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"50, 51, 52, 53, 54...."

Under the scorching sun, a little black-haired boy was sweating and pushing up and down. Although his arms were shaking, he still clenched his teeth and persisted. In order not to be exhausted, he was still giving Count yourself.

"Leave brother!"

A girl who looked a little smaller than a little boy walked on her short legs, panting and shouting the little boy's name. After running closer, the little girl took a breath, then straightened her waist, watching her doing it. The boy lying prone to Chen, pursed his mouth in dissatisfaction, and said, "Brother Li, why do you repeat this strange exercise every day and don't play with me!"

Hearing this, the boy stopped the push-ups, then lay down on the spot, looked at the scorching sun in the sky, and narrowed his eyes slightly. Although it is hard to believe that he was indeed reborn, and it has been reborn for five years. It's a rebirth, it's a reincarnation. Of course, this is not what makes him incredible. What's really incredible is that he actually reincarnated in an anime called Naruto that he had seen in his previous life. At first I suspected that I was dreaming, but the little things in my life in the past five years are clear. I feel hungry and sleepy. I feel cold when the weather is cold. I feel hot when the weather is hot. Who can dream such a real dream?

Moreover, he remembered more deeply that he was dead, and the pain of death was very clear.

Uchiha Li, this is his current name, and his identity is still an orphan. Of course, becoming an orphan is also the most recent thing. The time at this time is Konoha 33 years, which is the second year after the Second Ninja War broke out. At the age of four, in the first year of the second outbreak of the Ninja World, Li's parents followed the patriarch to the front line and were ambushed by the enemy. In order to rescue the patriarch, he made a heroic sacrifice. After that, Uchiha Hao received his favor. Li, who was only four years old, became the adoptive father of Li. This is the general situation of Li now.

"Brother Li, what are you thinking about, why don't you answer my words?" The little girl murmured dissatisfiedly, her little hand swaying in front of Li's eyes, hoping to attract Li's attention.

"Mikoto, stop making trouble, I'm listening to you!" Li helplessly pushed away Uchiha Mikoto's hand, yes, this little girl is Uchiha Mikoto, but she is still a kid, and she often follows her ass. Run behind the legs.

"Then, just answer me, why do you insist on doing this kind of strange exercise every day?" Pomezin is still making a child's temper and has to get an answer.

"Why...!" Hearing the words, he sighed slightly, closed his eyes, and the woman's face suddenly appeared in his mind. That sentence still lingered in Li's mind for a long time, in the impatient situation of Uchiha Mikoto. Next, Li sighed and said softly, "I just don't want to make more mistakes!"

All injustices are caused by their own lack of ability. Insufficient ability is a fault in itself. It not only causes murder, but also causes others to be accused of murder!

"If you don't want to make mistakes, you don't have to repeat this exercise every day. Look at me and Futake, don't you make no mistakes?" Uchiha Mikoto was still young and couldn't understand the meaning of the words, frowning in confusion. Asked.

Li returned to his senses, looked at the little bit in front of him, shook his head helplessly, and then said, "Speaking of which, why are you running to me in such a hurry?"

"By the way, I almost forgot what Uncle Ho told me!" Mikoto Uchiha patted her little head in annoyance, and immediately forgot what had just been discussed, and hurriedly said, "Uncle Ho told you Go back and prepare for it. I'm going to the Ninja School tomorrow!"

Although it was during the war, Konoha is now full of talents. Despite the siege of several villages, there is still no shortage of personnel, so these few-year-old children are not allowed to go to the battlefield. They are five years old now. Uchiha Mikoto is also five years old. There is another child of the same age in the Uchiha family, and that is Uchiha Tomitake. Yes, he is the father of the second pillar in the original book and the future husband of this lovely girl next to him.

"Well, I see, I will go back soon, you go and talk to Uncle Hao first!" Li nodded, wanting to send this little Nizi away.

"Hmph, I don't, I want to wait here for you to go back together, so why am I running errands!" Uchiha Mikoto quit after hearing this, and pouted while sitting next to Li.

Compared to the future good wife and mother, Uchiha Mikoto is still too naughty now, but think about it, after all, she is a five-year-old kid!

I don't mind leaving, anyway, I've got used to having Uchiha Mikoto by his side anyway.

"Ding! Check the host's physical condition, Ding! The host meridians are stable and suitable for binding. Does the host accept the dimensional system binding?"

It hadn't been quiet for long, Li's mind suddenly sounded like mechanically cold words, which surprised Li, but soon Li realized that the world in the previous life belonged to the era of technological information explosion, online novels I don't know how much I watched, the system flow is like a crucian carp in the river, and Li knows that most of myself have encountered this kind of thing.

Speaking of it, before I was dying, something seemed to fall from the sky with thunder and lightning, but I was already frustrated at the time, so I didn't pay much attention to it. Now think about it, maybe that thing is this so-called system.

After no one closes his eyes, Li's consciousness enters the system. Of course, this method is just a reference to the novels I've read before. Although I don't know how true it is, fortunately, Li's attempt was successful. Coming to a virtual world, this is a virtual world like a network, filled with white network lines everywhere, in the center of these network lines are floating white objects, can not see the shape, but I know, this Most things are the core of this so-called dimensional system.

"Are you a dimensional system?"..

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