267 Chapter 267

Kaito's voice echoed throughout the area, a tone of casual indifference laced with mockery, causing everyone to waver slightly.

At this point, Bungo couldn't even speak. Kaito's grip was tightly around his throat, and the pain from his severed arm was intensely aggravating his senses.

He could feel that his life might truly be coming to an end soon.

However, what puzzled Bungo was that it seemed Uchiha Kaito didn't seem intent on delivering the killing blow, as if he merely wanted to watch Bungo suffocate!

Bungo had misunderstood, though. While Kaito was ruthless, he wasn't that sadistic.

He had always preferred to give others a quick end rather than torturing them to death—unless, of course, they were individuals who simply couldn't die.

Kaito himself was now feeling a bit awkward. Due to using his non-dominant hand, he found that he couldn't exert his full strength.

Furthermore, Bungo's physical constitution was incredibly robust. The muscles in his neck protected him, making it hard for Kaito to snap it in one go.

"Quickly save Lord Bungo!"

Just as Kaito was contemplating how to finish off Bungo, the Rock ninjas, who had been petrified by Kaito's earlier actions, finally snapped into action.

Though fear of Kaito still consumed their hearts, they no longer had any intention or desire to flee.

Fear might have sent chills down their spines, but Kaito's actions also fiercely wounded their pride.

Even if they were terrified to the core, their inner hatred had also reached its peak.

They had to fight for the honor of their village, the Hidden Stone, and to avenge their fallen comrades!

"It seems you're quite lucky."

Kaito naturally noticed the movements of these Rock ninjas, and before they could rush at him, he had already made his move.

He slightly pivoted his body and delivered a kick directly to Bungo's chest. The immense force almost made Bungo's chest cave in!

And in almost no time at all, he vanished from the spot. When he reappeared, he was stealthily positioned at the outskirts of the Hidden Stone's main force.

His hands moved rapidly in a series of hand signs, and the chakra inside him surged wildly. Similarly, his right eye began to spin rapidly.


Suddenly, a perplexed expression crossed Kaito's face, for he realized that his use of the 'Reverse Path' technique this time seemed overly powerful!

The power of 'Reverse Path' has always been one of the most frequently used abilities in his battles, and it is also the power he is most familiar with.

He certainly understands the extent to which it can be enhanced every time it's used and is very clear about the limits of his right eye.

Yet, he didn't expect that this time, with just a slight activation, it would achieve the state of high-intensity usage, similar to that of the Mangekyō Sharingan!

He knew that the Eternal Mangekyō would enhance the power of the regular Mangekyō. This was something Kaito was aware of.

However, the extent to which it could be enhanced was something Kaito was continually exploring.

From what he could see now, everything had exceeded his expectations, much better than he had imagined!

"This is good news. So..."

Watching the Rock ninja army, which had already located him and was rapidly charging at him, Kaito completed his hand seals.

"Fire Release: Majestic Destroyer Flame!"

A burst of fire suddenly erupted, and under the enhancement of the 'Reverse Path' power, a radiant Fire Release beyond the comprehension of any ninja appeared!

The vast, boundless flames, alternating between black and white, surged towards them like a sea of fire. It truly resembled the wrath of the god of flames, instilling awe in all who witnessed it.

"Is this guy... really human?"

At this moment, whether it was the Rock ninja army or the large Konoha forces, the same question involuntarily resurfaced in their minds.

Even if they already had some inklings, they still couldn't control their thoughts at this moment.

Kaito was genuinely challenging their core beliefs, constantly testing their perceptions.

Many even felt deep down that such a battle was nothing short of art!

To single-handedly take on an army of ninjas and still dominate the situation...

He didn't have a single injury, and no ninja could even touch the hem of his clothing.

Isn't this a manifestation of art? Isn't this the art born for warfare?

"Everyone, defend!"

Seeing this scene, Bungo's eyes flashed with fury, and he immediately shouted out.

While the Rock ninjas were indeed taken aback by Kaito's prowess, they instinctively began to defend themselves.

"Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall!"

Dozens of Rock ninjas swiftly formed hand seals, and rows of earthen walls rose from the ground.

These earthen barriers overlapped and spread out extensively, covering almost all areas that Kaito's Fire Release could reach.

However, the tragedy was that Kaito's Fire Release was not an ordinary one.

This flame, imbued with the power of black fire, almost instantly burned through the first layer of defense, subsequently melting other earth walls continuously.

Under these circumstances, the Rock ninja army had no choice but to retreat quickly. Unfortunately, some ninjas at the front bore the brunt of the attack.

Nevertheless, after losing several Rock ninjas and incurring dozens of burn injuries, the Rock ninja army managed to repel this round of assault.

Kaito, after all, was different from Uchiha Madara. While Madara was merely toying with them, Kaito was genuinely fighting for his life with them!

Otherwise, with Uchiha Madara freshly resurrected and having the Rinnegan as a foundation, his Eternal Mangekyō would be in its utmost state.

Even if he used a Fire Release half-heartedly, it wouldn't be blocked by any Water Release jutsu from those guys.

Look at a somewhat serious Uchiha Madara, with his usage of Susanoo, Wood Release, and that Tengai Shinsei.

Which one of these isn't an ability that could wipe out the entire ninja alliance?

One can only say he's too strong. Before Naruto and Sasuke fully transformed, perhaps only Hashirama Senju could truly catch his eye!

"But I'm not too shabby either. I've just obtained these eyes; my journey is still long!"

Kaito looked at the massive dust cloud in front of him, taking a deep breath.

The energy he just expended was insignificant to him, or it could be said that he recovered faster than he expended.

He's now curious about one thing: whether or not Ōnoki is truly absent here.

Besides that, he's wondering what the stance of the Akatsuki is.

He already sensed the chakra of Orochimaru, Sasori, and Kakuzu, but none of them seemed intent on intervening.

Regardless of what they were thinking, Kaito's actions wouldn't pause for a moment.

His chakra surged once again, and blue arcs of electricity quietly danced across his body.

He looked straight ahead, and in the next moment, his figure disappeared once more.

Within the Rock Hidden army, the sensory ninjas positioned at the rear suddenly turned pale with unease.

"Damn it! Everyone, spread out! Spread out! He's coming!"

"He's truly formidable. These Rock ninjas might not hold up much longer, Lord Leader."

Standing atop a mountain, Orochimaru once again spoke with a smile to the members of the Akatsuki.

The intimidation displayed by Kaito was genuinely jaw-dropping, and it was evident that the morale of the Rock ninjas was rapidly dwindling.

Among those present, apart from Pain (Nagato), there were either high-ranking members of their villages or former members of the Anbu Black Ops.

They fully understood that with Kaito's current approach, the Rock ninjas might genuinely lose their will to fight.

And once they lost their fighting spirit, the Rock ninja's massive breakdown wouldn't be far off!

In reality, such matters were of no real consequence to them; they might not even want to get involved.

The problem was, they came here this time for money; they had a mission.

If they merely watched the Rock Hidden Village be destroyed by Kaito, with the whole force collapsing,

Then it's hard to say if Ōnoki might refuse to pay them, which was something they absolutely couldn't accept.

However, facing the formidable Kaito, they weren't eager to confront him either.

What they preferred was for Pain, who possesses the Rinnegan and constantly issues commands, proclaiming himself as a god, to have a showdown with Kaito!

Pain glanced at Orochimaru, and his gaze also swept across all the Akatsuki members present.

In the end, he silently withdrew his gaze, and the chakra within him started to surge.


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