Naruto: Ero World

Afterlife wasn't something that he had thought about, or maybe he had, the downside of being thrust into a new world with your memories wiped and having no recollections of any dreams was disorienting. ...but then again he chose this path, now in a sexualized version of the original Anime. How much chaos would he cause in his attempts to survive, when his desire to fuck the greatest of tits always becomes a hindrance! Warning! The story contains and centers around Smut as an alternate progression path, there is plenty of plot to go around, but if you want to avoid the smut entirely, it might be a little difficult!!

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15 Chs



[Uchiha Clan selected...Possibility of an Uchiha clan member existing in Konoha without violating the character creation rules <0.0001%]< strong>

[Select one of the three possible starts:]

[Petri Dish]

[Timeline change]

[Unknown Orphan]


I looked through the options once again making sure that I didn't miss anything. After that I clicked on the last option, it was a no-brainer as I didn't want to be the end product of Orochimaru or Danzo's experiments and end up as a slave. The timeline change was probably even worse, dunked into the world of Naruto without the shade of knowing what was about to happen just seemed like the worst idea ever.

'Plus the last option would be the best anyway. I won't have to deal with obligations to the Uchiha clan, but that does mean that I would need to keep my Sharingan a secret until after the chunin exams.' I thought. With my choice made, I clicked on the third option and waited for the next screen.


[{Unknown Orphan} option Selected... Calculation possibility of Uchiha Bloodlines orphans...]

[Selecting Lineage...]

[Determining Parentage...]

[Determining Timeline...]

[Choose one Perk]

[Unsurpassable Physique - Your Physique was meant to break the peak of a shinobi's limits. Your body can handle an almost unimaginable amount of stress and grow faster than anyone else. Your body is more resistant to small injuries. +100% EXP to PHY stat. Double stat points in PHY and AGI at the beginning.]

[Lightning Reflexes - Your Reflexes would naturally increase as long as your vision was able to keep up. The REF stat is locked with the VIS stat and REF can not be lower than your VIS.]

[Keen Insight - Your Vision would naturally increase, keeping up with your agility. The VIS stat is locked together with the AIG stat as it can not be lower than your AGI.]

[Complete Control - You are always in complete control of your body. Balance, Coordination, and Flexibility are your advantages. You gain +50% experience in skills that require physical exertion and movement. All physical combat skills start at level 5.]

[Perfect Chakra Sense - Due to having lived a whole life without the presence of chakra, you are hyper-aware of the energy flowing through your body. You are more attuned to your own chakra and have a passive sense of chakra flowing all around you. Gain Passive Skill {Chakra Sense}. Gain Active Skill {Chakra control} at level 10. You gain +50% experience in skills that require Chakra control.]


I expected the next choice to be hard but as several things flashed past my vision, I realized I needed to slow down. Scrolling upward I went to the very top. The first two commands were very generic and although it would be nice to know who my parents were beforehand, it wasn't something overly important... for now. The third command though stood out, the determining timeline bit stood out to me, foreknowledge of the canon plot was one of my most obvious advantages and I don't want to give up something like that.

'But I can't change anything that this system is doing. There is no option to disregard that command so I'm stuck with whatever choice I get.' The thought wasn't pleasing to me but I had no other choice. The choice that was in front of me though was a lot more important.

'It doesn't matter if the world would be altered slightly by Ero logic, personal strength would always remain important. Each of these options seemingly is made for my build. Sharingan synergizes with each of these options but the first and last option stand out.' I debated. This was an important choice. Now that the fact that I was going to be transmigrated into the Naruto world was settling in, the need to get as much synergy out of my possible future skillset as possible set in.

'All the memes aside, if there is an option there is really no point in not taking Uchiha as my clan. The Sharingan is too broken, even the basic one, don't even get me started over the teleportation bullshit that the evolved versions provide...' 

My thoughts were quite clear on this and as I read through the 5 options, each quite tempting, I decided to go through them with the process of elimination. The first one to go was [Keen Insight]. It might look impressive for any other build but with me having the Sharingan -granted I was able to activate the cheat skill- there is no way my VIS would stay behind my actual speed. I was going on a limb by taking the meaning behind those stats but if the Perk worked the other way around, I might have been interested.

[Lightning Reflexes] was the next one to be eliminated. Even though this perk had a massive amount of synergy with the Sharingan, it practically eliminated the drawbacks of the dojutsu in close combat. With this, I won't have to worry about not being able to react to attacks that my eyes could perceive. And as long as I improved my dojutsu I won't have to worry about a stat, which should be impressive. The Perk was eliminated purely because the rest of the three were simply better.

[Complete Control] should probably not be this high up the list. But even though it didn't have as much synergy as the [Lightning Reflexes] perk had with the Sharingan, it simply worked its way up the list because of the modifier attached to it. +50% experience in skills that require physical exertion and movement, this meant that anything related to movement, like Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Bojutsu, or any type of fighting style. Hell even skills related to stealth are movement-based and 50% was an impressive modifier.

[Perfect Chakra Sense] could have been the one I should have picked, purely because I could copy a lot of jutsu with the Sharingan and with a +50% EXP modifier become a mobile jutsu turret. Passive Chakra sense was good and I would start with advanced chakra control which would probably help. I should have picked it as being in a shinobi world and having a good sense of chakra would be immensely helpful.

'But the allure of speed is so hard to ignore.' I thought as I clicked on the very first option. 

[Unsurpassable Physique] was a perk that showed that it was focused on his Physique. If it means what I think it means then this would mainly determine my strength. So why did speed come into the equation?

'You need leg muscles to power through and kick the ground to move forward. If strength training didn't have anything to do with speed then sprinters wouldn't train their quads. Plus the thought that I could push my body beyond its breaking point meant that if needed I could push through harsh injuries and training regime. Not that I intend to but having high END and VIT which should be bundled up together with STR to make this PHY makes it the right choice.' I consoled myself. Still what was done was done. There is no point in trying to persuade myself otherwise.

The flickering blue screen once again appeared in front of me, this time though the question seemed rather odd.


[Ero world selection detected...]

[Select Starting Training Partner...]

[Hyuga Hinata]

[Haruno Sakura]

[Yamanaka Ino]


I blinked. 

The question once again completely threw me off.

'What do you mean by that?'


AN - Changes from the original story as intended by light_novel_addict, the world that MC is transmigrating into is an Ero world. That means the logic governing sex and chakra would be altered to facilitate more smut without making it more questionable!