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NARUTO : I am not a mob Character


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What will you do if you found out that the whole world you are living in is a storyline written by someone else? . As our main character, Ryuma found out about this he was confused about what should he do. He found out that he was inside Naruto verse as a half Uchiha ready to be annihilated in a year. What precautions should he take and how would he be able to survive in a world where strength matters without any golden finger? . -------------------------- Author this side, It's a Naruto fan fiction so it's all thanks to Kishimoto sensei that I can write this piece of work. The story will get off track but not in the og Naruto you can accept it in Shippuden. but many small changes will happen due to the presence of our main character. Each chapter gonna be around 2000 words or longer so sit back tightly and enjoy the chapters. I will upload it regularly and it's gonna be 2/3 chapters per week. Importantly Cover is not mine so if you're the owner and have a problem with that please contact me. Lastly, any ideas and criticisms will be accepted happily. So I hope you will point out my mistake in each chapter and told me about them so that this piece of work will improve alongside me. Enjoy the read and comment with your opinions..... you can also support me here and I hope you will. this will surely cost you much less than your girlfriend's expenses (^^) --->patreon.com/Narutofanfiction93 4 (remove space between 3 and 4)


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