32 Chapter 32

"Hey there, Tsunami," Naruto greeted. It was the middle of the night and the moon was hanging about the sky like a vigilant overseer of the world. "Is everything alright?"

Tsunami nodded, and she breathed out, a bit of mist showing in the air. Another thing that had been different was the time shift of this wave mission. As Naruto remembered, Team 7 had started on this wave mission in spring but now, it was during winter instead…and was probably going to last a lot longer than a month.

She took tentative steps towards him, her feet bare and shivering slightly against the cold. Naruto couldn't help but look at her thick white thighs and calves as they moved and tensed with each step.

He tucked the scroll away and got up to approach her. Once in close proximity, Tsunami found that Naruto's body radiated just enough warmth to banish the coldness in her body.

"Naruto-kun," she addressed.

"Yes?" Naruto responded. "Is something wrong?"

"No, it's just…about this evening…" Tsunami hesitantly muttered underneath her breath.

Naruto thought of what her concerns may be.

"Did you…regret it? Everything that happened between us?" He asked. "We can stop–"

Tsunami shook her head, interrupting him. "No, I…I don't want to stop. That's…that's the problem. I don't know why I am feeling so…attached to you. I know I said that it wasn't personal and only a transaction for relief and strength but…but why is it that everytime I close my eyes, I cannot help but imagine…doing that to you again…"

Naruto gulped, not expecting the conversation to turn out this way.

Tsunami looked so…beautiful in this waning light. The moonlight from the windows reflected off her skin in the best possible way, making her almost glow in ethereal luminescence.

Before Naruto knew what he was doing, his lips closed in on hers and their lips met softly. Tsunami reciprocated the gesture by returning the gentleness he showed her.

They separated after a minute, and Tsunami struggled to catch her breath.

"We…we cannot have sex, Naruto-kun," Tsunami muttered, "As I said, I still love Kaiza."

"Kaiza is gone, Tsunami-chan, and he'd want you to be happy," Naruto responded, "but I can respect your wishes and your boundaries."

Tsunami smiled at him. "Thank you. Although sex is off the table…everything else isn't…but…I would prefer it if I can keep my modesty covered for now…"

Naruto's only response was to take her lips again, letting his tongue slip inside her this time, hearing her gasp. Naruto continued what he had been unable to this evening after being interrupted by his mother. He worked his hands up, slowly and gently up until he was caressing the underside of her bosom.

Tsunami moaned into his mouth at the contact and Naruto took that as permission to do more. He started opening up his hands and then…he groped her. For the first time in his life, he had boobs in his hands. His first time with Sakura had been quick and fast, with no foreplay allowed.

Now…now he was luxuriating in the melons. They were so soft yet firm, firmer than he thought was possible for its size. They were like giant water balloons of flesh. Wonderful, doughy flesh.

Tsunami began to work her hands as well down his chiselled abs, stopping in the journey to explore that part first, before continuing down to caress his hard cock above his pants.

She was letting him get away with her tits…so Naruto wanted more. He gave her melons one last squeeze, squeezing the tips to her pleasure before he placed his hands on the small of her back, slowly bringing them down to her rear.

She…she didn't stop him.

He got to the two deliciously springy large balls of goodness and he kneaded them, bringing her harder against him and making her feel his erection on her stomach. She now placed both her arms behind his neck and brought his lips down harder on hers.

She moaned again, and Naruto silently created a clone to place a privacy ward on the table, activating it before popping without a noise.

He kneaded them harder, bringing her closer. He needed more skin, more contact, more Tsunami.

She bit on his lip from the pleasure she was receiving before falling backwards, bringing him with her in their entanglement onto the dining room table. Naruto looked at the sight of her.

Gods, she was beautiful.

Her blue eyes gazed back at him in an embarrassed innocence that made him want to disregard everything she told him and take her right there…but he didn't. He had self control.

The way she was underneath now, her legs closed tight together from her half-thigh long night dress, her arms wrapped around his neck still, and the way that position squeezed her bosom together. It was like receiving a gift he was meant to unwrap…

…and he would gladly do so.

