1 Chapter 1: The Fallen Angel I



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Naruto was fuming as he entered a clearing in the forest of the Wave country.

His team had set upon this country for their first C-Rank mission. They were tasked with guarding the drunken bride builder Tazuna.

It was supposed to be a cut and dry mission to protect the client from unsavoury bandits but it seemed that the client was not entirely truthful about the mission details.

A few hours into the mission Team 7 encountered a team of Chuunin level missing-nin known as the Demon Brothers. Although he would never say it out loud, Naruto froze upon the grizzly scene of his sensei being ripped to shreds.

And while he did eventually come to, it made him upset with himself. After dealing with the duo it was revealed that his sensei, Kakashi, wasn't really injured and instead used theĀ [Kawarimi no Jutsu]Ā along with a minorĀ GenjutsuĀ to make it seem like he was taken down.

This was done with the purpose of testing his team's mettle as well as determining the target of the missing-nin, which turned out to be the bridge builder.

Not that it was much of a surprise as Team 7 were fresh Genin out of the academy and were not even on the radar to be a target for someone and no self-respecting Chuunin would ever take their chance with the infamous Sharingan no Kakashi.

According to Tazuna, a shipping mogul by the name of Gato has a stranglehold on the Wave country in terms of imports/exports as well as the economy.

He also is a lot shadier that he projects himself as he uses mercenaries and hired thugs to oppress the people of the Wave country and is slowly bleeding it dry.

Tazuna's bridge represents the hope of the Wave country to connect them to the mainland and open up a new trade route which is why Gato wants Tazuna dead.

After much debate and a bit of guilt tripping it was decided that Team 7 would carry on the mission despite the high risks it now presented. The reality of their choice was brought to the fore when, as they neared Tazuna's house, they encountered The Demon of the Bloody Mist Momoichi Zabuza , one of the notorious Seven Swordsman of the Mist.

Unfortunately for the Genin he was an A-Rank missing-nin and someone they had no hope against. After a prolonged struggle Kakashi was able to overcome him, with some help from Naruto and Sasuke, and was about to deal the killing blow when a Kiri Hunter-nin swooped in and did the job.

After Kakashi collapsed from exhaustion the team made their way to Tazuna's house were they met his lovely daughter, Tsunami. Unfortunately, they received bad news from Kakashi when he revealed that Zabuza is probably still alive.

With that in mind, the next day he set his team the task of learning the tree-walking exercise by climbing a tree by channelling the appropriate amount of charka to their feet to allow them to stick to the surface and climb all the way to the top.

It was after one of these training sessions that Inari, the son of Tsunami ranted at the leaf-nin for trying so hard and stated that they would die fighting Gato and that they had no idea what it was like to live a hard life.

This set Naruto of fiercely. His usual reaction would have been to shout and rant about it but what Inari said brought forth memories and emotions that he tried so hard to bury.

So with an intense glare toward the boy, that almost made said boy piss himself, Naruto tersely excused himself from the table and made his way to the forest that we find him in now, currently tearing up parts of the forest with a small army of clones in an attempt to quell his rage.

'How dare that little brat! He has a mother and a grandfather who love him and he dares preach about suffering! AARGH!' These were the furious thoughts of Naruto as he put even more effort into his little demolition derby of the surrounding trees.

This trend carried on for another hour or so till Naruto was physically and emotionally drained. As he suck down with his back against a tree that was still standing, his thoughts went to his life so far.

He tried to avoid this subject as much as possible. It hurt him all the time to think about it. His life in Konoha left many scars on him, fortunately, or unfortunately depending on who you ask, none of them were physical.

His abnormal physiology coupled with his tenant gave him an inhuman healing factor. So while he looked perfectly normal to a spectator, Naruto was a boy who was deeply troubled.

While he wasn't physically abused in his village, except the occasional drunks and on his birthday when people got a little bolder, he was verbally and emotionally abused. For a young boy, full of innocence and life, to grow up in an environment that denied your very existence and even went as far as to encourage suicide, it was enough to break most people.

The glares and whispers of hatred and derision that seemed to have bled over into the younger generation was sometimes unbearable to him. He was kicked out of the orphanage at a young age and lived on the streets for a large part of his childhood.

Being forced to sleep in dark alley and digging through trash just to find something to eat took its toll on him but Naruto, for the most part stayed as strong as he could.

It didn't mean that he was unaffected though. Those experiences stick with people even when they don't acknowledge it. He has been fighting since the day he was born.

Fighting for attention, for recognition of his existence and most importantly, for survival.

One would never be able to tell he suffered though, from his outward appearance. From his infectiously boisterous personality to his unfounded confidence, he seems to be a pretty normal if not annoyingly loud teen.

But what lurks beneath the surface is a cacophony of negative emotions that he doesn't even realise he has.

Through all the abuse that he has suffered, he suppressed his feeling, his wants and his desires to make himself seem harmless in an attempt to gain acceptance from the villagers so much so that he convinced himself that he is happy and that if he becomes Hokage all his problems would be solved.

He had been doing it for so long that he honestly started to believe it. Unfortunately for our young hero, life is never that simple and his actions taken in an attempt to appease the villagers have him sitting on a hair-trigger in terms of snapping. For the most part he can ignore what people say about him and keep smiling but sometimes those feelings that he supressed seep through the cracks and force him to face themā€¦like now.

Naruto looked out at the sky, a feeling of dissonance swept over him. He wondered, not for the first time, whether he could ever truly find happiness.

From his perspective, he seemed to be a punching bag to whatever sick twisted deity controlled the universe and decided to single him out.

He remembers the Hokage always telling him that things would get better and that he needs to be patient and understandingā€¦.but why should he? Why does he, a 13 year-old abused orphan have to be the one to be doing that and not the adults? Why should he always have to suffer and everyone else can just make excuses for their disgusting behaviour? He just felt like giving up on some days but he knew that to do so would be a win for the villagers.

So he powered on, hoping to one day find some meaning in his life. With those thoughts, Naruto allowed unconsciousness to claim him.


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