3 Chapter 3

"I recently returned, I rarely have the opportunity to take vacations, so it's natural for me to come back and take a look."

Shisui smiled as he looked at Kaito. He had no idea what Kaito was thinking.

He had just returned from a mission and planned to rest properly. His original intention was to find Itachi, but unfortunately, Itachi had not yet returned.

Although they both belonged to the Anbu, there were several groups within the Anbu, and each had its own base in different locations.

Since they were not on the same team, they didn't know each other's current situation.

But even though he hadn't found Itachi, he was still happy because he found Kaito. But what surprised him was that Kaito seemed bothered by something.

"Tell me, what's the problem? We're friends, and there's no problem I can't help with."

"Well, there are several problems, personal problems and family problems, they're all problems, aren't they?"

Upon hearing Shisui's question, Kaito let out a light sigh, and his words gradually faded Shisui's expression of happiness.

It was evident that his face became stiff, and the smile slowly vanished from his lips.

"Let's put these troublesome matters aside for now, shall we?" Only an ironic smile remained on Shisui's face. He shook his head and sighed, "There will be a family meeting, won't there?"

"It's like going to the market and always finding the same things. It's boring." Kaito shook his head and continued, "However, it's predictable that these extremists might have the upper hand."

Despite being less than a year away from the fateful night of the genocide, none of the clan members, whether they belong to the Blood faction or the Spirit faction, had been able to obtain the right to express themselves within the family.

And for that, one person needs to be mentioned here, and that is Uchiha Fugaku.

He is the one who has maintained an unstable balance within the Uchiha clan until now, allowing the more peaceful and more aggressive factions to continue fighting each other without any of them gaining supremacy.

But because of this individual's actions, the Uchiha clan has never truly been able to unify their voices!

Furthermore, there is another important triggering factor for the Uchiha rebellion, and that is Danzo.

It was Danzo who attacked Shisui, the representative of the Spirit faction, and Shisui's death was also the reason why many members of that faction completely defected.

Luckily, none of this has happened yet, and Kaito has time to act. However, it must be admitted that the Blood faction has a huge advantage.

"It's truly a major problem." Shisui sighed deeply. "If the family continues down this path, I fear it is destined to fall into the abyss."

"We will certainly fall into ruin, after all, you still have Itachi, don't you?" Upon hearing Shisui's words, Kaito responded meaningfully, "I don't think they're unaware of anything."

Kaito's words caused Shisui's expression to change slightly. He quickly glanced around, checking if there was anyone else nearby, before finally letting out a sigh of relief.

He certainly knew what they meant when they talked about him, which left him with an unpleasant expression.

Furthermore, what he and Itachi did was a betrayal to the family in a sense!

"Some things shouldn't be said indiscriminately, Kaito." Shisui looked seriously at Kaito, his voice also lowered, "It can cause significant problems, and we're still following the clan leader's will by joining the Anbu."

"Of course, I know you're following the clan leader's will." Kaito looked at Shisui with an ironic smile, "I didn't say much, so why are you so nervous?"

"You..." Kaito's words left Shisui a bit frustrated, he didn't know how to respond at the moment.

"Okay, in fact, no one here is a fool. Some things can be understood as public secrets." Kaito sighed softly, "If you want to obtain information, naturally you need to gain the trust of superiors, and the way to gain trust is by providing relevant information, isn't it?"

Kaito's words made Shisui narrow his eyes slightly. He certainly realized that Kaito was referring to them as double agents, and he knew he couldn't deny that Kaito was actually right.

However, being a double agent also implies having a leaning. Which side he is truly inclined towards, perhaps only they themselves know.

"But now that you mentioned the clan leader, I have a question for you."

Seeing Shisui silent, Kaito gave a smile and then asked softly, "Clan leader?"

Shisui opened his eyes and looked curiously at Kaito because Kaito's thoughts were moving too fast for him to keep up.

"Never mind, go ahead and ask your question, as long as it's about the clan leader."

"Do you think the clan leader's power is great?"

"The clan leader leads the family, naturally, they have considerable power."

"Then why doesn't he find a way to calm the chaos within the family?"

Kaito's question truly caught Shisui off guard. His expression turned stunned and then started to appear puzzled, even shocked.

He never expected that Kaito, the companion he grew up with, would dare to ask such a question.

Clearly, Kaito's words were questioning the clan leader himself, the control and dominion over the family, something that no one else could question!

How dare he ask that? How could he respond?

However, Kaito's words involuntarily made him start to reflect. Why was the family in such chaos, and why hadn't the clan leader done anything about it?

Seeing Shisui's stunned expression, Kaito knew that his words had certainly led Shisui to think.

In fact, Shisui was never foolish, but he simply couldn't see many things, or rather, his worldview limited his perspective when observing the world.

On the other hand, Kaito was from a different world, having studied politics in high school before time-traveling and having taken courses in subjects such as political theory, Marxism, liberalism, imperialism, and ideological studies in university. His worldview was truly unparalleled compared to Shisui's.

In other words, in addition to his abilities, his worldview was definitely not inferior to any of the top ninjas in the world of Naruto.

That's the advantage of being a different world, it's the supremacy that comes from a broad worldview and knowledge!

"I believe you also know that he has the power to unite the family, but look at the current situation of the family. Besides the poor internal management of the family, look at the current relationship between the family and the village, isn't it deteriorating more and more?"

"A clan can only avoid internal conflicts if it is united, only when all opinions and mindsets are unified can we achieve something greater."

"Shisui, think carefully. If the voices within the clan are suppressed by him, and if he were inclined towards Konoha in his heart, would anyone be able to stop him? Would the relationship between the clan and the village still be so bad?"

By mentioning this, Kaito was left with no options.

Although he knew very well that the issues within the Uchiha clan were not solely due to Fugaku's actions, he certainly was one of the main drivers of the Uchiha clan's downfall.

But things must be done step by step. First, he must give Shisui a piece of information that will intrigue him, and then the next step will be to reveal his true colors.

"In truth, I have always believed that there were only two people in the clan capable of reversing this situation."

"T-Two people?"

Shisui was still a bit confused, Kaito's words echoing in his head, and he couldn't help but look at him with surprise.

"Yes, two people."

At that moment, Kaito's smile became even more radiant. He pointed at Shisui with his finger and then pointed to himself.

"One of them is you, and the other is me."

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