Naruto reached up to the back of his neck to grab one of her hands, intertwining their fingers together before he brought it back down on the table to the side of her face. He did the same with the other and now it felt like he was holding her down by her hands.

"I…I am inexperienced with the…art of making out. I am not a virgin but my previous partner was never so generous," Naruto admitted. Kushina had given him tips but had drawn the line at physical demonstrations so now was the opportunity to figure things out. "Bear with me."

He kissed her chastely again before working to the corner of her lips then down her cheeks then to her neck. He stayed there, exploring where to kiss and where to suck and nibble to give her the most pleasure. He evaluated his success by the moans he was receiving. Once he found a particular spot that was sensitive to the blue haired milf, he lingered and worshipped it until Tsunami told him to stop so she could catch her breath.

Naruto did, bringing himself up to stare at her panting form. "Are you wearing anything beneath your night dress?"

"S-sorry?" Tsunami said before the question registered in her mind. "Y-yes. My undergarments. Why?"

Naruto smirked at her. "So I can preserve your modesty of course, as was your wish."

Then Naruto brought himself downwards, his face at the level of her knees, letting go of her hands. Then he began kissing on the inside of her thighs, and his first contact had caused her to yelp and twitch. He waited patiently for her to calm down before he did the exact same thing again. This time Tsunami had been ready for it, though she did not know how to feel about it. Naruto was just kissing where he was from the top and her knees were still glued together.

Naruto fixed as he gave her a smile, and placed his hands on her knees.

Tsunami trembled as she watched him slowly spread her legs apart like opening a gate to somewhere he wasn't allowed to enter. He didn't open it fully though, only such that there was enough gap to fit his head through. It was a good thing too as the bottom skirt of her nightdress would have ripped should he have pried her legs apart further.

Naruto stared, fascinated, at the gift he was seeing in front of him. Between those thick juicy thighs were very, very wet blue silk panties, matching the colour of her hair and nightdress. It was so wet that he could slightly see the contours of her pussy. Her smell…it was amazing. Musky yet with a hint of the sea as expected from the people of Wave.

Naruto wanted to taste it. And so he did. He lowered his head until he was practically staring at her pussy from an inch away.

"N–naruto-kun?" Tsunami asked, "What're you–MMPH!"

She was interrupted as Naruto sucked on the bead he'd read so much about suddenly. The clitoris, as his mother explained, was the female's most sensitive erogenous zone, mastering it would take skill and time.

Naruto wanted to master it…and he was starting now.

He sucked and licked, loving the taste of her. He kept going for a minute, only in contact with her panties and not dirently on the real thing.

Then he stopped to breathe. "Ne, Tsunami-chan. This is fine, right? It's not sex and your modesty is still preserved over the panties…"

Tsunami, who had been enjoying his tongue only meekly nodded.

So Naruto kept going. He wasn't experienced but he had deep theoretical knowledge from his studies of anatomy and Kushina's lessons. And was a fast learner…a very fast learner.

It took him about five minutes to figure out how much pressure, how much contact, how fast to flick his tongue to Tsunami's preferences and before he knew it, he felt a pair of hands clench his hair as Tsunami gave out a small shriek in ecstasy. Then she realised how loud she was and covered her mouth with her hand, panicking.

Naruto chuckled. "It's alright. I had a clone put up a privacy ward around our vicinity. No one will hear you."

Tsunami looked relieved. "Naruto-kun…this…this isn't a requirement on your part. I'm already getting repaid more than I gave from your semen. You don't have to do this."

Naruto smiled before crawling back up so that his face was above hers. He took off his blindfold again after activating the Izanagi seal. He loved this eye contact thing as it always seemed to hold Tsunami in place. "I didn't have to do it…but I wanted to."

He gave her a quick kiss, making her blush. "I really, really wanted to."

He gave her another kiss, deeper and longer, before pulling back, leaving her panting. "You tasted so good. I want to do it again…but for now."

Tsunami yelped as Naruto lifted her legs up from the underside of her knees and placed them on his shoulders. Then he dragged down the skirt of her nightgown until it went past her waist and ended up bunched in her hips, exposing her panties.

