1 Chapter 1

At that moment, Uchiha Kaito lay on his bed, lost in thought, gazing up at the ceiling.

In front of him, there was a panel displaying a wealth of information, causing him to feel overwhelmed and dazed.

He knew that this panel was his "golden finger," his special advantage in this world. However, the issue lay in the timing of its arrival. Unfortunately, it had come too late, as he had already spent fifteen years in this world.

The world he currently resided in was the Naruto universe, a place fraught with danger. Had this been a peaceful realm, he would have been ecstatic to receive this special power, even if it arrived belatedly. However, knowing the perilous nature of this world, he couldn't help but feel a deep sadness, particularly because he was aware of his predestined fate.

Fifteen long years had elapsed since his arrival in this world. Kaito had to acknowledge his good fortune in being born into the esteemed Uchiha clan, the most formidable clan in Naruto. Furthermore, his youth meant that he had been spared from fighting during the peak of the Third Ninja World War.

Kaito shared the same age as his classmate, Shisui. Due to their similar ages, both of them had been deployed towards the end of the Third Ninja World War, granting them invaluable combat experience and exposing them to the harsh realities and brutality of war.

As a transmigrator, Kaito had originated from a peaceful world and had never experienced the horrors of war. Furthermore, his mindset starkly contrasted with that of the native inhabitants of this new world.

Despite his inability to endure the cruelty of the battlefield, Kaito possessed remarkable mental fortitude, enabling him to weather those dark and trying days.

Having followed the Naruto universe closely through a computer screen, Kaito possessed extensive knowledge regarding the evolution of the Sharingan. Utilizing this knowledge, he had dedicated the past fifteen years to enhancing the power of his eyes.

Through his relentless efforts, Kaito, alongside Shisui, had gained recognition as one of the prodigies within the esteemed Uchiha clan. However, Kaito was acutely aware that he lagged far behind Shisui in terms of ability and potential.

After all, Shisui possessed the latent capability to awaken the fearsome Mangekyou Sharingan.

Although Kaito understood the process of awakening the Mangekyou Sharingan, he had yet to succeed in achieving it himself.

The method to awaken the fearsome Mangekyou Sharingan did not necessarily involve killing the person closest to you. Instead, it required seeking extreme mental stimulation with powerful fluctuations.

While it was true that killing someone close would easily evoke a strong mental response, this approach wouldn't work for Kaito. He was aware of this method, which meant his mind was already prepared for such a scenario. Kaito understood that the brain's defense mechanism would likely dampen the impact of killing someone close, resulting in a weaker mental stimulus.

"Without the Mangekyou Sharingan, I won't stand a chance against Itachi."

With fifteen years having already passed, he knew he had less than a year to live since Itachi was on the verge of annihilating the entire Uchiha clan.

"Soon, I'll be nothing more than prey for Itachi's blade."

Adding to his troubles, tension was escalating within the clan. An impending storm seemed to loom over everyone's senses.

Kaito was aware of the issue but had taken no action, leaving him with only one option: to flee.

In that moment, he rose from his bed and began packing his belongings, ready to make his escape at the opportune moment. Plans to conceal himself started to form in his mind.

If he could run away and maintain a low profile, there might be a chance of survival. However, if he chose to remain within the clan, his demise would be certain.

As he contemplated his destination, the panel in the corner of his vision illuminated with additional information, even displaying a system message.

[Congratulations to the host for activating the Family System!]

[Every person has a family, and you are no exception. A family thrives together and is destroyed together.]

[Indeed, family prosperity can bring about significant improvements, whether in terms of chakra enhancement or the enhancement of one's bloodline.]

The system message infuriated Kaito, filling him with anger. He despised the fact that his system had only activated at this critical juncture.

Moreover, based on the information displayed on the panel, he was already bound to the Uchiha Clan. Didn't that essentially condemn him to death?

How long could the Uchiha Clan possibly survive?

A few months? Maybe a year?

Even if he managed to save the Uchiha Clan from the impending massacre, what would transpire in the future?

There was still that guy full of piercings who could fly and who had destroyed Konoha in one fell swoop. Even a little carelessness in the Chunin exam would cost the lives of many people in the clan.

"Damn system! You claim I'm connected to the Uchiha Clan, but in reality, I'm connected to Konoha! Escaping with the clan is utterly impossible."

Escape with the Uchiha Clan? Ha!

It was an unfeasible notion. Every member of that clan was prideful to the core, and even if they were willing, Konoha would never permit their departure. After all, a clan as formidable as the Uchiha had the potential to establish its own village, posing a threat to Konoha's supremacy.

Contemplating this, Kaito felt a throbbing headache.

He knew all too well that he couldn't escape. The moment he fled, Madara would hunt him down. And if not Madara, then perhaps Itachi or Obito would be sent after him.

He didn't care if others perished, but he couldn't afford to die himself.

Feeling utterly helpless, he could only ponder strategies to extricate himself from this predicament while delving into his system for any possible solutions.

[Family: Uchiha Clan]

[Status: Deplorable - The family is severely divided, with external enemies observing from the sidelines.]

[Prosperity: 8848 (The average prosperity of a family is 10000)]

[Suggestion: Resolve the internal division within the family swiftly, stabilize the family's internal environment, and unite members considering betrayal to face the challenges together.]

"System, you're well aware of the dire state of the Uchiha Clan, so why did you only become active now? It would have been better if you had remained inactive!"

Kaito couldn't bear it any longer. He believed that if the system had activated the moment he arrived in this world, things would have been much smoother. In fact, he could have even been hailed as the youngest Hokage by now.

You must be wondering just how chaotic and divided the Uchiha Clan is, right?

To put it simply, it resembled the presidential elections in Kaito's past life, where the left-wing parties clashed fiercely with the right-wing parties, a conflict that divided numerous nations.

The Uchiha Clan held responsibility for Konoha's security department, and since it was a clan-based organization, only members from the Uchiha Clan were permitted to join. This led to a significant conflict between the Uchiha Clan and ordinary individuals who were previously allowed to become members of the security department. Even smaller clans were infuriated by the decisions made by the Uchiha.

Furthermore, the Uchiha Clan was divided into two factions.

The first faction was called "Blood." It held the most power and controlled a significant portion of the clan's resources. This faction was the primary reason for the clan's negative reputation among outsiders. They believed themselves to be the strongest, viewing anyone who wasn't an Uchiha as inferior. Moreover, their ultimate goal was to forcefully take control of Konoha through a coup d'état.

The second faction was known as "Spirit." It advocated for peaceful dialogue with Konoha, recognizing their clan as one of the village's founding pillars. Members of this faction believed in safeguarding and nurturing their home, emphasizing the importance of peace rather than internal strife.

These two factions engaged in constant conflict, though their clashes rarely escalated to the point of killing, as each Uchiha clan member was considered a valuable asset.

The ongoing strife between these two factions plunged the entire Uchiha Clan into chaos.

What brought a sense of relief to Kaito was that the system appeared to have a beginner's gift.

[The host is connected to a family. As long as the family prospers, the host will gain greater power.]

[Given the current state of the host's family, the host can choose one of the following three skills to cultivate.]

[Great Way of the Buddha - This forbidden Profound Divine Art consists of twelve stages, ultimately granting the user the original physique of the Rage God.]

[Eagle Wings - Allows the user to fly by manifesting two Black Eagle Wings on their back.]

[True Evolution - By defeating enemies, the user can acquire power fragments to enhance one of their own abilities. (Can only be done once, with a limit of 1/1)]

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