96 Chapter 96

"Shadow Demon Scythe, isn't this Kayn's passive?"

Upon seeing this ability, Kaito was slightly taken aback and didn't pay much attention to the other abilities.

Because the other abilities basically couldn't meet Kaito's requirements, they were far inferior compared to the rewards he received after becoming the clan leader.

But he didn't care, because in his view, the 'Shadow Demon Scythe' was a big win!

Kaito remembered that this thing seemed to be a passive skill. In the game, after Kayn collected enough energy, he could transform into an assassin or a warrior.

Here, however, it became an enhancement to a certain aspect of his physical abilities.

Kaito had gained some enhancement by opening the Mangekyō, but what he enhanced most was the quantity and quality of his chakra.

His enhancements in the physical aspects seemed somewhat weak; his speed, strength, and reaction ability obviously hadn't improved much.

Of course, this lack of improvement is compared to the chakra aspect. In fact, Kaito knew he had improved quite well.

Such improvement made Kaito wonder why there was a separate enhancement in chakra, but the relative physical enhancement seemed to be much weaker?

After some thought, Kaito felt there was a possibility.

That is, after the Mangekyō Sharingan is activated, does it enhance one's power based on their characteristics?

"For example, I am more proficient in ninjutsu than in physical techniques, so my enhancement in chakra is more pronounced after activating the Mangekyō.

Similarly, if I have faster speed and stronger reactive power, but relatively fall behind in ninjutsu, will my enhancement be in physical aspects?"

This thought is not impossible. Uchiha Madara once mentioned something messy, saying that Sasuke's movements were very agile.

But Kaito remembered that at that time, Sasuke's eyes should have been Uchiha Itachi's, right?

His speed was really far inferior compared to Shisui, but similarly, Shisui's chakra reserves were far behind his own.

In this case, Kaito naturally was happy to have his missing characteristics supplemented and enhanced.

"Moreover, perhaps my reinforcement could also upgrade my eyes!"

Kaito thought that if he followed his line of thinking, the so-called Eternal Eye might be a combination of chakra-biased and physically-biased Mangekyō.

Thus forming a perfectly complementary Mangekyō that doesn't drain with usage.

Kaito hasn't yet figured out how to enhance his eyes, because he doesn't have a brother to rely on.

Of course, even if he did have a brother, Kaito might not be able to do such a thing. What he can do now is just wait to draw the ability he needs from the system.

Without any hesitation, Kaito directly chose the 'Shadow Demon Scythe' passive skill.

As he acquired this skill, Kaito noticed a semi-transparent orb split into two halves appear in his system interface.

The left side of this orb was already filled, while the right side was empty, clearly representing Kaito's current situation.

"It seems what I need to do is fill up the energy bar on the right."

[Skill Acquired: Shadow Demon Scythe]

[Activation Condition: Requires life force charging]

[Life Force: Jonin can obtain twenty-five, Chunin can obtain twenty, Genin can obtain ten, common enemies vary from one to five]

[Friendly Reminder, ninja rank is not related to ninja power, please strive harder, host]

Kaito nodded at the skill description, which was basically the same as when he received 'Glory Evolution'.

However, compared to that time, Kaito now had more options, and it had become incredibly easy to achieve this goal.

He was now the clan leader of the Uchiha clan, and bluntly speaking, he already had the Guard Department.

The Guard Department and the prison were connected, so he didn't need to go out of the village to catch people. He just needed to find suitable death-row prisoners in the prison and finish them off!

"Or even more audaciously, just capture a bunch of bandits or something, then contact a small ninja village and arrange with their village head or equivalent.

Allow them to bestow the bandits with Jonin status, and that way, I can also fulfill my objective."

Kaito contemplated. He found that there were actually many ways to 'skip classes', after all, this time was different from the last.

Last time he wanted to complete the task all at once while also getting sufficient training, so he set his sights on a group of Jonin.

But now, he is in a state of 'success and fame', and he is also the clan leader of the Uchiha clan.

Unless necessary, he would not easily leave the village to do things.

The most important and crucial thing was to make reasonable use of resources.

"It seems I should take over the Guard Department as soon as possible, but for today, let's make a quiet visit, now that I've obtained this ability.

Moreover, there are no problems in Konoha for the moment, I should also organize the matters at hand."

With this in mind, Kaito got up directly to freshen up.

He indeed had a lot of things to handle right now. Not to mention the family issues alone, he also had a lot of resources that needed to be handled and used.

The first thing was Uchiha Itachi's eye. He was really hesitant about whether to give it to Uchiha Fugaku or to the kid Sasuke.

The next point was about Obito's arm. Honestly, that guy's arm was indeed a treasure.

When they couldn't get Hashirama Senju's cells or Yamato's body, countless traversers could only focus on Obito.

His arm, which had been modified by Black Zetsu and Uchiha Madara, was an object containing Hashirama Senju's cells. Properly handled, it could certainly bring an enhancement to the entire clan!

As for Danzō's arm, it was evidence, something Kaito would absolutely not touch.

Of course, he himself might not actually use these things. After all, as a transmigrator, he was genuinely reluctant to haphazardly implant things into his body.

Looking at Zetsu, who was neither human nor ghost, and then at Obito, whose entire half body had turned white, he had absolutely no interest in this.

His greatest trump card was his own system, and he believed that he could once again obtain something similar to 'True Evolution' from the rewards drawn by the system.

"For example, something like 'Ascension to Godhood', 'Strength of a Hundred Seal', or passive abilities like 'Void Invasion'."

Without a doubt, the system gave Kaito great confidence. To get these things, he must make the clan better and stronger!

After a quick freshen-up, Kaito quietly headed towards the Guard Department...


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