"Naruto-kun?" Tsunami called out.

"Don't worry, Tsunami-chan, I'm only just going to use the friction. You said no sex, so they'll be no sex," Naruto said. "I respect you too much to go against your wishes."

Tsunami blushed.

"You don't mind if I do this, do you?" Naruto unbuttoned his pants and pulled it down with his undies just enough to let his hardened cock spring free. Then he proceeded to place said cock right over Tsunami's pantyclad pussy, getting it as close as possible to her flower.

Tsunami's stomach fluttered in anticipation. She felt…safe in Naruto's arms and she truly did not believe that he would do anything that she said she didn't want. She was sure that if she said to stop, he'd no doubt do as he was told.

But…but this was fine…right? It wasn't sex so it wasn't infidelity to her true love.

Yes…this was just…pretend sex. That was all.

Naruto started to grind against her sex, his cock so warm that it was felt through the thin silk fabric of her panties. Such material was rare, especially for Wave, but Kaiza had given it to her once upon a time. Now…now she was wearing it for another man…


…And she didn't even feel bad about it as Naruto's precum had leaked through the thin silk and had come into contact with her clit.

Tsunami yelped as a new feeling of pleasure coursed through her.

'Why–ah–wha am I so–ah oh Kami–why am I so sensitive?'

Even though they weren't even having sex, this was the most pleasure she'd felt since…since ever. This was even better than the sex she'd had with her former husband and they weren't incompetent at their jobs. It was probably to do with Naruto's magic cum again. She felt ten times more sensitive than before.

"Naruto-kuuun!" Tsunami moaned as she came. Naruto kept sawing himself on her like her pussy was a piece of wood. Her climax chained into multiple and before long she was tapping him on the chest frantically.

"Ah! Too–too much–AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" She screamed as her chained organsms crescendoed into one ginormous one, more intense than anything she'd ever felt in her life. It was like she was punched in the gut with a hammer made of ecstasy.

She rode that orgasm like a giant wave and she felt Naruto release himself onto her stomach. She didn't even care about scooping it up and gaining strength from his seed, she just cared about…about…about how good she currently felt.

Naruto adjusted her leg's positions as he got her right foot off his left shoulder and moved to his right to stay where her other leg was hanging. Now her thighs were shut tight together and practically sandwiched his cock, causing even more friction.

The climax that had just started to die down, rose back up again and she feared that she'd let the entirety of Wave know just how good she felt even if the privacy wards were up.

"Oh! Kami! Don't! Stop! Ah! Ah! Ah! Feels! So! Good!" She got out between each thrust as her climax still cycled back and forth between spiking in pleasure and dying down.

Naruto grunted as he came yet again and this time his cum flew all the way to the bottom of her tits.

Her orgasm finally died after five minutes and she just slumped, practically out of energy.

"I'm…I'm going to sleep well tonight…" she muttered. "Though I'm going to need a bath again…"

Naruto chuckled as he watched her go…before she stopped.

She turned back to him, blushing a bit. "I…I forgot to take some inside me…"

Naruto could only raise both his eyebrows as she came right back to him. He'd been pulling his pants back up but she stopped it from happening as her hands caught his.

Her lips were then on his cock and she began blowing him in earnest.

Naruto found that Tsunami…really liked to give sudden blowjobs…

Then, it was at that moment that Naruto heard footsteps coming down. Initially, he thought it was his mother but after pinging the person with his Uzumaki senses he found that it was…


Thinking fast, Naruto did what he could to not make this situation completely awkward.

Tsunami was confused at the sudden tensing of her partner before she, too, heard those all too familiar light steps. It was…her son.

She took her mouth off Naruto's cock too late as she quickly turned and stared wide-eyed at that visage of her son staring right at them.


Tsunami froze, mortified beyond all belief. This was…this was a terrible position to be caught in.

"I–Inari-chan," Tsunami said, her voice shaking. "I–I can explain."

Then, Inari's gaze slipped off of them as he yawned as if he didn't just see his mother sucking off the shinobi hired to protect his family.

