Naruto: erotic

A boy dies and is reincarnated as a boy in the academy 1 year before they graduate Note this is a au so Uchiha Massacre never happened but the kyubbi attack did and Minato died but kusina didn't

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Ch. 1

In the heart of a bustling city, there lived a man named Daniel, a passionate fan of anime and manga, with a particular fascination for the world of Naruto. He had spent years immersing himself in the adventures of ninjas, jutsus, and hidden villages. But Daniel's life was about to take an unexpected turn.

One fateful evening, while he was watching a site called Naruho, Daniel felt a sudden pain in his chest. His heart raced, and he knew his time had come. With a mixture of trepidation and excitement, he closed his eyes and took his last breath.

A/n: hahaha bro I had to put him watching Naruho sorry

As darkness enveloped him, Daniel expected the sensation of crossing into the afterlife, but to his surprise, he found himself floating in a void, surrounded by an infinite darkness. Panic gripped him as he realized he was neither in the world he knew nor in any afterlife he, had ever imagined.

"Where am I?" Daniel's voice echoed into the emptiness, his words met only by the eerie silence of the void.

A soothing voice filled the void, "Welcome, Daniel. I am Rob, an entity beyond the boundaries of your world. You have entered the Void."

Confusion mingled with curiosity as Daniel asked, "What's happening? Is this... the afterlife?"

Rob chuckled warmly, "The afterlife is but one concept among many. Here, you have a unique opportunity. I will grant you three wishes before you move on."

The possibilities raced through Daniel's mind. He seized the chance to live out his wildest fantasies.

"For my first wish," Daniel declared, "I want to be reincarnated into the world of Naruto, as a ninja with the chance to live out the adventures I've always dreamed of.

For his second wish, Daniel chose to be bold. "I wish to transform this world into an alternate universe, still inspired by Naruto but with an 'AU hentai' theme."

Ok that can be done" Rob said with a sly smirk

Finally, with his third wish, Daniel sought greatness. "Grant me insane talent in everything. I want to be a master of all skills, from combat to art, diplomacy to strategy."

A surge of power coursed through him, and he felt an unparalleled mastery over everything he touched. 

Ok now choose what you want to look like and your new name and you can be off" Rob said 

After a while of thinking Daniel choose 

I want my new name to be Akira and I want to be a handsome guy with white hair and sky-blue eyes" the newly named Akira said

Ok you are going one year before graduation for academy students and you will be a transfer student from Kumo so I will put the knowledge of what the Academy students learned already since you were so polite the whole time" the Rob said with a smile 

Really thanks" Akira said 

You are Welcome now you can be off" Rob said and in a flicker of light Akira was gone 

The kid really picked a hentai-style world... damn kids a genius" the rob said with a perverted smile 


As Akira's senses gradually returned, he found himself lying on a simple futon inside a traditional wooden house. The soft rays of the morning sun filtered through paper shoji screens, casting warm patterns of light and shadow on the tatami mat floor. The room was modestly furnished, with a low table and a vase of freshly picked flowers.

Sitting up, Akira rubbed his eyes, trying to make sense of his surroundings. Memories of his previous life in the modern world came flooding back, followed by the realization that he had been transported into the world of Naruto.

Just as he was beginning to take in the room, the sliding door to his left gently slid open. In walked an elderly man with a long white beard, wearing traditional Hokage robes. It was unmistakably the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"Ah, you're awake," the Third Hokage said with a warm smile. "Welcome to the Hidden Leaf Village, young one. My name is Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage."

Akira's heart raced. He had seen the Third Hokage in the Naruto series countless times, but now he was standing before him in the flesh. He couldn't help but feel a mix of awe and nervousness.

"Thanks, Hokage-sama," Akira said with a bow of respect 

The Third Hokage's eyes twinkled with wisdom. "You're quite polite. I've been informed that you are a transfer student joining us a year before our Academy students graduate. Your knowledge and abilities are quite exceptional for someone your age."

Akira nodded, feeling a sense of gratitude for the knowledge granted by his third wish. He knew that this was his chance to live out his dreams in the world of Naruto.

As they left the house and walked through the bustling streets of the Hidden Leaf Village toward the Academy, Akira couldn't help but have some playful, albeit pervy, thoughts about the kunoichi he'd seen in the series—especially Ino and Hinata.

However, he kept these thoughts to himself, not wanting to raise any eyebrows with the Third Hokage. He knew that, in this world, he had to maintain the image of a respectful and diligent student. 

They arrived at the academy 

Are you ready to meet your new classmates" the third said 

Ready than I will ever be" Akira said with a laugh

The third chuckled 

Come on then" the third said as he opened the door and what he got was an eraser on the head 

Naruko-baka! I told you not to set up a trap" a loud voice said

Akira smirked saucily This is going to be fun" he said with a glint in his eye 


A/n: Ok that's the first ch I hope you enjoyed and please rate my writing from 1-10 and I'm sorry if this ch was a little less erotic for you but I wanted a more realistic reaction to being reincarnated into Naruto The next chapter should be erotic though