Naruto : Gojo Satoru Reborn As Kakashi's Brother

Synopsis: As the eldest son of the Hatake family, Kakashi's brother, Hatake Satoru, has a more terrifying ninja talent than Kakashi. Not only that, he also has an innate golden finger, all the inheritances of Gojo Satoru in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. As a person above the ceiling in the world of Jujutsu, he is naturally above the ceiling in the world of Naruto. Although he doesn't have Kekkei Genkai like Sharingan and Byakugan, he has the most unique Six Eyes· a.k.a Rikugan. "My adorable little brother, your brother is the strongest." Satoru touched Kakashi's head and said this, the slightly raised corner of his mouth and the strong confidence in his words made Kakashi feel extremely at ease in any desperate situation. ======= You can read 30 advanced chapters at my patreon*com/YeyeQiu

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Chapter 6: Limitless Technique

The next morning, Hatake Satoru, as expected, used the Shadow Clone to go to academy, making Kakashi on the side very depressed.

"It's good to be the original body, sleeping in at home, not having to go to academy myself, it's really hard for me, this shadow clone."

'Satoru' said painfully on the side, but the more the other party said this, the more uncomfortable Kakashi felt.

After seeing Satoru succeed in one go, it also aroused Kakashi's competitive spirit, and also asked his father for the training experience of the Shadow Clone, and then Kakashi tried it with full confidence, but the result was far from Satoru.

Kakashi's shadow clone can't be said to be a failure, after all, it can also have normal thinking, can also act normally, and also has chakra in the body, but it definitely can't be said to be successful, because the shadow clone that Kakashi split out is black and white.

And Satoru's original body woke up when the shadow clone and Kakashi went to academy. If Kakashi knew that Satoru woke up so early, he would definitely be shocked.

At this time, Hatake Satoru was standing in the training ground of the Hatake family, sweating profusely, panting heavily.

"Blue is really hard to master."

Cursed Technique Lapse 'Blue' is a common attack method of Gojo Satoru, which shows the attraction centered on Blue. The maximum output can reach negative infinity, similar to a small black hole.

And 'Blue' also has many derivative uses, such as instant movement and high-speed movement, but Satoru has not thought about that for the time being, because he has not fully mastered Blue yet.

Because there is no curse power in this world, Cursed Technique Lapse 'Blue' has also become Ninjutsu 'Blue'.

Although Satoru's chakra in his body is not very much now, but with Rikugan and Limitless Technique, when he uses Cursed Technique Lapse or Ninjutsu, the consumption is infinitely close to zero, that is to say, even when using Ninjutsu, Satoru also consumes chakra, but the amount of chakra consumed can be ignored.

But what makes Satoru feel fortunate is that the Infinity Technique does not need him to learn, but is directly inherited into his brain, but he has not yet developed the Limitless Technique into a passive one like Gojo Satoru, and now Satoru still needs to actively use it.

The so-called Limitless Technique is able to interfere with matter at the atomic level, thereby achieving the effect of dominating space.

The principle is that the distance between two organisms can be infinitely shortened, shortened to one-tenth, one percent, one thousandth, one ten thousandth..., and the Limitless Technique is to realize this theory in real space.

To put it simply, it's the real absolute defense, no matter how close your attack is to me, you just can't touch me.

Of course, the inexhaustible consumption of chakra also belongs to this principle.

But in this world, the strength of Ninjutsu is absolutely related to the amount of chakra consumed.

At present, Satoru's total amount of chakra is there. Although when he uses 'Blue', the consumption is almost zero, but the power of 'Blue' used cannot exceed the chakra he currently has in his body.

This also leads to Hatake Satoru being able to continuously practice Ninjutsu, but without mastering the reverse technique, his body will still feel very tired.

At this time, the training ground of the Hatake family is already pitted, all caused by Satoru's Ninjutsu 'Blue'.

"Let's practice Ninjutsu up to here today."

