Naruto : Gold List Exposes Me

Yasao found himself transported to the world of Naruto, equipped with a unique deduction system that granted him the uncanny ability to analyze and acquire the powers from any anime. In this new world, he had the power to summon and nurture various creatures as his companions. Among his chosen allies were Kumoko, Beerus, Fox Demon, and even Godzilla. What set Yasao apart, however, was his unparalleled craftsmanship. The weapons he forged by hand exceeded the quality of even the legendary weapons of the Sage of Six Paths of the ninja world. Gradually, he established enigmatic factions, each one more secretive and powerful than the last. His personal strength grew to rival even Kaguya Otsutsuki. But one fateful day, a live broadcast emerged, unveiling the taijutsu skills, weaponry, pets, and apprentices from every corner of the ninja world. And in that moment, Yasao, who had been shrouded in secrecy, was revealed. It was then that everyone realized that he was the enigmatic mastermind behind the scenes, the true puppeteer pulling the strings in the ninja world!

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Chapter 136 : Ginkikaku?

Golden List Live Room.

[White Snake Sage: The Six Paths Ranking is finally about to open!

[Garaga: Granny, my strength surpasses yours anyway.

[White Snake Sage: Oh, that's not necessarily true. My strength has improved significantly. Maybe I've surpassed you!"

[Garaga: You're dreaming!]

[Senju Hashirama: I've already reached the Six Paths level, but unfortunately, I can't make it onto the Six Paths list this time!]

[Fourth Raikage: We strongly request that those of us who are new to the Six Paths level be allowed to enter the list.]

[Third Tsuchikage: It would be unfair if you could stay on the list. It'd be nice to have you on the Six Paths list after the next update!]

Soon, the Six Paths list will be updated.

A figure appeared on the screen of the live broadcast room.

Clearly, even if one were to rank last on the Six Paths list this time, there would still be a portrait. It speaks volumes about the caliber of those on the Six Paths list, so the rewards this time are definitely substantial.

However, when many saw the figure in the image, they were immediately taken aback, for it wasn't who they had expected.

[Senju Hashirama: Who is this guy, a Six Paths-level powerhouse under Yasao?]

[Fourth Raikage: He seems to have some Ginkaku and some Kinkaku.

[Second Raikage: He bears a striking resemblance to Ginkaku and Kinkaku, but he's not them. How can someone with their strength reach the Six Paths level?)

[Third Raikage: Could he be the descendant of Ginkaku and Kinkaku?)

At this moment, there's no need for everyone to speculate about this figure's identity.

[22nd place on the Six Paths list: Ginkikaku]

Seeing this introduction, everyone was left dumbfounded.

[Fourth Raikage: What's going on? Ginkikaku? Ginkaku Kinkaku, what connection does this person have with you?

[Jiraiya: I remember, Ginkaku and Kinkaku acquired a Fusion earring before. Could it be that they merged and became Ginkikaku?"

[Senju Hashirama: Merging into one person? Quite a spectacle. But they are truly remarkable. Their fusion into a single entity has elevated them to a Six Paths-level powerhouse!)

[Ginkikaku: Yes, I am the fusion of Ginkaku and Kinkaku, and my strength has surged exponentially. However, I've realized there seems to be no way to break this fusion. But that's alright with me, I'm loving it!

[Fourth Raikage: Ginkikaku ranks twenty-second on the Six Paths list. It appears there were only twenty-two Six Paths powerhouses before this one!)

[Tsunade: I crunched the numbers, and it seems the count of known Six Paths levels is roughly the same.]

Just as everyone was still mulling over Ginkaku and Kinkaku fusion, the 21st spot on the Six Paths list was unveiled.


A familiar figure graced the screen, especially for Senju Hashirama, who instantly recognized the person.

[Senju Hashirama: Uchiha Madara claims the 21st spot in the Six Paths ranking. It appears your strength lies at the lower end of the Six Paths level!]

[Uchiha Madara: That's merely the current state. If I were to regain my Rinnegan, my prowess would undoubtedly surpass this ranking. I'd climb a few places for sure!]

