36 Chapter 602: Victory for Third Kazekage

Hearing Chiyo's words, Rifan didn't say anything yet.

Yashamaru, who was beside her, looked at her in surprise.

"Be my disciple?" Rifan's mouth twitched, "I'm sorry, but to become my disciple, you need to meet two conditions."

"Now you, one of the conditions has not been met."

Although Rifan does not reject aged folks as his disciples.

Just like Zephyr in the world of pirates, Rifan intends to accept him as his official disciple.

Otherwise, he would not be allowed to become his outer disciple first.

But Chiyo is not the same as Zephyr, Zephyr is a good person, but Chiyo is not necessarily.

Rather, there are not many people in the ninja world who can be considered truly good people.

The Ninja world, after all, is a world wrapped in hatred.

"Give it up, Chiyo, instead of becoming my disciple, in order to obtain a high level resurrection scroll."

"It's better to think about how to get items related to resurrection in the subsequent Golden List Rankings.

"Or, think about whether you can get a certain reward first, and then use the reward to exchange for resurrection items."

Rifan waved his hand.

"This time, I will not give or exchange the high-level resurrection scroll in my hand."

Hearing Rifan's words, Chiyo was extremely disappointed.

But no matter how disappointed she was, she didn't dare to look for Rifan's in a hard way.

"Wait, Lord Rifan, after listening to you, do you think there will be other lists after the [Kage Ninja List]?!"

Chiyo asked tentatively.

"There should be." Rifan looked at the golden list in the sky.

'After all, there are many types of lists in the Pirate World, and it makes no sense to come to the Ninja World and just make one list.'

Rifan thought to himself.

Chiyo took a deep breath. Although she was disappointed, she also had some vague hopes for the future list.

"Eto…Lord Rifan, can I speak?"

Suddenly, Temari, who was pushed in front of Yashamaru, spoke up.

"You're… little Temari." Rifan looked at Temari with interest, "What's wrong?'

Although Temari in front of him is still young, just looking at her hairstyle, the name Temari appeared directly in Rifan's mind.


Watched by Rifan, Temari lowered her head nervously, and couldn't form a word to say.

"Lord Rifan..." Seeing Temari's appearance, Yashamaru stepped forward.

He first looked at Pakura in the kitchen, and then he mustered up his courage and said, "We want to ask about the Fourth Kazekage if he will be okay."

"You're asking about that man?" Rifan's mouth curled up, "You shouldn't ask me something about this, you should ask Pakura."

Just kidding, that was Pakura's enemy, how could Rifan care about him.

In a way, the Fourth Kazekage is second only to the Third Hokage in terms of darkness.


Hearing Rifan's words, Yashamaru's face froze, then he smiled awkwardly and closed his mouth.

"Then, what about Gaara? Gaara didn't do anything wrong!"

At this time, Temari finally summoned up the courage to ask Rifan.

"Gaara." Rifan rubbed his chin, thinking of the little boy who was caught up in Pakura's burst of energy.

After coming to Sunagakure, Rifan released his perception and observed Gaara.

In the same way, he also saw the Tailed Beast Sealing Technique with extremely poor technical skills on Gaara.

"Don't worry, he'll be fine."

"Pakura just moved her hands on the Tailed Beast in his body, he himself will be fine."

"And I reinforced the seal on him by the way, and the child will have no problem sleeping in the future."

Rifan said casually.

"Teacher Rifan, you are too kind."

Pakura came out with a stack of side dishes.

In order not to make Rifan wait too long, Pakura deliberately used ninjutsu to speed up the cooking.

"I saw it, so I just reinforced him." Rifan's mouth twitched, "Children should get more sleep."

"If you don't get enough sleep because of the failure of the tailed beast seal, it will affect your growth."

Hearing Rifan's words, Temari breathed a sigh of relief.

Although there may still be something wrong with her father, at least her little brother will be fine.

"The battle on the Golden List is coming to an end."

"Looks like the Third Kazekage will win."

Terumi Mei came out of the kitchen with another stack of dishes.

"Third Kazekage is the strongest Kazekage ever, after all, after dying in Sasori's hands once, he must be very cautious."

"So it's normal for Sasori to lose."

As if to confirm Rifan's words, just after he finished speaking, there was a new hint on the golden list.

——Sasori Vs Third Kazekage, Winner, the Third Kazekage

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