Satoru leaned against a tree to rest. Although there was still a lot of chakra in his body, his physical condition no longer allowed him to continue practicing.

After resting, Satoru began to practice Taijutsu. You should know that Gojo Satoru in the Jujutsu Kaisen world is not only top-notch in one aspect, even his Taijutsu is above the ceiling.

As for why Satoru always maintains a salty fish appearance in front of Kakashi, that's because when Kakashi can't see, his practice is really too tiring. Satoru didn't deliberately hide anything, but it happened that every time he practiced, neither Kakashi nor Sakumo were there.

This is also why Satoru can crush Kakashi. He has never neglected his own training.

At this time, there is still a trace of urgency in Satoru's heart, because he has not yet mastered the Reverse Cursed Technique. Only after mastering the Reverse Cursed Technique can he be truly invincible. By then, he will be able to automatically unfold the Limitless Technique, which is the absolute defense 'Neutral Limitless: Infinity'.

"Is this your ability? Satoru."

Just then, a voice suddenly entered Satoru's ears, instantly alerting Satoru's heart. Looking in the direction where the sound came from, he saw Hatake Sakumo standing on a tree at some point.


Satoru said in surprise, he has Rikugan, and he didn't realize when his father came.

"Don't be surprised, I just arrived."

Hearing this, Satoru breathed a sigh of relief. He thought his Rikugan had failed. You should know that he, who has Rikugan, has a 360° ultra-long-distance vision, and can also find out from behind, no matter how deep the other party hides, whether there is chakra in the body can be discovered by him.

Sakumo was not discovered by Satoru, which means Sakumo just arrived using the body flicker technique.

"Is this the Ninjutsu that your eyes carry naturally?"

Hatake Sakumo teleported to Satoru's front, staring at Satoru's eyes seriously. When practicing 'Blue', Satoru had already taken off his sunglasses.

"Yes, father."

For Sakumo, Satoru has no need to lie. After all, he is one of the only two people in this world who will not harm him. The other one is naturally Kakashi.

"From the day you were born, I knew your eyes were extraordinary. I didn't expect that you even carried such a terrifying Ninjutsu. It seems that it can be used unlimitedly?"

Looking at the pitted training ground, Hatake Sakumo's heart was somewhat shocked. You should know that this kind of damage is definitely not something a child who has not graduated from the ninja academy can do.

"You could say that."

"Just by relying on this Ninjutsu, you have more than enough to become a Chunin. The ninja academy really has no use for you."

Geniuses are always lonely, especially Satoru. There are very few people who can become friends with him.

"What do you think?"

"Let's keep the clone in the ninja academy. Before becoming invincible, showing too terrifying talent is too dangerous for me."

"Hmm, good, a cautious character is good. But it's hard to be invincible, even I dare not say that I am invincible."

As he said this, Hatake Sakumo laughed.

"But I will definitely be invincible in the future."

A confident smile appeared on Satoru's face.

Hearing Satoru say this, Sakumo's expression was slightly stunned.

"Hahaha, you are indeed my son. Don't worry, before you become invincible, Dad will definitely protect you."

Sakumo patted Satoru on the shoulder and laughed.

***Author's Note***

Satoru's ability is very complex, especially the Limitless technique. Neutral Limitless: Infinity belongs to the Limitless technique, and the consumption of curse power close to zero also belongs to the Limitless technique.

Some people say that when Satoru uses the Cursed Technique, the consumption of curse power is close to zero, and some people say that when using the Cursed Technique, the waste of excess curse power is close to zero.

The first one explains that Satoru's curse power will never be exhausted, and the second one says that Satoru will also have a time when the curse power is exhausted.

After all, Okkotsu said that Satoru's curse power will not be exhausted, and he can open several domains a day, which is enough to explain that it should be the first situation, and I also prefer the first one.

And according to the setting of invincibility, the first situation is more in line.

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