1 A Normal Day

Kumo, even though it was a heavily militarized village, was enjoying the peace that settled on the world.

The civilians were moving around, doing their daily chores, The shinobi were patrolling the village and the students were going to their classrooms, some in hopes of taking over their family business while some wanted to protect the village in the future.

The last year's class inside the Kumo Ninja Academy was getting ready to greet their instructors.

Their Homeroom teacher, Ikano, walked in with a stack of papers, causing the room to quiet down.

"Alright, brats, today is the day you get assigned to teams."

Some looked excited, some looked arrogant while some looked worried.

"Alright, Team one: Kizaki, Hioshi and K. You will be assigned to Chunin Kiriko."

The three looked at each other, Before turning back to the instructor.

"Team two: Rai, Omoi and Karui under Chunin Samui."

-Rai POV-

I rose an eyebrow at the team placing, was this rhyme based? If he wasn't in the fold, those three names seemed to go well in a rap.

Running a gloved hand through my white hair, I was wearing an Anbu style top that showed my shoulders and my gloves came just above my elbows.

I wore black pants and over them, I had a white baggy cover, held down to my ankles with bandages, its sides were open so that I could easily reach in to get weapons if needed and Wore black, toe covered sandals.

Being an Orphan, I couldn't get much equipment since I needed to buy necessities, you know... To live... well more like pretending to live.


Name: Rai

Title: None

Age: 12

HP: 2800/2800

Level: 20


Chakra: 1300/1300


Strength: 30

Agility: 24

Vitality: 28

Dexterity: 29

Chakra: 13


Points: 100


Yeah... he had to pretend a lot, eating when I don't need to and drinking when I didn't need to. Mostly at the academy, in the confines of my room, I would be doing exercises but my twelve-year-old body couldn't be pushed that far. contrary to belief, You levelling up didn't solve everything. Most of the students were in levels nineteen and below, here at least.

Some more talented were level twenty and up, and all of them were clan children.

I sat and waited for the teacher to finish the assignments, it took a few more minutes until he bid everyone a final goodbye and left the classroom.

Now I had lunch and then come back here for the team captains to pick us up.

thirty whole minutes to do whatever I want.

With a sigh, I stood up and headed toward the door, fiddling with my headband.

How do people get used to this? it's itchy as hell.

The next thirty minutes were spent Lazing around, Though I did have twelve leaves on my face.


Leaf sticking exercise Lvl: 19

-Stick a leaf to your body and keep it in place with chakra. Cost decreases each time chakra control levels up.

+10% Exp gain to chakra control.

Cost: 1


I might as well max this out since it's close enough, he should have enough money in a month or so to buy custom weapons for my use.

The ideal situation would have been if he was in Konoha, but meh, I could work with this.

[Leaf sticking exercise has levelled up]

And just like that, the cost was zero.

With a small push, I flipped down to the ground from the tree I was sitting in and dusted off my pants.

Watching the other students walk inside, I just shrugged and walked forward.

Most of the Students would pass, Kumo didn't have many clans so most of the Shinobi forces were civilian turned Ninja, and that was a good thing. Unlike Konoha, where most of the forces were from clans while the civilians got snatched by Danzo.

Kumo probably had more ninjas than the rest of the nations, I never checked.

Sitting down in my seat at the back of the classroom, he observed everyone else.

It was kind of funny, in my previous life, sitting back in class meant that the student was most likely lazy and didn't want to be spotted. While here, it meant that no one was behind me so I couldn't get backstabbed.

A woman came inside the classroom, her brown hair flowing behind her, she turned to the class and spoke up.

"Team one, With me."

And just like that, she left. not sparing anyone a glance.

Not giving a damn about her either, I just waited for a familiar figure to walk in, And she did, Her short hair swaying lightly while she walked, she wore a chunin vest with a skirt that stopped above her knees and she wore high necked sandals and a Red Tanto strapped on her back, right below her tailbone.

"Team two, follow me."

What was with instructors and short orders?

"Follow me" What if I don't? what if I get lost?

Stupid superiors, Some of them have a stick so far up their ass they might as well be a popsicle.

Oh, that was a good one, I need to use that someday.

With a sigh, he followed his commander with his two teammates, zoning out while looking at his skills.

He had the academy three down, at least and Taijutsu was good level 47... The number of kids I beat the crap out of is beyond the roof.

we arrived at the Training ground five... and just stood there for a minute, looking at each other. I'm pretty sure she was sizing us up, seeing any obvious information even though she most probably read their files.

"My name is Samui, I specialize in Kenjutsu, Taijutsu and support, Omoi, introduce yourself."

The said boy sighed and repositioned his sucker.

"My name is Omoi, I specialize in Kenjutsu and Recently started learning Lightning Jutsu."

Samui looked over at Karui, who had her arms crossed, motioning her to start.

"I'm Karui, I specialize in Kenjutsu and I have a few lightning jutsu..."

She deadpanned, seeing the pattern here. I could see it too, and my affinity was lightning, too.

When she looked over at me, I just shrugged.

"My name is Rai, I specialize in Taijutsu for now, im good at shurikenjutsu-"

Karui huffed at me, interrupting my introduction.

"That's bullshit! You hit a target from our classroom to prove a point sooner rather than later! You were reading while you did it too!"

...Yeah, not my best moment in life.

"Anyway, My affinity is Lightning-"

Samui rose an eyebrow but remained silent, However, Omoi didn't have the same self-restraint.

"How do you know your affinity?"

I swear to god if someone interrupts me again, I'll stab someone.

"I uh, Found a piece of paper when taking a late night stroll when I couldn't sleep, It was a chakra paper apparently and since no one was there I couldn't just go looking around, so I channelled chakra through it."

Omoi just nodded at that, looking a little thoughtful.

"I'm Good at chakra control too."

And that was true, I worked my ass off for this,


Chakra control Lvl: 43

-Spend less chakra on each move you perform.

-57% of chakra wasted.


Tree walking exercise Lvl: 38

-Use your chakra to stick to any flat surface.

+25% exp gain to chakra control. The cost goes down when levelled up.

Cost: 26


He was going to give Tsunade a run for her money... soon enough.

"Alright, every team gets a month of probation period, If I deem you unprepared for being a Genin, you're going back to the academy, just in time for a new year to start."

So there isn't a teamwork test, but they are giving us a month to prove ourselves capable of working together. That was smart, At least no one can pass it accidentally... Like some other trio, I know.

"We are going to start on missions tomorrow, So get ready."

The small smirk she had was kind of unnerving... Did Kumo have a certain sibling of a black cat that was currently in Konoha?


Apparently, they did.

Right now, I was following my two teammates from the rooftops, to try and cut it off.

He now knew why these cats liked to run off. Apparently, these little fuckers were called the Nekosho, they could passively use Nature chakra but they didn't have chakra systems.

So the felines got scared because they could feel the evil in people... Apparently, that is why nobels kept them around and why the cats ran away so much, The politicians were all evil, they couldn't stand being in the same room... but I'm not exactly innocent now am I?

With a small application of chakra to the legs, I dashed in front of the cat... and It promptly froze, petrified, and fell over...

The hell?


When the other two came over, they looked at the petrified cat... then at me... then at the petrified cat.

"...Did you use a genjutsu... or something?"

"Yeah, dude, catching this thing will be easier if you can manage to pull it off in the future."

They had no idea!

...And would the mission be accepted if they returned a petrified cat?

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