[Senju Hashirama: Madara, you're being modest. I thought you'd declare that with your Rinnegan back, you'd vault straight into the top ten of the Six Paths list!]

Uchiha Madara snorted dismissively, offering no retort.

He wasn't foolish; he knew well that the pinnacle of the Six Paths list was undoubtedly dominated by Yasao and the Summoning beasts under his command, and a select few from the Ōtsutsuki clan. How could he contend with such figures?

Despite his arrogance, he possessed self-awareness.

Then, the screen flashed with an introduction.

[21st Place in Six Paths: Uchiha Madara]

Madara's placement in this ranking didn't surprise others; rather, it instilled fear in many. After all, Madara was a Six Paths-level entity, constantly casting a shadow over the ninja world.

In the vast expanse of the ninja world, even amidst the formidable presence of the Six Paths, there exists an air of indifference to the unfolding events.

The looming resurrection of Uchiha Madara threatens to plunge all ninja villages into chaos.

Konoha, bolstered by several Six Paths-level powerhouses, including the indomitable Uzumaki Naruto, stands somewhat resilient against this impending threat. Yet, for those villages devoid of such mighty defenders, apprehension mounts.

"Uchiha Madara's might may pale compared to others at the Six Paths level, but his resurgence poses a significant challenge," murmured Uchiha Obito in secrecy. "Though I've ascended to the Six Paths level myself, confronting him remains uncertain. His revival hinges on elusive artifacts like the resurrection cards, unlikely to be acquired without aid."

Despite harboring a fervent desire to personally vanquish Uchiha Madara, Obito understood the current impossibility of such a feat.

Shortly after, the unveiling of the 20th position on the Six Paths ranking ensued.

A resonant hum filled the air as a colossal toad materialized before their eyes.

"It's Gamanemu!" exclaimed Jiraiya, immediate recognition flashing across his features.

[20th Place on the Six Paths Ranking: Gamanemu]

[White Snake Sage: Remarkable! Gamanemu has ascended to the Six Paths tier, explaining its absence from the Kage-level roster!"]

[Great Toad Sage: Hahaha, I've been diligently guiding Gamanemu's training, fostering mastery over the Lava-Lava Fruit. Such elevation in strength is to be expected!]

[Jiraiya: Congratulations to Gamanemu]

[Gamabunta: Cheers to Gamanemu!]

[Sage Fukasaku: Hail Gamanemu!]

[Sage Shima: Salutations to Gamanemu!]

[Gamanemu: My gratitude to all, but I feel a bout of slumber beckoning me!]

[Great Toad Sage: Rest well, but not before receiving your due reward!]

[Gamanemu: Very well, I shall linger for a while longer then!]

Uchiha Madara's discontent was palpable as Gamanemu had surpassed him by a single rank.

"Hmph, a sleepy toad has managed to outdo me by one rank!" Uchiha Madara's voice dripped with cold disdain.

He harbored hopes that the reward this time around would be tailor-made for him, allowing his strength to soar to new heights, thus eclipsing the famed Gamanemu. Naturally, if it happened to be an item facilitating resurrection, he wouldn't mind that either.

Soon thereafter, another announcement rang out.


A radiant young boy materialized in the image, instantly recognized by everyone present.

"It's Naruto-kun!" Hyūga Hinata exclaimed, her hands clasped in excitement.

[Six Paths Ranking No. 19: Uzumaki Naruto!]

[Uzumaki Naruto: 19th place isn't bad at all!]

[Fourth Hokage: Naruto, entering the Six Paths ranking is quite an achievement. The rewards must be substantial.

[Uzumaki Kushina: Yes, 19th place is impressive, even surpassing Uchiha Madara! But it's tough to climb higher with such formidable opponents ahead in the Six Paths tier.

[Uzumaki Naruto: You're right about that!

[Kakashi: Congratulations, Naruto.

[Might Guy: Congratulations, Naruto!

[Uzumaki Naruto: Kakashi-sensei, Guy-sensei, when the next ranking is updated, I'm sure both of you will make it to the Six Paths list too. Let's celebrate together!

Before long, the announcement for the 18th position on the Six Paths list was made.


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