Naruto : Gojo Satoru Reborn As Kakashi's Brother

Synopsis: As the eldest son of the Hatake family, Kakashi's brother, Hatake Satoru, has a more terrifying ninja talent than Kakashi. Not only that, he also has an innate golden finger, all the inheritances of Gojo Satoru in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. As a person above the ceiling in the world of Jujutsu, he is naturally above the ceiling in the world of Naruto. Although he doesn't have Kekkei Genkai like Sharingan and Byakugan, he has the most unique Six Eyes· a.k.a Rikugan. "My adorable little brother, your brother is the strongest." Satoru touched Kakashi's head and said this, the slightly raised corner of his mouth and the strong confidence in his words made Kakashi feel extremely at ease in any desperate situation. ======= You can read 30 advanced chapters at my patreon*com/YeyeQiu

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Chapter 20: Chunin Exam

After resting in place for a night, they set off early the next morning to return to Konohagakure village. They didn't arrive at the village gate until almost noon.

"I didn't expect the first journey out of the village to end so quickly."

Looking at the gate of Konohagakure village, Satoru said with some emotion, after all, he had been away from the village for less than a day.

"Alright, don't be like that, there will be plenty of time to leave the village in the future, it will be a bit difficult to come back."

Nakajima-sensei said next to Satoru.

"Let's report the mission first, then go home and rest, and then wait for my next assembly order."

"Yes, Nakajima-sensei."

When reporting the mission, Satoru saw the Third Hokage again. Through Nakajima's description, the Third Hokage expressed high praise for Satoru, hoping that Satoru could continue to work hard and make outstanding contributions to Konohagakure village again.

Upon returning home, Satoru found his father sitting at the door in the same posture as yesterday. He didn't know whether he had been sitting there since he left yesterday or had just returned today.

"Are you back? Was the mission successful?"

Although Hatake Sakumo was sitting there without opening his eyes, he could observe any movement in the yard.

"Yes, the mission was successfully completed."

Hearing this, Sakumo opened his eyes and let out a soft sigh, seeming to relax a lot.

"Since brother left yesterday, father has been sitting there."

At this time, Kakashi suddenly came out from the backyard and said to Satoru.

Hearing that his younger son had exposed him like this, Sakumo's face was a bit unbearable.

And Satoru was also slightly stunned, then a happy smile appeared on his face.

This might be the love from a father. Although it can't be expressed in words, his heart and actions are always thinking about his child.

"Thank you for your concern, father, but I'm fine, my strength is very strong."

"It's good if you're fine."

Sakumo nodded, since he had already been exposed by Kakashi, he might as well not hide anything anymore.

Time flies, we can stop the clock, but we can't keep the passage of time. Soon, a year has passed.

In this year, Satoru's strength has been changing every day. Although he has not fully mastered Cursed Technique Reversal 'Red', it seems that the time to master it is not far away.

Hatake Satoru is different from Gojo Satoru. All of Gojo Satoru's techniques are learned by himself, while Hatake Satoru directly received the inheritance of Gojo Satoru. All the usage skills are in his mind. He doesn't need to learn by himself, he just needs to practice proficiently.

So Hatake Satoru can become invincible earlier than Gojo Satoru.

Gojo Satoru became the 'strongest' at the age of 17, while Hatake Satoru felt that he became the 'strongest' at the age of 12. It should not be difficult to advance five years.

In this year, under the leadership of Nakajima-sensei, Satoru completed a total of 11 B-level missions, 65 C-level missions, and 132 D-level missions.

It can be said that in this year, their team has been busy with mission life. Although D-level missions are not difficult, they are troublesome. When they are free, they almost complete one a day.

C-level missions are almost ordinary escort missions, or similar to the task of exterminating bandits. In short, there may be battles, but they are very simple.

As for B-level missions, they are not only battles, but the opponents may also be ninjas.

This is a situation where casualties may occur. Fortunately, in these 11 B-level missions, although they also fought with ninjas, fortunately, their team has Satoru, a person like a plug-in, whose strength is top-notch among Chunin.

In addition, in these few battles, the enemy did not have Jonin's participation, so these B-level missions went very smoothly.

In addition, after Kakashi learned Hatake's swordsmanship for a month, he also joined a small team to carry out the mission, which immediately made the Hatake brothers famous.

Both of them are among the few top geniuses in the history of Konohagakure, and they even have the title of 'Konohagakure Twin Stars'. When they heard this title, even though Satoru's face was thick, he couldn't bear it, and he almost got awkward cancer.

Of course, this also means that everyone is watching how their future will be, and everyone has high expectations for them.

While Satoru was training in the Hatake family's training ground, he suddenly looked up and saw a hawk circling in the sky.

"Is there another mission coming?"

After a simple clean-up, Satoru rushed to the usual gathering place. It was a field where their class often trained. For some reason, although Satoru didn't want to be late every time, he was always the last to arrive.

"Nakajima-sensei, what mission did you take this time?"

Masahiro asked Nakajima directly. After a year of getting along with Satoru, his character has completely corrected Masahiro's twisted character.

Although the two are four years apart in age, Satoru feels more like an older brother.

"No, it's not a mission this time."

Nakajima shook his head.

"Not a mission? Then why did you call us?"

Masahiro and Miwa both had puzzled looks in their eyes. Since Satoru was wearing sunglasses, they didn't know what kind of emotion Satoru's eyes were expressing.

"Because this matter is related to you, Masahiro, Miwa, you two have been Genin for two years, right?"

"Yes, what's wrong, teacher?"

And Satoru seemed to understand when he heard this sentence.

"Could it be the Chunin exam?"

Satoru asked directly.

Nakajima looked at Satoru in surprise.

"Do you know?"

"No, I just guessed it. After all, as long as you have a little brain, you can extract the hidden meaning in the sentence from what the teacher just said."

"Satoru, you're saying I don't have a brain."

At Satoru's words, Masahiro understood very quickly, was so angry that he rolled his eyes, and directly gave Satoru a headlock.

"I didn't, please don't take it personally."

"Yes, it is the Chunin exam, but I also want to ask for your opinions. After all, the Chunin exam is to be participated in as a small team. If any of you disagree, then you can't take the Chunin exam."

"I agree, of course I want to participate, I can't wait to become a Chunin."

Masahiro was the first to speak.

"I also agree, becoming a Chunin can make a higher contribution to the village."

Miwa also spoke.

Then, everyone's eyes turned to Satoru.

"Of course I agree too, and I don't think you can pass the Chunin exam without me."

Satoru smiled, his tone and expression were all saying that he was very confident in his strength.

"Damn it, who do you think you're looking down on?"

"Please don't take it personally."

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