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Awakening his memories on the night of the Nine-Tails Incident, Kazutora lost his parents in the incident. Later, with his parents being friends of Shinku Yuhi, Kurenai, who had also lost her parents, decided to take care of Kazutora. The duo started to live together, and Kazutora, who could see a gift box in his vision, opened it in his room. Kazutora, who decided to live an ordinary life if he didn't have talent, found everything changing when he opened the gift box. Since then, Kazutora's life changed, and he decided to live as he wanted to in the cruel ninja. Kazutora, who knew that strength was needed to live in the world, decided to grind in the present so that he would have a comfortable future. On the journey, Kazutora meets various people, such as Itachi who thinks of the meaning of life, Izumi who could only live in illusion, Anko who suffers in the village because of Orochimaru, and others. With Kazutora as the changing point in the world, a new history of the Ninja world folded and changed the lives and the fate of many people. Read the story to find out how Kazutora changed the lives of many people in the world, and he provided a home to many lonely women in world. . . . Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Kaoski

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Breaking A and B!

In Konoha, Tsunade looked at Nibi 'captured' by her under the several wooden chains, and she narrowed her eyes.

The vicinity where the battle took place has been cleared, and only individuals of Jonin level were permitted to remain and observe.

They knew that their Hokage was strong, but they didn't know that Tsunade could alone subdue Two Tails without any help.

"Mikoto, were there any casualties?" Tsunade asked even though she knew that there shouldn't be as she had prepared. With her eyes narrowed Tsunade looked at Mikoto, who shook her head and answered her question.

"There were no casualties. All individuals have been escorted to the shelter, and the Ninjas are on standby should any incidents arise. The three Kumo Ninjas have been captured, their chakra sealed, and they have been placed under an illusion to prevent any actions."

Tsunade nodded at her words, and she sighed in relief. It felt good knowing that such an event has been solved with zero casualties, and Tsunade looked at Nibi held in wooden cage.

"Nibi, hold on for a few moments and then I will release you," Tsunade murmured in a low voice and Nibi just growled at her words and didn't say anymore.

If it was before, she could say that the only reason why she accepted was because of Kazutora but now that there is someone else who could use Wood Release and subdue her, Matatabi decided to listen to Tsunade and behave. She didn't understand how there could be others like Kazutora who could subdue her, a tailed beast alone without any worries.

"Hokage-Sama, a few intruders were detected by the barrier but before we could catch them, they disappeared with no traces."

"Hokage-Sama, the spies of different villages, who wanted to create chaos have been captured and put in prison."

"Hokage-Sama, the total damage has been calculated and the items lost are worth 25 Million Ryos."

Three ANBU appeared in the place, and they gave their reports. Tsunade looked at Anko, Kurenai and Nono, and she said, "Put the reports back in the office and ask the clan leaders to attend the meeting I will hold."

The three girls nodded and disappeared from the place while Tsunade looked at Mikoto and said, "You can attend the meeting in place of Fugaku."

"Yes, Hokage-Sama." Mikoto said with no change in her expression, and Tsunade looked at Nibi and said, "You can control yourself and shrink in your smaller form."

"From now on, Yugito Nii will remain in Konoha as a prisoner, and you can live in Konoha as a cat of the Senju Clan."

At her words, Matatabi growled, but she did as Tsunade said. She reduced her size to a small cat, and Tsunade used Wood Release to create a collar with Senju written on it and put it around Nibi's neck that can be used to identify her. Matatabi meowed in annoyance, but she knew that it was necessary, so she didn't try to tear it away.

Matatabi looked at Yugito Nii with some pity in her eyes. If it were before, when only Yugito didn't show any prejudice towards her, Matatabi might have chosen to stay with her instead of seeking freedom. However, now that she has the option of both - no prejudice and good freedom with delicious food - Matatabi would be foolish not to choose it.

Besides, she knew that nothing would happen to Yugito Nii, and she might even live a better life in Konoha than she lived in Kumo.

"Nya! Can you remove the seal on her memories? It will be easier for her to accept everything if she had memories of before."

Matatabi said while licking her paws and she pointed at Yugito lying on the ground. Tsunade frowned at her words while Mikoto's eyes flickered as she thought of something.