A Naruto clone popped up from the living room. "Yo Inari! Whatcha doing up so late?"

Inari rubbed his eyes. "Needed some water, Naruto-niisan."

Tsunami's shocked gaze snapped to Naruto, the original one who still had his dick in front of her face, looking for an explanation.

"It's a genjutsu. I just made us invisible to him and the privacy seal blocked any sound or smell within our immediate area. As long as we don't move from this spot, he won't see us, he won't know."

Tsunami saw Naruto's clone guide Inari away from them and towards the kitchen for his cup of water. The two talked about life in Wave as well as their hopes for the future. For the first time in a long time, Tsunami watched as Inari smiled with hope and belief. She wasn't sure what Naruto did to convince her son that he could trust him to free Wave from Gato, but it was incredible to see how Inari looked so happy…

Naruto, too, was listening to the conversation the clone was having with Inari. Slowly but surely life was coming back into the boy and the enthusiastic bright kid beneath was beginning to shine through.

Then he felt something wet lick the tip of his dick and he turned wide-eyed to the blushing Tsunami.

"They…they won't hear us if we stay here right?"

Naruto gulped but nodded.

Tsunami continued, slowly, much more so than her pace earlier. She gave him sensual sucks and licks to remain quiet enough to still hear what her son and his clone were talking about.

"Thank you for training my Mom, Naruto-niisan," Inari said, "She seems…more lively these days."

Naruto's clone smiled at Inari. "Your mother is an incredible woman, Inari-kun. She'll be as strong as a jonin in no time if she keeps training. She'll eventually be able to protect you from anyone that might wish you harm."

The original Naruto was embarrassed as the clone didn't have Naruto's current memories right now. Current memories which showed that Tsunami was still sucking his dick and his precious appendage was currently stuck between two rows of enamels ready to bite down.

But Tsunami began sucking more eagerly hearing his compliments, going deeper until she got as deep as she could.

"Umu! That's right! My mom is awesome!" Inari said.

Naruto's clone chuckled and ruffled Inari's hair. "Alright, you've got your water now. Off you go, kiddo."

Inari grumbled at his messy hair but he made his way upstairs. Before he was gone though he turned around to Naruto's clone once more. "Thank you for taking care of my family, Naruto-niisan. Good night."

With that, the boy was gone.

The clone popped and Naruto received a rush of memories back into him that he quickly processed in less than a millisecond.

That rush of memories paled in comparison to the upturn in intensity in which Tsunami was blowing him off. She had this…passion that she was so missing before.

"You're–mm–so–mm–good–mm–with Inari," She got out between sucks, then she grabbed Naruto's hips and deep throated him, going further than she ever had before.

She began choking and the sensation made Naruto's balls clench. Tsunami had tried but she could only go a bit further than halfway down his eight and a half incher. She may be learning shinobi-arts from them but she was no shinobi yet.

But her effort said it all.

Naruto blew his load into her and watched Tsunami drink it up like a delicious beverage.

She came along with him of course, especially after how much Naruto serviced her previously.

She felt herself getting stronger once again, his magic cum filling up her core and expanding her chakra reserves permanently. Her aches and pains were already gone from their…session this evening but her body felt rejuvenated once more. She sucked gently up and down his shaft as she waited for him to come down from his climax. It took a minute, which was a lot longer than a regular person, but she didn't mind it one bit.

When he was done, she gave him one last suck before detaching her mouth from his cock with a pop. She then kissed his tip one last time before standing up on shaky knees.

"I must get going now, Naruto-kun," Tsunami said, a blush now permanently on her cheeks, "I have to get up early tomorrow and make breakfast for the family."

Naruto smiled at her as he finally pulled his pants up.

Before Tsunami could go however, he grabbed her arms and pulled her back to him in an embrace.

Tsunami yelped and her blue eyes were saucers as she stared up at him. "Naruto-kun? Wh–MMPH!"

Naruto gave her a fierce kiss that turned her already weak knees into jelly.

When he released her, she had a glazed look on her face.

Naruto chuckled. "Goodnight, Tsunami-chan."


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