Naruto: Hidden Mist's Great Blacksmith

Transmigrating to the Naruto world, yet starting off in the troubled Hidden Mist Village during the bloody mist policy. Uehara Soma found his survival at risk. But luckily, he awakened the Blacksmith System where Completing forging and receive rewards. Since that day, the famous ninjas swords became no different that ordinary swords... 【Successfully forged Kirito's Sword, gaining 300 swordsmanship experience.】 【Successfully forged Murasame, obtained Excellent Water Talent】 ... From then on, the Hidden Mist Village officially entered the era of ninja swordsmanship. The history of the Hidden Mist Seven being defeated by a mere Konoha Genin will never repeat! ... You can read up to 50 Advanced chapters and support me at patreon.com/Lookar ... This is a Translation Original name: 雾隐锻造师,重铸忍刀流荣光!

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Chapter 66: The Zenin Sisters

Immediately, a scene appeared before the three of them.

A pair of twins, born into a large family, but from birth, they were rejected.

The Twins Entangled.

This would lead to both twins' talents being affected.

The older sister was born without any Cursed Energy talent and was despised by her family.

The younger sister's situation was a little better, but not by much.

Both of them were despised by their clan.

Both were hated by their father, feeling ashamed of having daughters.

Biwa Juzo and Ao frowned upon seeing this.

Even in the ruthless and bloody environment of the Hidden Mist Village, it was rare to treat children so harshly just because of their lack of talent.

Not long after, the older sister left the clan to seek strength elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the younger sister stayed within the clan, but her days were not pleasant.

Until one day, out of the blue, the older sister returned home because of something.

It was at this moment that their father appeared.

He ambushed the older sister, leaving her severely injured.

Afterwards, he threw both the older sister and the younger sister into a secret room filled with monsters.

Faced with this situation, the younger sister chose to sacrifice herself.

With her death, she broke free from the entanglement of the twins.

The older sister gained the talents and strength she should have had, then fought her way out.

She killed their father.

She killed many members of the clan.

Blood stained the ground.

But the younger sister could never come back.

"I want you to help me save my sister."

Uehara Soma nodded in agreement.


The girl's figure gradually disappeared.

Uehara Soma looked towards a mansion not far away.

"Ao-senpai, please use the Byakugan to check the situation inside."


Ao turned towards the direction of the Zenin family mansion and concentrated chakra into his right eye.


In the next moment, veins bulged beside Ao's right eye.

The scene in Ao's line of sight suddenly changed.

Observation, penetration.

The situation of the entire Zenin family mansion was all within Ao's line of sight, clearly visible, including the buildings inside and the people, with no mistakes.

After a moment, Ao withdrew his gaze and deactivated the Byakugan.

In the Zenin family mansion, a middle-aged man looked up through the window and frowned.

"Is it an illusion?"

Ao quickly relayed the current situation of the Zenin family mansion to Uehara Soma and Biwa Juzo.

"The two girls are now in the underground basement full of monsters. There are many patrols around the mansion, but we don't know their strength."

Cursed Energy and Chakra are different systems.

Just by using the Byakugan, one cannot judge the opponent's strength.

Uehara Soma said, "Our goal is to rescue those two girls. If possible, there's no need to engage in combat with them. Ao-senpai, is there any underground waterway near the basement?"

"There is!"

"Just less than ten meters below, there's an underground waterway."

Ao said.

Biwa Juzo immediately understood Uehara Soma's idea.

"Leaving through the underground waterway is a good choice. We Hidden Mist Village ninjas are all skilled in Water Release. We don't know the strength of these people, but underwater is an advantageous environment for us."

Ao nodded.

"So, Soma, you wait from a distance. Juzo and I will go now."

Uehara Soma shook his head.

"Ao-senpai, let me go with Juzo-senpai. You can attract attention in another direction."

Ao hesitated.

"You're going to the Zenin family yourself? Soma, it's too risky for you, and your Water Release..."

Ao's understanding of Uehara Soma was limited to the Forging Technique.

Very strong, has already forged many Excellent Ninjatos.

Moreover, has extremely precise operational skills, capable of performing surgeries even beyond what medical ninjas can do.

"Ao, let's go with Soma's plan. With that arrangement, the probability of success will be higher, and overall safety will be higher too. As for Soma's Water Release, you don't need to worry at all."

"There will be absolutely no problem."

Biwa Juzo understood Uehara Soma much more.

Uehara Soma's talent in Water Release ranks among the best in the entire history of the Hidden Mist Village.

It's just that currently, the basic attributes are slightly lacking in accumulation.

But it's also at the level of a Chunin.

Ao showed a somewhat surprised expression and glanced at Biwa Juzo.

After some hesitation, he nodded.


