138 Chapter 704: Sunagakure Village's worries

[Muu: Onoki, he has really grown up. He is much more proficient in using Dust Release than me, no wonder his ranking is higher than mine. ]

[Gengetsu Hozuki: This is also good, if the juniors are stronger than us, we can feel a lot more at ease. ]

[Third Kazekage: As expected of a young Onoki, he was able to reach this level. Sarutobi Hiruzen is also very powerful. Even though I have seen his battle once, it is still difficult for me to deal with it. ]

[Pakura: It's just a small fight. ]

[Third Kazekage: As expected of the Fifth Kazekage Pakura, saying such a fierce fight a small fight. ]

[Pakura: I've said it many times, don't call me Fifth Kazekage, I'm just a temporary Kazekage. After I get what I want, Sunagakure can give it to anyone who wants it. ]

[Third Kazekage: This... can't this be negotiated?]

Third Kazekage is a little annoyed that Terumi Mei loves her village so much, and tries to recruit troops for the village.

But when it comes to Pakura, why did she act so indifferent to her village?

Of course, it wasn't Pakura that Third Kazekage was annoyed with, the object of his annoyance was - Fourth Kazekage.

Annoyed that Fourth Kazekage took Pakura as a political victim.

If it weren't for this, Pakura would never be as impatient giving away the Kage position as she is now.

Pakura can be said to be the strongest existence among Rifan's disciples, if Sunagakure can't keep Pakura, Sunagakure will definitely be in trouble.

Third Kazekage hopes that he can come to Sunagakure and teach his successors a lesson.

Not only Third Kazekage, due to Pakura's dislike of Sunagakure was once again seen on the Golden List,

Sunagakure's executives were even more panicked.

But seeing Pakura's closed door, they didn't dare to disturb Pakura.

They worry that if they don't handle it well, it will make Pakura hate Sunagakure even more.

"Chiyo, do you have any good ideas?"

"Yeah, Fourth Kazekage is still in the hospital, and you can imagine what the situation in the village will be like if we lose Pakura-sama."

"If others think that Sunagakure was abandoned by Pakura-sama, the daimyo will definitely blame us."

"It's not just the daimyo, I'm afraid other villages will attack us."

Listening to the discussions around her, Chiyo frowned closer and closer.

"Stop, you nasty bastards!"

"Do you only make noise in front of an old woman like me?!"

"If you have the courage, you might as well knock on Pakura's door!"

When Chiyo's voice fell, the ninjas and elders who had just spoken lowered their heads, not daring to look at Chiyo.

Now in the village, excluding Pakura, except for Fourth Kazekage, there is only a Kage-level ninja-like Granny Chiyo.

If Chiyo is angry at this time, who knows what she will do?

"A bunch of cowards, if you knew this earlier, why did you elders instigate Fourth Kazekage to send Pakura to Kirigakure as a political victim?"

"When Pakura is needed now, you're like this!? Because of a bunch of trash like you, the village has become like this!"

"Want Pakura to stay? Well, you guys who agreed to harm Pakura in the first place, stand up for me, and honestly send your head to Pakura.

"For the sake of your heads, perhaps she will choose to stay."

"How about it, although you have sacrificed, the situation in the village will at least become extremely favorable, won't it?"

Hearing this, some of the elders lowered their heads lower, for fear that they would meet Chiyo's eyes.

That's right, although it was the Fourth Kazekage who ordered Pakura to be a political victim.

However, some of the elders' support is indispensable.

In other words, they were also the murderers who killed Pakura.

Thinking that Terumi Mei of Kirigakure once said on the Golden List that the Kirigakure ninja who had harmed Pakura had been executed, these elders who harmed Pakura became extremely disturbed.

Who is Terumi Mei? She is the same as Pakura, Rifan's disciple.

But even so, Terumi Mei still needs to hand over those ninjas who harmed Pakura.

And those who supported Fourth Kazekage in the first place didn't have the identity of Rifan.

Realizing this, the bodies of these elders could not stop shaking.

"Hmph, you said it was for the sake of the village, but you backed away at this time?"

"You cowards. How dare you tell Pakura to stay?"

"If she really wants to stay, you guys have to worry about whether she will finish all of you."

Chiyo shook her head in disappointment and turned her attention to Pakura's door.

"Hey! When did Pakura's door open?"


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