162 Chapter 728: Next Disciple? 

"You mean this."

Sasori took out the token from his body.

"This is something I found on the road when Konan brought me here."

"What, Orochimaru knows what this thing is?"

"I have studied it, and it seems that this thing is not inferior to any material in the ninja world."

Sasori narrowed his eyes, his eyes fixed on Orochimaru.

When he got this thing, he just wanted to study the material of the token.

So that he can develop a more powerful puppet.

However, the past few days have passed, and no matter what method he uses, he has not been able to analyze the material of this token.

Seeing Orochimaru's reaction to the token now, he can't help but think

Orochimaru knows something.

Although not too familiar with Orochimaru, Sasori understands that Orochimaru is not a person who cares about something casually.

Anything that can make him surprised is definitely not an ordinary thing.

Not only Sasori knew this, but everyone in the room knew it too.

At this moment, they saw Sasori take out the token.

Konan, Payne, and others all set their sights on this simple token.

At first glance, there is nothing special about this token.

But Payne's Rinnegan told him it wasn't easy.

'Sure enough, it was the token that little girl once got!'

Orochimaru glanced at the disciple token, and quickly determined the thoughts in his heart.

At this time, his heart couldn't help being a little excited.

If this thing is really what he thinks, it is a prerequisite for Rifan to accept a disciple!

Maybe he can get closer to Rifan with this in order to gain power!

Orochimaru took a small breath, trying to keep his expression flat.

He opened his mouth and said to Sasori:

"It's something I do know, something that a very important person I know has."

"Oh, is that so?" Sasori glanced at the token in his hand, "So, are you planning to take this thing back, Orochimaru?"

"If you're willing to give it to me, I'll trade some of my stuff, Sasori."

"To be able to make Orochimaru offer conditions in exchange for this token, I am more and more wanting to study what this thing is."

Sasori smiled and did not choose to give the token in his hand to Orochimaru's hand.

After a little thought, he said to Orochimaru:

"Perhaps, you can first tell me who this thing belongs to, and then I... eh?"

Before Sasori's words were finished, he found that Orochimaru's body turned into a golden light and disappeared into the room.

He raised his eyebrows and looked up at the golden list.

Sure enough, Orochimaru appeared again in the challenge field above the golden list ranking.

On the opposite side of him is Jiraiya, who is one of the Sannin with Orochimaru.

"It's a pity, I still want to have a good talk with Orochimaru."

Sasori shook his head and planned to take back the disciple token.

"Sasori, show me that thing, and I'll study it with my eyes."

At this time, Payne, who had been silent, spoke up.

"You?" Sasori frowned, "Even if you're the leader, you can't take my stuff, can you?"

Even Payne was interested, and Sasori didn't want to hand over the disciple token.

"Sasori, Payne is just taking a look."

Konan said.

Hearing this, Sasori glanced at Konan.

Thinking that after he was defeated by the Third Kazekage, Konan helped him.

After a little thought, he shook his head and threw the disciple token at Konan.

"For your own sake, I'll leave this to you for the time being."

At the same time as the words fell, Konan also raised his hand to catch the disciple token.

Just when she wanted to hand the token to Payne, she found that Payne was no longer in front of her.

Not only is Payne gone, but the rest of Akatsuki's organization is gone too.

Even the dark surroundings became much brighter.

Here, it is clearly not the base of Akatsuki's organization.

"This... time space ninjutsu?!"

Konan's beautiful eyes widened, and she immediately assumed a fighting stance, while her eyes looked around.

Soon, her eyes widened to the maximum when she saw someone familiar.

"You are... Ōtsutsuki Kaguya?!"

"Why did you bring me here?!"


Kaguya, who was watching the movie, glanced at Konan, then turned around and continued to enjoy the movie Rifan prepared for him.

Seeing this scene, Konan couldn't help frowning.

"She didn't pull you here."

"The one who pulled you here is me. Hello Miss."

Suddenly, Konan heard a slightly familiar voice behind her.

She hurriedly turned around and looked behind her; if not Rifan, who could it be?

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