"Let Kazu do it then, I am not good at handling these matters." Tsunade said while waving her hand and then Mikoto chimed in between, and said, "Is it related to her past that Kumo sealed?"

"Hya? How did you knya?" Matatabi asked and Mikoto's eyes changed to Mangekyo Sharingan pattern. Looking at those eyes, Matatabi got alert and she growled at Mikoto, who ignored her and walked to Yugito. Tsunade's eyes flickered as she thought of this and wondered what Mikoto's Mangekyo Sharingan abilities were.

They saw Mikoto frowning with some blood flowing from her eyes, and Yugito had the same reaction with anger and resentment on her face.

"What a bunch of bastards! They inflicted and imposed such cruel training on a two-year-old little girl. Tsk Tsk, Same as Fugaku! I wonder how they can even exist."

Mikoto said with some anger in her voice as she looked at the memories and regrets that Yugito had in her past. Her Mangekyo Sharingan was truly one of a kind and soon Yugito faced all of her regrets and her dark past.

With her memories unlocked, Mikoto stopped using her ability. If she did more, Yugito might get emotinally criplled and with the goal complete, Mikoto wiped the blood on her face. Tsunade frowned at the sigh, and she put her hand on her eyes and used Palm Immortal Technique with Senjutsu chakra.

She decided to talk about the side-effects later with Mikoto and ask Kazutora do something about this. After all, even if Mikoto was an Uchiha, she was on their side and Tsunade knew that the stronger Mikoto is, the better it would be for them as she could handle Fugaku as member of Uchiha clan without any worries.

Mikoto felt the pain in her eyes lessening and she gave a grateful smile to Tsunade who shook her head.


Yugito shouted with her eyes bloodshot. The painful and torturous memories that have been sealed by Kumo Ninjas were now before her, and remembering how they brainwashed her to serve Kumo with her life even after making decisions about herself on their own, Yugito felt anger and a lot of hatred for them.

But before she could move, Tsunade suppressed her and knocked her unconscious. She lifted Yugito with her hand and said, "Follow me and explain everything in her memories."

Mikoto nodded at her words, and they walked in the direction of Hokage's office with Mikoto explaining everything and the frown on Tsunade's face deepened at her explanation.

While the event in Konoha had ended, the event on Turtle Island had just started.

Rushing in the direction where Killer B lived, Kazutora maintained a normal speed and he made sure that the distance between him and Fourth Raikage remained constant.

"This bastard!" Raikage cursed when he noticed that Kazutora was just playing with him and didn't take them seriously. Soon, they reached the place where Killer B lived and Kazutora stopped in the place.

"So, Raikage, did you not care about the civilian casualties when you thought of the plan of releasing Two Tails in the middle of the village?"

Kazutora asked with a casual look on his face, but his eyes were ice cold. Hearing his question, Raikage didn't answer, and he understood that the plan had already failed. Instead of answering his question, Raikage rushed at Kazutora and shouted, "B! Come out and kill this bastard with me!"

"Yo Wa Yo! I am Killer B! Mo! I am here! Yo! I am gonna kil Uhooo!"

Hearing the shitty words and rhyme, Kazutora frowned and the water in the place started to gather around him.

"I will use Storm Release Kekkai Genkai and attack your guts first." Kazutora said with a playful smile on his face and lighting sparks appeared around Kazutora's hand.

A and B ignored his words and rushed at Kazutora but then they saw him disappearing at his place.

"Ughh!" B groaned as he felt a punch in his gut, and he flew away because of the attack. At the same time, A looked down at his body and looked at the water spear with lighting sparks around it striking his body.

"Mmm? Your body is stronger than I thought." Kazutora said as he looked at A and he clapped his hand.

From the ground, a lot of earth spikes rushed at A, who dodged the attack while remembering that he couldn't see the attack from before.

"B! Use Tailed Beast Transformation!"

"I know bro! He is Strong Yo! We need to fight To Ge Theroooo!" B said in his strange way of rapping and eight tentacles appeared from his body.

"Oh? Gyuki! Are you fighting me? Matatabi said that she would never help Yugito if she offended me and Kurama listened to me."

