Naruto : Gojo Satoru Reborn As Kakashi's Brother

Synopsis: As the eldest son of the Hatake family, Kakashi's brother, Hatake Satoru, has a more terrifying ninja talent than Kakashi. Not only that, he also has an innate golden finger, all the inheritances of Gojo Satoru in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. As a person above the ceiling in the world of Jujutsu, he is naturally above the ceiling in the world of Naruto. Although he doesn't have Kekkei Genkai like Sharingan and Byakugan, he has the most unique Six Eyes· a.k.a Rikugan. "My adorable little brother, your brother is the strongest." Satoru touched Kakashi's head and said this, the slightly raised corner of his mouth and the strong confidence in his words made Kakashi feel extremely at ease in any desperate situation. ======= You can read 30 advanced chapters at my patreon*com/YeyeQiu

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Chapter 18: An Accident?

"This seems to be a good team."

Nakajima looked at Satoru and Masahiro who were playing around, and Miwa who was either fanning the flames or persuading them on the side. All of this made Nakajima feel that Satoru's joining was a very correct choice.

Nakajima was also clear about Masahiro's state. He would occasionally talk to him and guide his psychology, but it seemed that it didn't have any useful effect. Masahiro's heart seemed to be becoming more and more closed. But now with the addition of Satoru, a disruptor, everything seems to be developing in a good direction.

"Alright, let's start now."

Seeing that everyone had rested enough, Nakajima-sensei spoke up, and then the expressions of the three people immediately changed, because they were about to carry out a massacre.

They had already investigated this group of bandits on their way here, they had committed numerous atrocities, and there was no need to let them live anymore. Otherwise, in general, if the sins committed are less, they would usually be captured alive.

After cleaning up the garbage they had just produced, they then sneaked into the forest like ghosts. Before long, they saw the stronghold built by the bandits, and they could still hear the laughter of pleasure coming from inside.

At the entrance of the stronghold, there were also a few gatekeepers, but for Satoru and the others, they were just like babies.

"The mission begins, remember, don't leave any survivors. If you encounter hostages, try to rescue them. If you can't rescue them, kill them on the spot."

Nakajima-sensei reiterated the content of the mission.


The three of them answered at the same time. This is the cruelty of the ninja world. Even if you are a hostage, even if you are an ordinary person, as long as you hinder the execution of the mission, you must be eliminated.

"Brat, don't drag us down."

Masahiro glanced at Satoru and then rushed forward first.

"Who's there?"

The few bandits guarding the gate immediately discovered Masahiro's whereabouts. They just took out their weapons and asked, but before they finished speaking, they saw a flash of white light, and blood flowers burst out of their chests, and then their eyes rolled back, and they fell directly to the ground.

"Intruders, intruders."

Suddenly, the bandits inside the stronghold also discovered the situation here and hurriedly shouted.

Then, the 'thump thump thump' footsteps sounded throughout the stronghold, and everyone started to mobilize.

"Satoru, you have to protect yourself."

Then, Miwa also rushed over. Although she is a medical ninja and is not very good at fighting, it is easy to deal with some people who are not even ninjas.

"If you can't do it, just retreat, don't force yourself."

Seeing that Satoru had not acted for a long time, Nakajima put his hand on Satoru's shoulder and said.

"No, I'm just sighing, my two teammates are really amazing."

At this time, Masahiro and Miwa were like two death gods, reaping the lives of these people, without any mercy, almost everyone was killed with one blow.

"The number of lives in their hands is no less than a hundred, and the cowardice in their character has long been worn away in battle after battle."

Nakajima-sensei said.

"The first time they saw this scene, they were much worse than you are now, their bodies were trembling with fear, you are the best performer among all the people I have seen."

"Is it? But for the first mission, I can't be a bystander."

After saying that, Satoru directly used the derivative usage of 'Blue', teleporting instantly. Although he couldn't make the moving distance too long, it was easy to move into the stronghold.

"What is... this?"

Nakajima, who was next to Satoru just now, saw Satoru suddenly appear on the battlefield, and his expression suddenly became a little dazed.

Just now, he didn't catch Satoru's speed at all.

"This is not a body flicker technique at all."

Nakajima was very sure of his inner thoughts. The body flicker technique is just a very fast super-high-speed movement, but there are traces to follow.

But Satoru's performance just now seemed like space Ninjutsu.

"Space Ninjutsu? Have I discovered some incredible secret?"

Nakajima murmured to himself.

In fact, the principle of using 'Blue' for instant movement is very simple. You can accurately determine where Blue appears, use the accurately oriented "Blue" that is "only effective for people or objects that need to be displaced", and compress the distance or space between the starting point and the end point to achieve an effect similar to teleportation.

So it's not an exaggeration to say this is space Ninjutsu.

Seeing Satoru's figure suddenly appear in the middle of the battlefield, all the bandits around him were stunned for a second. But after seeing the forehead protector on Satoru's arm, they knew that this little guy was an enemy.

Then a group of people rushed towards Satoru.

"Be careful, Satoru."

Miwa loudly reminded Satoru.

Masahiro also watched Satoru with tense eyes, and Nakajima-sensei was also tense all over. As long as Satoru had an accident, he would take action immediately.

"Heh, I hope your swarm tactics can make me a little interested."

Satoru spoke, his expression on his face was a bit crazy, and two Kunai immediately appeared in his hand. Then Satoru's figure quickly flickered among the crowd. Wherever Satoru's figure passed, people fell down one after another like dominoes.

"Is this Satoru's strength?"

Nakajima-sensei, who had been observing Satoru, Masahiro, and Miwa, were all stunned. The strength shown was not like someone who had just graduated from ninja academy.

"So strong, Satoru."

Miwa shouted at Satoru.

"Is this a genius?"

Masahiro was a bit unwilling in his heart. His talent can't be said to be mediocre, but it's definitely not a genius, it can only be said to be average.

He originally thought that Hatake Satoru's genius title was just bragged by others, but now he found out that he was terribly wrong. Satoru indeed has the capital to become a genius.

You know, the first time he saw this scene when he came out of ninja academy, he was already scared silly, let alone killing.

Satoru's killing stopped, a large number of people fell behind Satoru, and there was not a drop of blood stain on Satoru's body. At this time, Satoru also exuded a forbidding aura, like a white-haired death god.

"Not good, they're going to run."

At this time, Miwa suddenly noticed that all the surviving bandits were running towards a house.

Hearing Miwa's loud voice, Satoru turned his head and looked, and then immediately rushed into the house.

But the moment he rushed into the house, Satoru noticed the explosives plastered all over the house.

Then, the explosives ignited sparks one by one, and directly exploded. The sky-high explosion directly blew up the entire house.

Masahiro, Miwa, and Nakajima, who came later, looked at the house burning with flames and were completely stunned.

They didn't expect that Satoru's first mission would have an accident.

(End of this chapter)

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