Naruto : Hidden Cloud

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Don't you have a lover?


"Sorry about that, I used to have a very pure laugh back in the day, but it all changed because of Matatabi."

"She is a big bad villian you see, she always laughs like this."

Sato coughed and shamelessly stuck the blame on Matatabi.


Who quickly ran out of Yugito's body and headbutted Sato on his stomach.

"Don't slander me!"

"I never like act like a villain, I am the nicest cat you'll ever find."

After declaring her innocence proudly Matatabi's chakra clone vanished, leaving a silent crowd and a very embarrassed Sato.

"...Don't mind her, we'll talk about this later."

"Now we must concentrate on your clan, yes, we must do so immediately."

Everyone silently looked at each other and nodded, they let Sato change the subject to avoid embarrassment.

"Good that you understand the seriousness of the situation!"

Sato nodded happily, thankfully they let him change the topic, matatabi embarrassed him pretty badly just now.

'I'll take revenge for this sooner or later..'

After cursing his friend Matatabi for a while in his head, Sato regained his calm and become serious.

"Itachi, you told Sarutobi Hiruzen about Shisui coming to the hidden cloud right?"

"Did you tell anyone else besides him?"

Itachi shook his head, the first and only person he thought he should tell was the Hokage.

But now that he knew Hokage's true face, he was sad he hadn't told his family before leaving the village.

Of course, Itachi the ever silent boy didn't show his emotions on his face.

"Only the Hokage knows, that means the three elders know about this as well."

"If I am right, they will use this incident to threaten the Uchiha clan."

Sato tapped his finger on the dirt ground.

There were two problems he needed to solve now, Uchiha Shisui running away and the Uchiha clan being threatened.

As for Uchiha's coup, it will automatically stop now that Shisui is no longer there, the same happened in the orginal as well.

So Sato made a simple plan to solve both these issues.

"Itachi, you will return to Konoha and tell everyone that Shisui joined the hidden cloud."

"But make sure to tell them that he didn't betray the hidden leaf."

"He came to the Hidden cloud because it had something Konoha didn't, love!"

Sato snapped his fingers and gave a wide smile.

"Shisui left in search for his long lost girlfriend, this is the story we will go with."

"Shisui, go find a lover in the hidden cloud, nobody can say anything if you left in search of love."

Shisui instantly became red with embarrassment, he yelled at Sato with shame.

"Be serious Sato sama!"

But Sato was serious, he was not joking around.

"I am not kidding, think about it, you left Konoha for your lover, she is a girl from the hidden cloud, you guys met during war and you both fell in love."

"Hidden cloud and Hidden leaf forgot their hatred, a new ray of hope was born with you two!"

"You and your lover prove that peace is possible the between two villages, that there dosen't need to be constant war."

Sato smiled a pure smile while looking at the shocked Itachi and Shisui.

"Now think what Konoha would do when we say it like this? If they call you a rebel ninja then they will be against world peace~"

"It will be as if Konoha wants world wars to happen, Konoha's reputation will go down the drain."

"There is no way the Third Hokage will allow something like that to happen, he likes his reputation far too much."

Shisui and Itachi's eyes bulged, they didn't think something pure like love can be used to threaten world wars.

This was the first time Itachi saw how a Kage was supposed to think.

The third Hokage once said that Itachi thought like a Hokage when he was a kid, but he was lied to!

He was just a innocent manipulated boy, sacrifice wasn't the way a kage was supposed to think, they must be shameless beyond belief instead.

"Do you understand Shisui? Go ahead and find a girl you like, I have a recommendation for you if you want."

"Go look for Samui, I think you two have a lot in common, go on a few dates and see how it works out."

Shisui wanted to hide behind a rock from shame when he heard this plan, he was all red right now.

When he ran away from hidden leaf a while ago, he thought his life would be hard even if Sato saved him.

He thought he would have to hide his indentity, or go on life threatening missions to prove his loyalty.

But what was this? Not only was his problem solved without any bloodshed, he will have a lover out of nowhere!

"Shisui..! You should agree, Sato sama made a genius plan."

"He didn't explain everything that is good with this plan, but it's very obvious."

Itachi looked like a just understood something and looked excited.

His sharp mind had figured out what Sato wanted to do.

"If you have a lover in the hidden cloud, hidden cloud will happily take you in."

"You are essentially giving them a free Uchiha bloodline, only a fool would say no to that."

Itachi's eyes shone, he realised the genius in Sato's plan, not only did he solve Shisui's problems, he also solved Uchiha clan's problems.

"Konoha on the other hand can no longer blame the Uchiha because of you."

"If they blame you for this Shisui, then it's like blaming your lover from the hidden cloud as well."

"Hokage sama won't do something like that, he will fear triggering another war, we are saved Shisui."

"Even the Uchiha clan can't rebel without your support, everyone knows they will lose without your help."

Itachi was excited, he even had a small smile on his paralyzed face.

Shisui heard all the benifits of Sato's plan and helplessly agreed.

"Okay okay, I get it, I will.."

"I will talk to Samui.. I will do it!"

Shisui tried to pump confidence into himself, he never had a romantic relationship before, ever, he had no idea how to do anything in this regard.

But he was willing to give it a try, if Samui was interested in someone like him, he will be very happy and give his all to love her back.

He must get a girlfriend, for world peace!

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