Kazutora said with a grin on his face and their expression changed at his words. B knew about Hachibi's real name, but he didn't understand how Kazutora could know this.

"I have to, or he will die."

"Mm, then you can fight! Later when I will release you in Kumogakure, if you didn't do as you are supposed to, dying would be the last of your worries."

With narrowed eyes, Kazutora spoke, and within the seal, Gyuki's sweat beaded at his words. The pressure from Kazutora was immense, as if it were not a human before him, but his Old Man, gazing down at him.

"Y-Yes Sir! I will do my best to destroy Kumogakure when you will release me."

"Mm, Good. Now, let's beat these two bastards and have them apologize first."

Kazutora muttered. While he and Gyuki were speaking, A and B hadn't stopped their attacks, but they couldn't even touch him.

"Lariat!" A shouted while looking at B, who also rushed with him and Kazutora punched in their directions.

Kazutora's punch and A and B's shoulders touched each other, and a Boom sound was heard. A and B flew away 100 metres away while Kazutora took 5 steps back and looked at his bloody hand.

"My body isn't as strong as I thought if it can get hurt like this," Kazutora muttered, and he used Chakra to heal himself. A and B were stunned by the action, and they saw sparks appearing around Kazutora's body. They didn't expect Kazutora could take on their attacks with just his body and a look of fear appeared in A's eyes.

"So, this is how you do. Mm, A bit different than what I developed. Yours is quicker to learn but has a low limit while mine is difficult but has a high limit."

Kazutora muttered as he looked at his body, and A and B looked at him using Lightning Release Chakra Mode at ease without any worries on his first try. Their eyes' widened at sight and they didn't understand how it was happening.

"Let's continue, shall we? I don't get to fight like this every day. Don't worry, I won't kill you as you need to face Tsuna-Nee next and then face the village later."

"For now, just get recked and see your village getting destroyed by your actions," Kazutora said with a gentle smile on his face and A and B felt chills when they saw the smile. They saw a water sword forming in his hand with lightning sparks around it, and Kazutora rushed at them while holding the sword.


In the middle of the beating, Kazutora received a response from a wood clone he left in Konoha, and he wondered why Tsunade asked him to cancel the plan. Even though he said about releasing Tailed Beasts, Kazutora didn't plan on letting those who weren't directly involved in the matter suffer.

If he did, then what would be the difference between him and the bastards of Kumogakure?

'Anyways, let's play with them and dump some of my anger on them. Then, I will have them kowtow and--- Hmm? the fuck was that thought?'

Kazutora shook his head to get these weird thoughts out of his mind, and he focused on the A and B combination. In the end, they were beaten blue and red because they were already black, and he held them by their necks.

"Say, if I crush your necks here, release the tailed beast in your village and then release the news to the outside world, what will happen?"

Kazutora asked with a smile on his face. Even though A and B wanted to answer, they couldn't open their mouth as they had no energy in their body, and the pain and cuts on their body made their situation worse.

"Well, if you kneel down and admit that you planned the attack, and apologize to the whole Konoha while kneeling, and beg for mercy. I will spare you and even forgive this matter."

"What do you think, Fourth Raikage A and Jinchuuriki Killer B?" Kazutora said while giving them some chakra so that they could speak. Sensing this, A looked at Kazutora with a look of fear in his eyes and he said, "I-I wi-will d-d-do i-it. L-let my br-brother g-g-go."

"Nah, I won't. He will also kneel with you and remember this day for the rest of his life. Though, I didn't expect that you could have a soft spot in your heart."

"After all, you can plan to release Tailed Beast in the middle of the village and even Tailed Beast in a clueless two-year-old girl, let her go through torturous and disastrous training, and in the end seal the memories and brainwash her."

Kazutora said as he remembered the memories of the white-haired secretary and he had seen, and white-haired man was appointed to be white-haired teacher or he should say, trainer.

"If I had the choice, I would have chosen to kill you, but your worthless 2 lives might become the reason for the death of 10,000 lives which I don't want to see."

Saying this, Kazutora dropped them on the ground and took out a camera from his storage seal. Originally, he planned on recording the destruction of Kumogakure, but now it can be used to record their humiliating behavior.


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