1 Beginning

Life is a funny thing, isn't it?

You could be a famous movie star or a worthless beggar, hell maybe even king of a country but in the end doesn't matter.

The great equalizer, Death.

That is what poor and unfortunate people console themselves with.

"Even if you are higher than me, you would still die like us peasants" is what they say in their heart. But is that true?

Is death truly the end of everything?

That's what I was asking when I was shit faced drunk in the middle of the street at midnight.

As you can see I am quite the philosopher. Maybe too much of a one as life gave me a curve ball. I was too curious that it granted me a free one-way ticket to the afterlife and told me to seek it for myself.

Trucks and drunk people, never go hand in hand I swear.

Lucky ain't I?

But fortunately(or unfortunately) my journey didn't stop there.

That would make for a pretty boring story there.

Dying is a unique experience, I would even dare say it's a life-changing one.

I would recommend 10 out of 10 to our dear readers to try "Dying"™.

It will change your life and give you an otherworldly new perspective, satisfaction guaranteed. Enough stalling though, back to the story.

When I came to it, I was surrounded by darkness and nothing more.

I didn't know how I died when I died or even if I died at all, just darkness.

Then the memories came back, everything from the cringiest ones to pretty depressing memories came rushing in.

Not to mention that being stuck in a dark void for god knows how long really gives you a lot of free time.

That combined with the memories came a lot of self reflection and emotions.

Anger, regret, sadness, and even a bit of joy. I thought about my family, my dad and how he would give me life advice. I would think about even meeting mom here, but I haven't seen anyone or anything so that's a no go.

But a man can dream, can't he? Even then I still had more time. So I did what I could only do.

I pondered and thought.

I questioned my decisions and my apparent death, was this a punishment for me?

I would say I was never the goodie two shoes but that would be a lie. Under all that sarcasm and cynicism was a naive stupid kid that wanted to strive towards a better world but never had the chance to do so.

Oops, too much thinking there that I almost unraveled my whole persona.

But no joke, things were getting too much for my fragile ego, i could feel myself slowly scattering into the void.

It was...peaceful I dare say, comforting even.

It could have been a century or it could have been an hour but the darkness finally "stopped" per say.

What awaited me was a cold metallic voice saying to me that my application passed, and that I would be a beta tester for the new DLC of "Life" if you would. After that, it said it was waiting for my answer.

And then I froze, my heart beat got quicker even though I didn't have a body. Thinking now, it's must have been a phantom limb or something.

Countless thoughts flashed through my mind. But only one mattered to me right now.

Is this real? if it was, I knew what it was, what it represents.

It was the beginning of something new,

something amazing, something bigger than me.

To some, the earlier question may have been silly but I could be in a coma or in a Japanese styled comedy show for gods to alleviate their boredom.

Under all these stupid thoughts were, however, a feeling of...joy and excitement. There was a semblance of me, the rational side telling me that boring is safe, it's comforting and you won't die again.

It was true, I could just say no and go back to my void and spend the remaining time there to lose all my sense of self and finally rest.

But as I said earlier, that wouldn't make an interesting tale now, would it?

As I somehow replied yes, I could somehow feel myself losing consciousness. But there was only one thought in my head that was still lingering in the back until I fell into a deep sleep.

When did I make an application for the DLC though?

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