hanzo's charity, he had not been knocked down. Instead, he had relied on this defeat to strengthen his heart.

Moreover, after that, his saber technique seemed to have broken some kind of restraint. It began to advance by leaps and bounds, and his strength increased greatly!

While walking in the bamboo forest, Mifune suddenly stopped. The intuition of the warrior made him instinctively sense danger.

"Who is waiting here? Come out!" As he spoke, the right hand of Mifune had already grasped the katana hanging at his waist.

Following the sound of footsteps, two mysterious people wearing fiery cloud robes and bamboo hats, one of whom was also Duy wearing a ghost mask, slowly walked out in front of him.

"You are the General of Land of Iron, the leader of that group of warriors, Mifune?"

As soon as they met, Kakuzu's passive taunt skill was directly triggered.

However, Mifune was not angry at all, because that crushing defeat had made him grow too much, and he would not be hot-blooded because of this level of contempt and ridicule.

"Who are you? If you retreat now, nothing will happen."

Kakuzu wanted to say something more, but Haru directly said, "Amegakure, Akatsuki, my name is Yone."

When Mifune heard this, his pupils shrank in an instant!

Then, he smiled bitterly. "I didn't expect it to be Akatsuki, the leader of Akatsuki who killed the Salamander Hanzo. It seems that there is no way to be kind today. Tell me your purpose."

At the end of his words, Mifune was already prepared to fight to the death, and his eyes became extremely sharp!

"Although Hanzo is a sinner for Amegakure, he has protected the people of the country all year round. Now that we have come, it will be the end of the war between Amegakure and the Land of Iron."

"Surrender or be destroyed, make a choice."

Haru did not let Kakuzu continue to speak. After all, he liked to use virtue to convince people.

"What a high-sounding excuse. You are just trying to annex the Land of Iron. Why would I be afraid of death and sell out my own country? I'm afraid you have miscalculated!"

Haru nodded and said to Kakuzu, "I'll leave it to you. Remember to keep your life."

"I know. In the end, we still have to fight." Kakuzu muttered in dissatisfaction. Then, he took the opportunity to undo the black line on his hand.

Earth Grudge Fear!

Under the surprise attack, Kakuzu directly chose to launch a sneak attack without caring about Mifune!

However, Mifune had always been in a state of complete concentration, so when Kakuzu's fist flew over, he calmly turned sideways to avoid the attack, and then the saber light flashed in an instant!

Samurai Sabre Technique!

Mifune's saber light directly cut off the black line that extended out from Kakuzu's arm.

Pa da.

Kakuzu's right hand fell to the ground powerlessly.

Seeing this, Haru couldn't help but cast a look at Kakuzu, "Just this?" The look in his eyes made Kakuzu very angry!

He didn't even put a mere warrior in his eyes at all, but now he was injured, and he even made him lose face in front of the person he hated the most!

If not for the fact that he was determined to spare this guy's life, Kakuzu really wanted to take out the heart of Mifune right now and crush it in front of the other party!

Under Kakuzu's anger, a large number of black lines poured into the ground and then sprayed out from under the feet of Mifune.

However, Mifune was like prophets, always able to dodge in time and then rush at Kakuzu at high speed.

"Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work!"

A strange face mask monster immediately came out from behind Kakuzu, then opened its mouth and spat out a sea of fire!

The eyes of Mifune were focused, his legs were bent, and he held his sword back in its sheaths with one hand.

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