238 Chapter 804: Red-haired Girl

Originally, Hiashi, who is a Konoha Shinobi, should not tell Samui about these things.

But as someone who knew that Rifan had invited Fugaku, Hiashi decided to tell Samui.

Although Samui is a ninja of Cloud Shinobi Village, she is also a disciple of Rifan.

In addition, Rifan has just saved Hizashi's death, and it is reasonable for Hiashi to tell Samui about these things.

So that Samui can tell Rifan.

"It seems that I need to go to Konoha."

Pakura said.

"Go ahead, if Fugaku decides to go to Mist Shinobi, take them there."

"But I don't plan to let those guys know the location of my mansion for the time being, so I'll trouble you to send them there Pakura."

Rifan laughed.

With his disciples and capable disciples helping to deal with it, Rifan is naturally happy and relaxed.

"I'll do that, Teacher."

Although Pakura felt a little pity for not being able to accompany Rifan for the time being, compared to this, she want to be able to complete Rifan's mission properly,

After solemn assurance with Rifan, Pakura teleported directly to Konoha through the teleportation array hidden in Konoha.

And prepare to observe the situation of the Konoha and Uchiha clan at any time.

"Samui, you should have something to say."

After Pakura left, Rifan smiled and looked at Samui next to him.

"I can't hide anything from you, teacher."

Samui pursed her lips and said:

"Before I left Konoha, the head of Hyūga asked me vaguely.

"He wants to ask if you would like to take Hyūga Hinata as your disciple."

Although Hiashi didn't say it clearly, Samui is not stupid either.

She could still hear Hiashi's hints.


"Forget it."

"I have no plans to accept outer disciples for the time being."

"If she can get my disciple token, I can accept her as my official disciple."

Rifan shook his head.

At the same time, he also sighed in his heart.

After so much time has passed, the two disciple tokens scattered in the ninja world have not been found by anyone.

'When the golden list disappeared, did my luck also deteriorate?'

Rifan muttered to himself.

But at this moment, a picture appeared in Rifan's mind.

"Oh, interesting."

"Teacher Rifan, what's wrong?"

"It's nothing, you may have another junior sister soon."

"Junior sister? Could it be that someone picked up your disciple token?"

"Hehe. Although she is younger than Guren, she should be a good person."

Rifan laughed.

In his eyes, a 9-year-old girl with red hair and ragged clothes was walking on the border of the Country of Grass at this moment.

And in her hand, she was holding the disciple token of Rifan.

"Younger than me?"

Hearing Rifan's words, Guren immediately jumped up and came to Rifan.

"Well, in terms of age, she should be a year or two younger than you."

Rifan smiled and suddenly realized something and turned to look at Samui:

"That's right, Samui."

"The destruction of the country of uzumaki should have nothing to do with you right?"

Hearing Rifan's words, Samui frowned slightly:

"Why did Teacher Rifan ask this? Could it be that the person who picked up your token is from the destroyed country of Uzumaki?"

"Well, it shouldn't be wrong, with her red hair, she must be the descendant of the Uzumaki clan."

"This... The Land of Thunder was indeed involved in the collapse of the country of Uzumaki."

Samui felt a little embarrassed, although the collapse of the Uzushiogakure was a long time ago, and she herself did not participate in it.

But the younger sister who is about to come is actually from the country of the Uzumaki that was destroyed, and Samui will inevitably feel a little awkward.

"The Uzushiogakure was attacked by the surrounding countries, and the country of thunder, the country of wind, and the country of water all participated in it."

"However, the strange thing is that the country of fire and the country of vortex are allies, but they did not send ninjas to support them at that time."

"Mabui once told me that Konoha's ninjas were actually able to reach the country of Uzumaki, but they didn't help or support the uzumaki clan."

"If they help them at that time, perhaps the country of the Uzumaki will not be destroyed."

Hearing this, Rifan nodded:

"Perhaps, the destruction of the country of Uzumaki is also within Konoha's expectations."

"Forget it, let's bring this child here first, so as not to starve her to death."

"I hope she doesn't hate you, Cloud Shinobi, and the Mist Shinobi."

When the words fell, Rifan snapped his fingers, and a 9-year-old girl with a height of about 1.3 meters appeared in front of Rifan and others.

"Huh? I... where?"

The red-haired girl pushed her somewhat broken eyes and raised her head strangely.

"You... are you Rifan?"

"It's me, so who are you, little girl?"

Rifan leaned down, smiling and asking questions.

"I... I am Uzumaki Karin."

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