"Ao-senpai, then please, when Juzo-senpai and I reach below the basement or when we alert the people inside, create a huge disturbance to attract their attention and give us a chance."


With that said, Uehara Soma and Biwa Juzo found an entrance to the underground waterway and slipped in.

A foul smell greeted them.

"Soma, are you okay?"

Biwa Juzo wasn't worried about himself.

Having been a ninja for so many years, Biwa Juzo had encountered much worse situations.

"I'm fine."

Uehara Soma shook his head.

"During the forging process, there are often unpleasant odors, and besides, I'm a ninja too."

"Juzo-senpai, don't worry about me. Let's hurry, time may be running out."

Biwa Juzo nodded.

The two of them instantly sped up.

Before they arrived, Ao had already used the Byakugan to help them plan their route.

That's the advantage of the Byakugan.

Just by standing at a distance, you can collect all the information, plan ahead, and turn the passive situation into an active one.

Uehara Soma increasingly felt that recruiting Ao as the third enforcer instead of Mayuko Ringo was the right choice.

Even if another ninja with overall stronger abilities than Ao were to come, their impact wouldn't be as significant as Ao's.

"That's why the ninja world covets the Byakugan so much."

"As for the Sharingan, despite being another Kekkei Genkai, other ninja villages don't desire it as much."

The Byakugan can enhance the overall potential of an entire team, while the Sharingan often only enhances the individual strength of the user.

Of course, when it comes to the Mangekyo Sharingan level, it's a different story.

Just as Uehara Soma and Biwa Juzo officially entered the underground area of the Zenin mansion.

Ao noticed that something seemed to have been triggered within the Zenin mansion.

At the same time, Uehara Soma and Biwa Juzo felt it too.

The two exchanged glances.

"We need to hurry!"

However, this was not beyond the two's expectations.

As a prominent family like the Zenin, having special security measures at the mansion was quite normal.

Therefore, Uehara Soma was the one to inform Ao to create a disturbance if they startled anyone inside.

Ao stood in a corner, gazing towards the direction of the Zenin mansion, then flicked his wrist.

Two kunai swiftly flew out.

One aimed towards the main gate, heading for the guards stationed there.

The other was directed towards a more central area of the Zenin mansion.

Both kunai were equipped with explosive tags.


With a loud explosion, all the surrounding gazes were instantly drawn towards the source.

Ao changed his position and moved to another direction.

This time, Ao used shuriken.

There were more of them compared to the kunai, and they were dispersed, curving in various directions towards different areas of the Zenin mansion, each with an explosive tag attached.

A series of explosions resounded.

The entire Zenin household was immediately thrown into chaos.

The vast majority of people were drawn to these sudden explosions.

Meanwhile, Uehara Soma and Biwa Juzo took advantage of this opportunity and had already reached beneath the basement.

"Earth Release, Subterranean Voyage Jutsu!"

Biwa Juzo's figure shot upwards.

Instantly, the ground softened.

Biwa Juzo's form moved like a fish, swimming into the water created by the softened earth.

When he reached the middle, Biwa Juzo placed two explosive tags.

Afterward, he moved to a safe distance.


The tremendous force of the two explosive tags erupted instantly.

The more enclosed the environment, the stronger the impact of the explosion.


A crack appeared, spreading outwards.

It extended in all directions.

A large amount of soil, rocks, and bricks fell downward, dropping into the sewer.

Uehara Soma piled up all the fallen objects in the direction of the upstream flow.

Soon, a passage connecting the Zenin basement and the sewer appeared.

Biwa Juzo and Uehara Soma made their way to the basement.

At this moment, Zenin Maki lay severely injured on the ground.

A determined look appeared in Zenin Mai's eyes, as if she had already made a decision.

The surroundings were filled with curses.

The sudden tremor left Zenin Mai somewhat bewildered.

However, the appearance of Biwa Juzo and Uehara Soma made Zenin Mai alert.

But after considering her current situation, Zenin Mai didn't feel particularly worried.

Her own father had thrown her and her injured sister into this room filled with curses.

Zenin Mai felt that there was nothing worse than this situation.

Uehara Soma rushed towards the severely injured Zenin Maki.

He directly lifted her up.

Then he looked at Zenin Mai.

"We're from Tokyo Metropolitan High School, here to rescue you."

"Don't panic, follow us."

Uehara Soma fabricated a false identity for himself.

Tokyo Metropolitan High School was the school Zenin Maki attended. Given the current situation, it was an identity Zenin Mai could trust, especially since her knowledge of the school was limited.

Therefore, Zenin Mai couldn't determine whether Uehara Soma was lying.

"There's no time!"

After hesitating for a moment, Zenin Mai nodded.

Biwa Juzo came up behind Zenin Mai and grabbed the back of her clothes.

Then, like carrying a little chick, they jumped down the passage leading to the sewer from the basement.


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